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This will be an interesting one, as even though I like music, I really don't listen to chart music. So taking a quick look at the linked official UK chart, I recognised a whopping 0 songs out of the top 30 or so. Then Sound of Silence by Disturbed appeared on there, which is rather odd. It's the very opposite of what most chart songs are, and plus it's also ancient at this point. However beyond being one of the very few songs in the list I recognise, it's also a beautiful delivered, moving masterpiece, so I guess that's my answer.

Pretty much the only other song on there I recognised and actively like is Without me by Eminem.

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Disturbed's version of the sound of silence is hauntingly beautiful and the best version of that song

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My god, a Pingu gif and an early '00s nu metal reference in one perfect post

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We’ve got some great hits in there right now. Eminem is topping the charts with his alter ego Houdini, I am LOVING post Malone new some, I had some help, Dasha is doing a terrific job on making her UK debut in the charts with Austin too. But when looking on the charts for the U.K. I was soo happy but not surprised to see an all time classic still climbing and having a stationary spot. The Killers - Mr Brughtside. What a bloody good song, and deffo something fit for the British summertime.

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I gotta give it to Taylor Swift. I've been listening to her new album constantly as a run up to seeing her live in London in August so I'm loving Cruel Summer and Fortnight.

Taking a look at the charts and seeing Eminem - Houdini topping it doesn't agree with me as someone that didn't particularly like this song. Abracadabra is an amazing song by Steve Miller Band but having Slim Shady rapping over it doesn't suit it at all. Although the music video was a dose of fan service and nostalgia for Without Me which got a chuckle out of me

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Eminem – Houdini

EMINEM IS BACK BBY! on the MV itself he finally say goodbye to Shady :(
Eminem also my Fav Rap, HES TOTALLY GOD ITSELF
Eminem >>>

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Although I’m usually still listening to the same music again and again, one of my recent additions is Sabrina Carpenter. I can’t get Espresso or Please, please, please out of my head because they are so goddamn catchy 🙌


In the UK Top 40

Teddy Swims: Lose Control - been kicking around for a good while but it still stands out for the unique tone and power of his voice. Very catchy while not being too mainstream.

Hozier: Too Sweet - Always enjoyed the sounds Hozier give us and this one is no different, sits nicely in any playlist for enjoying the sunshine

Myles Smith: Stargazing - another upbeat and enjoyable summer tune!

Beyond this I find the UK charts very derivative and drab at the moment unfortunately. Swifty and Sabrina Carpenter taking over and it's really not my scene!

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At this point out of all the songs in the UK top 40, it has to be for me..

"drum roll...."

I Don't Wanna Wait - David Guetta & OneRepublic!

First of all, it's a dance tune, it's got beats, it's got meaning and but most and above all, it's David Geutta! Of course, it's One Republic as well which IMO as just as amazing as the artist and I love it when dance masters such as Guetta, team up with pop/mix bands to make amazing music.

Video below!

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Eminem - Houdini

Nice comeback to the charts!
you can read more about song here Houdini (Eminem song) - Wikipedia


Since everyone has picked Eminem's new tune which is a banger I need to switch it up for my submission and I am going for this gem here -

This I think is a remix of an old tune from the late 70s/80s but damn its got a vibe, super chilled and feel good! Love it! Its just entered the UK official charts this week at no 98, but i think it will climb a fair bit higher!


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I found one sond in my playlist which actually featured in the UK chart - Cruel Summer (Taylor Swift). Iloove syth pop and this track sitting in my summer playlist since last year.

While its not a new song, it is still in this weeks charts.

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I have always been a fan of Eminem since I was a teen so it has been great to see him back in the charts once again with another great song but not only that guess who's back! its the return of his most famous alter ego - Slim Shady so this has to be one of my favourite songs in the charts right now.


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