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I think this is a fantastic video as well as fantastic song. One of my all time favourites. Back in the day this video and sounds were just mad!

There is even a remake of with easter eggs and the original members of Bomfunk MC's but personally I think the original is better.


Damn i was gonna suggest them! lol good pick!

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It's the best! I had them on my ringtone in Midi back in the early nokia days when you have to create ringtones with notes

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Thanks, you've just dislodged the song I've yad stuck in my head! I'm pretty sure this was on one of the first albums I ever bought 😆

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It’s just one of those classics that I will never forget 🤣

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I'm a bassline junky, and I like it funky

From one of the pioneers of grime, an iconic video for an iconic song. A song with a good meaning I might add!

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Fatboy Slim - "Right Here, Right Now"

The music is fantastic, and I love the concept of the evolutionary timeline in the video. The clunky style adds to its charm, and I appreciate the idea of progressing forward, even though the lyrics emphasize "here and now."

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The Prodigy - Firestarter

The visuals somehow echoes classic Frankenstein movies and similar 1930s horrors, creating a haunting and intense atmosphere, the light, camera angle, B&W etc.

Keith Flint's rapid and energetic movements break this illusion, creating a contrast that disrupts the scene in a way that fits perfectly with the song's rebellious and aggressive lyrics, enhancing the song's overall effect.

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This music remember me when my first time go to bar and DJ play this Ecuador. it's very nostalgia

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Sorry to get technical, but even though this is a brilliant song, it's definitively not a breakbeat song, employing a four-on-the-floor beat throughout. We'll probably run a series of bounties for classic 4/4 dance music later as it was another popular genre in our launch poll, so try this one again then!

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This is my two favorite music back in the day.

Surprised to discover Stonebank's 'The Pressure' and Nitro Fun's 'New Game' are breakbeat music! 🎶 Always thought they were just high-energy EDM tracks. Loving the funky rhythms and beats.

As a rhythm game fan and EDM lover, this is the first time I have gained new knowledge about breakbeats so I had to do research first to find out if there was any music I had listened to that was appropriate to this discussion.

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Hey sicilivdraz, thanks for entering this bounty! Interested to know whether these tracks strictly qualify as breakbeat - in both cases the underlying beat sounds like a steady four-on-the-floor to me - but regardless we're looking for the best music videos in this genre on this occasion, and these links instead depict a simple bar visualiser. Do remember these for any future bounty on the best dance songs!

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I Am just going to leave this here...

It's Prodigy, it's worth of it! I think it meets the criteria :)

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Hey EOT. This is a breakbeat song, but by the bounty criteria, we're looking specifically for the best breakbeat music videos. You've not posted a video here, just a track with a still image.

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Dammit. I need to read bounty’s properly. Sorry I keep doing this


I'm going for some favs from my youth here with the Chemical Brothers! It was between this and Block Rockin Beats but I went for this one as the music video is sooooo damn 1999 right before the turn of the millenium! It's just a vibe, thats the only way to really explain it? Anyone else get what I mean? Duno if its the colour palate or what but it just hits you differently!

Also the tune is an absolute classic!


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