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Yay, mentions! Daily-organic rewards here I come!

But actually, awesome article! some books I've added to my reading plan
So Thankies!

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My 'to read', 'to watch', 'to play', 'to buy', and 'to listen' lists are expanding at unprecedented pace thanks to these lists too!

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I didn't notice someone had mentioned Altered Carbon AND the Black Magician trilogy, massive fan of the former and the latter I finished very recently, I had problems with the third and final book of Black Magician but overall the trilogy was solid!

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It’s a shame it will never happen but it would be an amazing film. Still waiting for his next book like a happy child lol.

thanks for the mention and a great article as always.

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Thanks for the montion! Some brilliant recommendations.

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Thank you for the nomination!


Thank you for mentioning me in this article.

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You're very welcome! Thanks for entering the bounty!


Some I've read and others I've now added to my must-read list.

The Wheel of Time and the adventures of Drizzt Do'urden.

Thanks for sharing. Always up to seeing what others love. Never know when I might stumble upon my next adventure.

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Thanks for the extra recommendations!

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