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Bob Marley's final tour, the Uprising tour, May to September 1980.

One of the most important tours in music history. They visited many countries for the first time, spreading their message to many more people. But the true impact would not be realised until right at the end.

Bob set out with his band the Wailers and the I-Threes to spread his message of love, equality and dignity for all people all over the world. However he was covering his poor health, Bob had recently been diagnosed with skin cancer.

During the final leg of the tour, Bob collased while jogging in Central Park. His cancer had spread to his brain, liver and lungs but he refused to stop the tour.

The final performance of the tour, and indeed his life, was two days later in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 23.

Bob's final ever live song was him alone on stage, sat on a stool performing "Redemption song".

Bob later died on the 11th of May 1981, just under a year from the tours start.

Bob showed the world how important it is to be possitive and come together. No matter what your situation, you can always be kind and show love.


urrm when Metallica played to over 1 million people. i would say thats pretty influencential

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It’s not one that everyone would consider huge but when My Chemical Romance reunited and went on tour again, it meant so much to a whole generation, who were supported by their music. I unfortunately was not able to attend the tour but I lived vicariously through loads of my friends who were able to get tickets.

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While it’s a complex task to name the 'most influential' band due to the various ways you could measure influence, I can share my personal, subjective opinion. My pick goes to... Rammstein!

Rammstein is famous for their explosive (quite literally) and theatrical live performances, making their tours some of the most spectacular in the music industry. They execute full-scale productions that push the boundaries of live music experiences. Their use of pyrotechnics, innovative stage design, and intense performances have set new standards, making them a must-see live act even if you’re not a huge music fan. They have redefined what stage performances can be, influencing countless other musicians.

And they keep getting better and more creative every year. Their most notable tour is the Europe Stadium Tour (2019–2023).

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Guns N' Roses - Not in this LifeTime (2016 -2019)
I grew out of Gn'R a long time before this tour started but it is the perfect title for this tour. Not in this lifetime did I think Axl Rose and Slash would bury the hatchet and reunite the classic line up for Guns N'Roses. These guys hated each other as much as Liam hates Noel but unlike the Gallagher brothers, Slash and Axl were not related in any way.
I thought it'd be a situation where fans would constantly ask for a reunited tour but wounds sometimes run deep and creatively they wouldn't be able to reconcile.

So it is somewhat heartwarming that they were able to make up for this tour.

And it was a long tour - over 3 years, 175 shows, 11 legs! There's a reason why GN'R are still highly regarded as one of the best hard rock bands in the world

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Michael Jackson's Bad World Tour (1987-1989)

MJ's Bad World Tour was his first solo concert tour and showcased his finesse as a performer. It broke records for attendance and revenue, with Jackson performing 123 concerts to over 4.4 million fans. The tour was a global phenomenon, bringing Jackson's music to new parts of the world and solidifying his status as the "King of Pop."

This was part of the tour in Japan 1987

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Queen - The Magic Tour 1986

We all know how big of a hit this was in Western Europe, but the reason why I chose it, is the show behind the Iron Curtain in Budapest, Hungary. At the time music from the west was only available to use through an unofficial radio channel called Szabad Europa, which translates to "Free Europe". To have a band who you could only listen to in secret, come and perform in our country was unbelievable. And after Queen, other bands followed as well, bringing us some of that hope of freedom from the west which we looked at as "the promised land".

Listen to the crowd singing along... this is from people who didn't know English (we were forced to learn Russian at the time) and had no access to lyrics from album covers.

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MJ Heal The World - Live in Munich 1997


beside all my bias to MJ, King of Pop himself. I also read a good explanation for the "Heal the World" Music itself

caring for the living is not limited to human beings but extends to all forms of life, advocating for actions that restore health and harmony to the world's ecosystems.

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Right now it definitely has to be the Eras tour from Taylor Swift. A 3.5 hour show of her singing straight for the entire time giving the audiences glimpses of each era, it’s so original that we are now seeing other fans want their favourite artists to do the same such as Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers (they’re kinda doing that atm anyway really).

With the topic of her doing old era's has sparked a massive rise on old artists touring with older music to hit that nostalgia factor. We're seeing more comebacks with old music, an example would be the Jonas Brothers, performing all 5 albums for their latest tour.

The idea of releasing it as a film and have 3 different formats with extra content on Disney+ and Prime was also super smart.

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When talk about big tour music, I choose Queen Live at Wembley 1986


Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold (2017-2018)

My favourite band to hear live. The energy, passion and commitment to the fans is there for all to see.

The amount of huge hits they have and how perfectly they blast these out to sold out tours is unrivalled in my mind.

They have such a diverse fan base and that's kudos to them for the quality of their music, lyrics and performances!

So many talk about Foo Fighters and their legendary live performances and they sell out so fast because they just rule the rock world!

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My pick goes to U2's 360 Tour from 2009-2011.

Sadly, I didn't witness it myself, but boy, the numbers are just crazy! A 300-person crew supported the tour, managing a 175-ton spider-like stage structure that traveled across the world. Just look at the stats (link). And well, it's U2!

What is the influence? they set a new standard for the live shows, a new level!

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U2. The Joshua Tree Tour.

This was a concert tour by U2 (Irish band) which was staged in support of their 1987 hit album, The Joshua Tree.

So the first leg of the tour was in North America, then onto Europe for the second leg and then back to North America for the third leg of the tour.

Why was this a success? because each venue was sold out, they performed in huge hit venues, arenas and stadiums and they sold each and every ticket, the tour was about social and political terms with Bono donating huge amounts of the profits to his charities in Africa due to his ongoing work there.

Bono also used his success here to up U2's fame and fortune and used that to create "save the World" and then go on to further hit every venue they could across the world and increase his work in humanitarian aid.

U2 for me, when someone asks me which band I would consider the most international success it's them, hands down.


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