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Content Creators

Content Creators
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If content is art and art is subjective, then content is subjective.

So long as you are doing something, anything, on any of the many platforms afforded to you and YOU consider yourself a content creator, then you are a content creator.

“I think, therefore I am… I think”

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What if that is not a platform? Like a self-hosted blog/site

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Self hosted still sounds like a platform to me. I think the only true requirement is that it can be found on the internet

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It doesn't matter what you post

  1. Videos

  2. Gaming content

  3. Blogs

  4. Travel content

If you post content on any platform that is being viewed, you are a content creator, it really is that simple.

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There are many different forms of content, video, music, writing, artwork. Can be on mass social media, or self-hosted, doesn't matter. I would agree with Horror and Cats here, as long as it's available on the internet.

Probably the only thing where I would say it is not content, is if someone doesn't do anything else but reacting to other content creator's videos. For me that is just screaming "I don't have any ideas on my own so let's take this video with high views, play it, have a laugh about it and get high views myself because of the subject, not because I'm saying anything constructive at all.

Occasionally it's fine, especially if there is value in the reaction, but just for the sake of drama and clickbait, that is not content.

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So photographer with an instagram is a content maker, while photographer who have a gallery in a public space is not?

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I believe the whole content creator term started with digital media. Before that everyone was just called an artist.

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My concept of content creation remains pretty broad and generally if you create something digital for consumption by someone else, then you are a content creator.

Where things start to get a bit grey for me is the professional vs. amateur topic. I very much believe you can be a professional content creator, but for me that ends when your activities actually result in another traditional job title. So for example, those who work on studio TV and Movie productions are not 'content creators' from my personal definition because they already have a Producer, Writer, Costume etc job title.

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hehe fair enough, but imagine how someone might get offered: sorry pal, since you are not working in a studio - you are not videographer, you are content creator.

But why only digital?

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This is a great question, thanks for starting the discussion Sturmer! Completely understand your point because "content" could be almost anything at all that we watch, read, listen to etc, so a technical definition could imply a "content creator" is literally anyone who produces that content.

In this community though, we're trying to support independent content creators, so we do need to draw a few distinctions. One of our guiding principles is that of self-publishing; creators who are creating and publishing content largely under their own steam (as opposed to on commission for, say, the BBC, or via a record label). All such people are welcome at JACC, but our primary focus (and our bounties) are more geared, currently at least, to the grassroots end of the spectrum. Another helpful rule of thumb is to think about people who are creating content for the internet and published directly to it, as opposed to anything discoverable on the internet that may have been made for different platforms by larger entities.


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