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Some soft of invention? like HIV / AIDS cure Or like a message as a content creator?

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I think the last piece of content I was ever going to do, would be on my Minecraft channel, I have this huge plan to go into normal MC (not modded) and hollow out a massive underground and when I say massive I mean massive area and create an underground, authentic Viking city, complete with an ocean, ships, long houses, defences and then create another one next to it to be it's "enemy" - That would be my last piece of content because I think after that and the amount of time it would take, I would be so done with Minecraft for years lol.

Yeh, that would be my last project because I can't do more than one at once, I get burned out, so I have to hyper-focus on one project.

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This sounds awesome! Would the idea then be that players could populate each city and fight/compete against one another somehow?

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Yeh so I would then upload it as a custom map for players to try n kill each other lol.

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Excellent 🤝 hope you get the time/opportunity one day!

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Perhaps when I move again lol. At this point I have no chance xD

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I’ve written 6 novels, never published because I’m my own worst critic and they are never perfect enough for me.

If I were doing one coup de grace piece of content, I’d get a professional narrator, individual actors for all the characters, and produce my favorite one I’ve written as an episodic series, one episode for each chapter.

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That's quite a sizeable task. And a cool one too.

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Why thank you. The biggest hurdle would be paying all those people haha.

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Considering that my content is based in EVE Online, I'd have to produce a magnum opus to carry my name through the ages.

In fact, if it were my last piece of content, I would ensure that it became EVERYONE'S problem. I'd cash in every favor, blow through the entirety of my stream budget for PLEX, and Ghengis Khan my way through space along with anybody that was willing. Whether it's successful or not, I'd go out the same way I came into the world: kicking, screaming, and covered in someone else's blood.

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In Stellaris (I think) there was that option to become the Endgame Crisis as the player. Your approach reminds me of that. And I'd like to think it could be successful.

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I'd like my last project to be a massive Eve Online coffee table book featuring my artwork, sprinkled with stories about my adventures, comics, posts from Eveoganda and more. All done in a fantastic graphical style that demands it be enjoyed, even by those who have never played the game before. A tome for the ages that any player would want in their collection. The perfect way to collect a career and the perfect note to end things on.

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I'd create months or even year-long scavenger hunt within Eve Online.

Posting clues on my blog, social media, possibly in-game, in twitch chats, on reddit, and at live events.

And the winner might get something like an AT ship as the final prize.

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Very Ready Player One - I like it!

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I’d love to create a full blown musical for radio! Write all the music and parts, edit it all together. It’d be an amazing project! Who knows, maybe one day 😊

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Since I started my content with Delubrum Reginae Savage (DRS) 48 man raids in FFXIV, it would be fitting to also finish with this, and go out with a bang. It FFXIV it's a very popular challenge to complete 8 man raids and trials with only tanks. Based on this a while ago we started a project to complete DRS with tanks only, got to the second last boss with a 12% enrage timer. I'm sure with rearranging tasks and abilities to bring we could pull this off, so I would love to resurrect this project, bring the old gang back together and get that clear. It would be not just a cool achievement, but also a very nice remembering of the good old times, when the DRS raiding community was a lot different than it is now. I miss those times and miss my old mates who don't raid anymore, would be really nice to do something with them again, and probably if I said I was going to quit, I could get them back together, but still very highly unlikely due to everyone having lots of RL commitments.

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I'd create an App focused on mental health and well-being. This App would offer personalized tools and resources for managing stress, ANXIETY, and depression, tailored to each user's unique needs. It would include features such as mood tracking, guided meditation sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy exercises, and access to professional support networks...

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I would start creating more YouTube videos that aren't just edited VODs or gaming highlight, if anything I would continue to venture down the path of VLOGs about my life as a creator, and just behind the scenes stuff. I already do this but i haven't been keeping up with it.

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Nice one! But remember to make it an official submission if you want to enter the bounty - you've made a normal reply here.

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Whoops! haha reposted this

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If I were se lancer on one final project, I'd create an inspirational post, a motivational beacon for aspiring creators.

Think of it as a ceremonial passing of the baton to the next wave of content creators, to individuals who for some reason are scared to create content themselves. The essence of this project would be a detailed guide on becoming a gaming journalist – highlighting the importance of integrity, the pursuit of unbiased content, and the value of quality over quick gains. More than a mere farewell, this would be my legacy, a guide for future voices in the gaming world. My ultimate goal is to ignite a passion for truthful and ethical reporting in the gaming industry among the new generation.


My First YouTube channel is called "Gamerz WRLD" and if i was wrapping it up and could go all out I think I would do a documentary about the history of gaming and its trends around the world, where I literally go all over the world and film. It would be literally feature film length or potentially episodic but I think it would be super interesting to travel all over Europe, the USA and the Middle East to see the differences in gaming culture, interview gamers from the region and sprinkle in some history of gaming in each region too! Wrapping up with where we are headed in the future for gaming so it could serve as a kind of a history lesson, time capsule and prediction of the future so it could be looked back on and see how things were and how right or wrongly we predicted the future!

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If I could only ever create one more thing, I would probably record a vlog of 1 day/week of my life as it is today. Not a made up version with interesting things for people to watch, but just the mundane day to day things that are normal today. Then I'd set a message or timed publication for 20 years time to be sent to myself, friends and family. I'm sure if I'm still alive it would be fascinating to watch compared to what life would be like in the world then.

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Fantastic idea. I'd have loved to see something like this from 20 years ago - even though I feel like I remember it well, I'm certain we'd double-take at some of the smaller mundanities that we forget about, like how every phone back then was 'dumb' to name just one.


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