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Pro tip make safespot bookmarks, stay aligned , warp when you see something scary hit d scan

The smartest way I saw so far was not exactly avoiding ganks, but avoiding pvp in general:

A fleet of gas-huffing frigates on top of a Command Destroyer. As soon as danger arises, the Command Destroyer can activate its Micro Jump Field Generator (MJFG) and boosh the whole fleet* 100km away. This happens so quickly, that almost all tackle can be avoided like this very effectively.

And of course, the Command Destroyer can provide some links.

*as long as it is not more than 25 ships and all are within range.

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How to Avoid Being Ganked in Eve Online

• Learn to Use the Map - The in-game map is a treasure trove of intel if you know how to use it. Explore the settings and you can discover information on number of kills in systems (in the last hour or day), cynos that are currently running, number of NPC deaths, and other useful information that can help you find a place to do your business.

• Local Intel - Make sure your local window is open and large enough to see almost everyone that enters the system you are in. Pay attention to those pilots. Make sure to note any changes in local. Make a mental note of those with negative security status and consider starting to assign standings to those that may be worrisome - it is a lot easier to see pilots you have marked “orange” in local, for example.

• Master the D-Scan - Everyone who plays Eve should learn to master the directional scanner - it is the single most critical tool at your disposal. There are tons of guides available to help you master this tool, but you should be constantly aware of your surroundings and rely on this tool to inform you of what is going on in a 14AU sphere around your ship. This is critical.

• Be Aligned (When possible) - Being aligned means your ship is pointed towards an object in warp range, a station, a planet, a custom office, anything your ship can warp to. Aligned ships warp off faster than non-aligned ships, which makes sense since you are already pointing in that direction. If someone lands near you, you can simply warp away. If your propulsion module is off, you will warp even faster.

• Use Bookmarks - I currently have over 25,000 bookmarks in my library and that doesn’t include Corporation bookmarks. A bookmark is a saved location in space that your ship can use to warp to. Imagine warping to a spot 200k off a gate and noticing the camp you need to avoid, instead of finding out about the camp when you warped to the gate at zero. You can drop a bookmark mid-warp to give yourself an instant safe spot you can return to anytime. Bookmarks are extremely useful and you need to start your own library.

You can also set-up “insta-docking” bookmarks. These are spots at stations that will allow you to almost instantly dock instead of relying on the “dock” command, which often lands you in an area that takes more time to dock. Setting these up is easy and there are guides available to help you learn.

• Do Not Carry Plex - Or skins in your cargo. Plex can be moved without using transportation through the Plex Vault and contracts, there is no need to EVER physically move Plex. Same with ship skins, although they don’t have a vault, they can be activated from anywhere.

• Don’t Go AFK in Space - If you need to leave the game make sure to dock first. Going AFK in space will get your ship destroyed. Trust me on this, we have probes.

• Scouts- If you can, having a friend along who can scout ahead for you is immensely useful.

These are just a few tips that can help you survive Eve Online. The more you use these the more you’ll begin to understand how much control you actually have over your environment and the dangers you face playing in space.

How do you avoid getting ganked in Highsec? Simple, don't be worth shooting in the first place.

You can never be completely gank proof. Some people just login and decide they're going to make something explode, regardless of the loot it drops. One day, that explosion will be your ship. This is something you just have to accept, which is why the phrase "Don't fly what you can't replace" is a common mantra in Eve.

But there are things you can do to at least prevent the more discerning gankers from taking potshots at you. Being a low value target is top of the list. This doesn't mean you're restricted to bad ships, but if a T2 fitted Marauder can do the job, why put a target on your back by fitting blingy modules?

Assuming you absolutely have to use bling, or if you're moving high value cargo, you need to at least employ best practices when travelling.

  1. Always fit the biggest tank you can. Passive is better. Ganks happen so fast that a shield booster isn't going to do you any good.

  2. Avoid modules that decrease your tank, such as cargo expanders. They may appear useful, up until your ship dies and your loot fills someone else's cargo.

  3. If you're flying something that can cloak, use it. Gankers have scouts that scan ships. They can't scan what they can't see.

  4. Almost as good as a cloak is a ship that can align in under 2 seconds. This makes it impossible for all but the most specialized ships from locking you. They can't shoot what they can't lock.

  5. Use bookmarks. When warping to a station normally, you have a chance to land slightly outside of the docking radius. A few seconds is all it takes to lose your ship. Bookmark a spot well within the docking radius and use this when warping to the station. You can also bookmark a spot a few hundred kilometers straight out from the undock. This lets you enter warp instantly after undocking, instead of having to align.

Finally, always ask yourself "does this feel safe?" Trust your gut. If you find yourself hoping that there's no gankers around, you've probably messed up one of the above points.

Fly safe.

First and foremost, accept the fact that no place is safe. If you undock, you're killable. However, you can absolutely minimize the risk of being taken unawares.

  1. Set known ganking alliance, corps and individuals (especially the ganker scouts) to red in your contacts. This way you can see the reds as you enter a system, or as they enter a system.

  2. Watch local. If someone looks suspicious you can always run them in zkill. Gankers don't always connect, but sometimes they do.

  3. If you're going to be out in space in a system (i.e. mining, missions, etc) click on someone in local. Then ctrl + A. This will highlight everyone in the system. Newcomers will NOT be highlighted. This is a great way to know who's new in any known space.

  4. Learn the mechanics behind a gank. Once you learn you can see a gank a mile away (i.e. being able to recognize when concord was pulled or how much time you have after a gank happened until the gankers are active again). Knowledge is power.

  5. DScan, Dscan, Dscan. V is the default Dscan hot key. Make it a habit to press it all the time.

  6. If you're going to fly something blingy through space (like an incursion ship), travel fit it. This means brick tanking it and moving your shiny modules separately in a fast align ship.

  7. Learn how to recognize the gankers scout on a gate. If you see them dock up. You can either log off for awhile or jump in a corvette and go find them. As soon as they get blown up you're likely safe to move.

  8. Use 3rd party software such as zkill, eve gate check, local threat and dot lan to see what systems on your route or where you're going to play are hot spots.

  9. Don't fly gate to gate. This goes for low and null as well. By coming in from a different angle their placement might be wrong and you can slip through.

And of course if you end of getting ganked in high sec, contact your ganker and ask them WHY they picked you as a target. Maybe you let your guard down or you shook your tail feathers and presented a too tempting of a target. However, be prepared to hear they were just bored. At the end of day, Eve will Eve.

To avoid ganks in safe space, always stay aligned to a safe location, use your cloaking device when not in use, keep a close eye on the local chat and directional scanner, and consider traveling with others for added safety, while staying cautious of potential traps and hostile players.

It's like this video was made for this bounty :D


  1. Use Freight services to move stuff around

  2. Don't undock what you cannot afford to lose

  3. Always stay aligned

  4. Use insta bookmarks

  5. Use gate bookmarks and perches

  6. If you can cloak - cloak

  7. Use scouts to get intel

  8. Avoid gank systems like the plague that they are

  9. Don't go through Ahbazon

  10. Use dscan ALL THE TIME & look for emerging threats


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