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I lurked the Gamer Network channels (OXBoxtra, Eurogamer) starting in 2017. It was only when I heard Ian Higton mention that the future was uncertain that I started interacting in chats and leaving comments.

While it was a desire to support in my own little way, I think the factor that made me comfortable to do so was platform canon (inside jokes, callbacks, the “meta”). It made it easy to slip in with known regulars.

So I guess consistent, reliable tone and recognizable/predictable interactions?

How that relates to a social media platform I’m not sure, but that’s my data point for you lol.

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This is the only community I have consistantly interacted with.

I watch streams on youtube of Oxbox/xtra, p32, eurogamer and tripple jump but I tend to watch them on demand rather then live so its difficult to stay involved.

Other then showing how welcoming JA is I dont know what else you could do. After seeing how people interact I soon became comfortable.

There could be a bounty once a month just for newcommers (less then 3 months for example), somthing easy they can practice on without having to worry about the seasoned members clogging the post.


I was a part of Neogaf... Got banned.

I was also a part of Resetera... Got banned.

I'm honestly surprised that there hasn't been more of a pushback from certain segments of the games community to just state: your social bubble is awful, we're going to create our own.

A community site doesn't even have to cost that much to set up initially.

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I have been on various forums over the years... It started mostly by me asking questions about the game it was about, and then eventually ended up as me being one of the people answering said questions and writing guides.

I was even moderating a forum of a private WoW server at one point. In retrospect, that was quite a hellhole. There was a group of regulars that you'd easily describe as toxic today. The mod-team being teenagers probably didn't help either. The good part of that was that I grew a pretty thick fur in the process.

Man, this threw me back into a rabbit hole of old files from back in the day. Insane what was going on back then.
Just imagine posting this image after a serious question:

Or that, when someone tried to start a discussion:

This forum was a savage place. 😬

So I guess my point is:
Have decent moderation and make people behave.


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