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I think spoilers are different for everyone, so it's really hard to draw a fix line there. For example during the FFXIV x FFXVI collaboration events people who haven't played FFXVI complained that the event spoiled the game for them. The event contained a relatively early gameplay scene, revealing something which everyone knew who watched the game trailers (plus in the dialogues after it revealed an information which you couldn't put together from the trailers, but it was part of the original early gameplay scene in FFXVI) I don't think this was spoiler, FFXVI has been out for a year, you can't expect developers not to do crossover events just because some people are still waiting for the PC version and apparently have been living under a rock if they haven't seen any trailers...

On the other hand quite a few people were complaining that the trailers for FFVII Rebirth were showing too much and they were wondering what else is in the game because it felt like we have seen everything. Can't really comment on that one, as I played the original game and haven't completed Rebirth yet, but it did feel indeed like they were showing a lot more than usual.

I think it should be safe to say, that what is in the game trailer, shouldn't be classed as spoiler in discussions, it has been officially released by the game publisher after all.

I like the use of spoiler tags, mention a few things before it like for example which chapter is it from, major or minor spoiler, something which can help people to decide if they want to check it out or not. When writing early game reviews, things from the first few chapters should be fine as hopefully the majority of people progressed that far, but I don't like it when people start talking about high-end gameplay without marking things as spoiler one week after release. Some folks only have time to play on the weekends, give them a chance to experience things for themselves!

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great article as always but I am also going to echo Lanah here, spoilers are subjective I mean, say I post about a TV show that is ten years old for a bounty and discuss the ending. Is it a spoiler if its been on TV for ten years?

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Yes :) As I tend to watch something old, most TV shows and anime I watch in marathon style, like 10 seasons in a row hehe

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