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We're entering an era of the war-for-data, where big companies will fight for your data, as they need to feed their data-hungry monsters. See how Samsung, Microsoft, and others giving you copilots / GPTs4 for free, all they need in return - is your prompts and feedback on the results.

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I don't think Reddit will die, I've had an account for years but I don't really use it unless I'm looking for specific information on something. I think the main problem with Reddit is each subreddit is moderated by it's own moderators which means it is by human nature very biased in what is show and what isn't.

Take /r/eve for instance, for years and years, the moderators only allowed certain content creators to post, other's were instantly removed, only certain alliances could post things where as certain others were muted out. Until a few years ago when they stopped this and made it a free for all for everyone.

This is done for much of Reddit, so in a sense, as long as biased abilities remain for moderators, Reddit will go up and down, like a YoYo population wise.

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I read reddit constantly and had an account for a very long time, but I've never posted a single message for all sorts of reasons. I read it a lot every day, probably hours...

The moderator thing does worry me a little here with the longer term plan to hand over communities to be ran themselves. I wouldn't like it to end up the same way in terms of the example you give and other related management/moderation issues.


Apparently there's all this talk about an IPO... And judging by the comments on certain Reddit threads, the website isn't profitable - which is absolutely insane.

If you look at Resetera, and even though that forum is a shell of what Neogaf was 20-odd years ago, the owner was earning over half a million dollars in pure profit. This is after paying for all bills (including hosting and technical maintenance).

Considering that Resetera is successful, I'm really surprised that Reddit (one of the most popular websites on the planet - and which follows a similar business model of relying on ads) isn't profitable.


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