I was lucky enough to work remotely and live in this bad boy for several years in various places. Since I was always on a metered cellular connection, I would listen to music a lot more than watch TV/movies. There was nothing like putting on some tunes and just puttering around the RV making food or any other little maintenance chores I need to do living on the road.

P.S. Yes, this is exactly the RV from Breaking Bad, just two years newer.

For me, certain songs and albums ties themselves to location of events, more than locations I regularly visit.

Editor's EBM is Paris, mon amour. An important trip for me and my mother and I used to charge ahead of the day with that album in the headphones.

Nina's We Are the Wild Ones and My Mistake EPs are Vancouver, my love. I listed to these EPs while I walked through Vancouver, North Vancouver and Coquitlam while scouting the area last year.

Robert Miles' Dreamland is tied to the act of travelling and specifically to car travel. The long road ahead, heading somewhere.

Oasis Wonderwall, and Bournemouth.

I saw the Dig Out Your Soul tour live, in 2008 and it was by far one of the best musical experiences I've ever seen. I'm jealous at those who would have been able to make Knebworth!

North Atlantic Ocean, Icelandic shore. Cold, brutal, and beautiful. Completely alone, just birds and me.

I haven't been traveling too much as an adult, but as a kid my parents would often take my sister and me to Hungary for our summer holidays. We often went swimming in Lake Balaton and drove to places around the lake.

Image source:

I sat in the back of the car with my CD player (Remember those?!), listening to a handful of CDs. When I listen to those same songs today, I'm instantly teleported back to Hungary, seeing pictures of the lake and the beach flash before my eyes.

It was mostly metal, like Papa Roach and Linkin Park but it doesn't actually matter. When the intros start playing, Hungary in the summer comes to mind. Maybe one day I'll get to travel there again - hopefully it's still as pretty as it is in my childhood memories.

I love Balaton! Spend my childhood summers there and I keep dragging my partner back to visit on summers to make new memories.

I don’t know if it counts as it’s not really a place but an item. I’ve had guitars come and go in my lifetime. Donating some of my used guitar to kids I teach and can’t afford them as well as gifts for very close friends as farewell gifts to remember me. My first electric guitar. A Fender Stratocaster that I bought separately, refurbished and assembled myself when I was in college about 18+ years ago. The songs I was playing most at the time was “Life in Technicolor II“ by Coldplay. It was the same week I completed assembling this guitar when my house was broken into and stolen. Every time I hear the song I’m taken back not to the painful memory but rather the journey of putting together that Stratocaster.

Here's a picture from my Instagram of my yearly visits to Scotland where the 7 hour car journey would comprise of listening to breaking Benjamin albums on the way. The last leg of the journey was always scenic into the national park. And the epic metal sound always is attached to that place

My favourite artist is a DJ called Don Diablo who created Future House music. I've been following him and his music for as long as I can remember now. Here's a picture of when I saw him live at a festival for the second time ever before COVID. I play his music most days. It gives me a sense of happiness of remembering good times. I relate to a lot of the music he plays with some of the lyrics but I think as a person I think he's great and incredibly creative.

When I still lived at home I listened to an excessive, and I mean excessive, amount of Phoebe Bridgers. Her and her music is always something I come back to when I am going/am home and there something about its slow sentimentality of teenage emotions that brings me firmly back to my hometown (Manchester). Listening to her music reminds me of growing up in Manchester and the people I know and love from there, as well as how much the city shaped me as I grew older there (from spending excessive amounts of time and money in the huge primark in my younger days, to exploring Manchesters nightlife and living in a big city!). My point is really that Phoebe Bridgers sort of gets me in the mood to reminisce about my time spent here, and I enjoy doing that from time to time. Specifically her song 'Scott Street' feels like home to me.

This is a tricky one for me because I have multiple places, moments in time and people that I connect music with.

As a music tech graduate it's probably no surprise how deep music runs through my veins but if there's one place in particular I had to pick with a strong music connection it's a place that no longer exists.

The photo above was taken June 20th, 2002 at the now sadly demolished Army and Navy pub in Chelmsford, Essex.

Back when we were young this was THE place you wanted to play. A grubby, sticky floored pub but one that generated so much excitement. Some bands had gone on to do good things having started out here and I was desperate to get on that stage. We only ever played there twice maybe three times, once opening for a band called Pheromone and then a battle of the bands where, according to us and the other bands, we were wrongfully not put through to the next round. (Long story short we did a full set of originals and lost out to a band who did a bunch of covers which was supposedly not permitted in the rules).

The memory of that venue will stick with me because it represented my first steps into becoming a musician and being in a band that gave me some of the best times of my life.

Where this proud pub once stood it's now a Travelodge and shops but I'll always remember it for the hope and excitement it held.

When I went to college at 15 (the normal age is 16 in the UK) I was alone, I was 15, I had to have a chaperone, and I wasn't allowed to really socialise with people. But at age 16 I begged my mum to change colleges, i was so miserable at Totton College, so my mum saw how miserable I was and I went to Brockenhurst College

When I started at college, I was hooked on a song, its title was "Better Off Alone" - I was a loner, a real loner, and for around 6 months, I attended lessons, went home, kept to myself and my go-to song was Alice Dj, Better Off Alone, Brockenhurst College is the place where I most, associate that song with.

I had a big think about this one, couldn't come up with anything in my head, so the answer is no I don't! here's a video of the place, which hopefully is acceptable as it has some still images of it:

This was a hard one as I have so many....

Santa Monica - Los Angeles

It was my dream to visit once so this was my gift from myself for my 30th birthday. I had expectations... and they were totally wrong. LA surprised me completely even as a tourist. It was much more and way better than what I expected. And a tiny part of me would still love to live here. I've been listening to lots of movie soundtracks on the way there and when I just walked around the city, but going down to Santa Monica beach just made me play this song, even though I'm not really a fan of Guns'n'Roses, and every time I hear this song I close my eyes and imagine the November sunshine and palm trees. If I didn't have to worry about cost of living or getting a job, LA is definitely in the top 3 on the list of where I would love to live.

Yes, this picture was taken in the middle of November... and I was told it was cold... like... dude I'm walking around in a summer dress if this is cold I'll gladly take it.


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