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I think it has to go to Brock.

The first gym of the first game, Brock is a players introduction to what a propper battle is and unless you trained well, hes a hard fight as until now it was just bug catchers.

On top of that the anime eppisode is a classic jason vs goliath story.

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I'm gonna give Scarlet and Violet some love and say Larry.

I'm a huuuuuge fan since Red and Blue. Playing through Scarlet and Violet with my son, Larry really stood out. His gym challenge is kind of rough, the only one I had to help my eight year old with. He's an icon for all of us 30+ folks still playing Pokemon.

He's an adorable parody of corporate drudgery. Most recent playthrough I noticed him dropping some even more grim wisdom.

Immediately after that, his Starraptor uses Facade. 0.0
Calm down, Larry.

He's a fan favorite of this generation for a reason. We love Larry.


My favourite gym leader has to be Volkner from Pokemon (Brilliant) Diamond, (Shining) Pearl, and Platinum. There are many reasons as to why he is my favourite:

  • His story in both the games and the anime. Revolving around, losing his passion for Pokémon battles, and it’s up to the player to reignite his spark (pun intended!).

  • His design, he looks like Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage from Naruto.

  • The Pokemon that he uses in the games are fun to play against, and fun to watch in the anime. My favourites being Raichu, Jolteon, Electivire, and Luxray.

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Despite being a hardcore fan of gen 1 & 2, my favourite doesn't appear till Sword & Shield.

Kabu is the Fire type Gym Leader of Motostoke's Gym. His resolve was built up by years and years of failure, he almost quit battling till he fought Leon and had his faith in himself restored.

He gives off the vibe of a seasoned vet, well experienced, patient and formidable.

His Pokemon are also sick, I'm an Arcanine appreciator!

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He turned me into a Centiskorch fan.

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My vote would probably go to the gen 5 leaders, i like all of them though probably iris and drayden takes the lead. since the only other dragon gym leader was claire back in gen 2 and other users are elite 4 members.

both are leaders of the same gym but you challenge one or the other depending on the version your playing, with iris later becoming a champion at the sequel. some of the gym puzzle itself was annoying to say the least.


Clair in Blackthorn City is probably mine (Pokemon Silver). The ice cave puzzle just to get to Mahogany town is quite the challenge in itself and very satisying to breathe a sigh of relief when finally completed!

This is the final gym leader in Silver, and the lead up through the cave, then a further ice puzzle inside the gym with a number of relatively challenging Trainers gives you a buzz before you take on her Dragon-type Pokemon, which have an array of resistances, making the choice of pokemon and playing to her weaknesses very important in this one.

A very satisfying way to wrap up the last gym in my favourite of the Pokemon series!

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For this, if I have understood the bounty right.

I am going to Nominate Flannery. You can find her in:

Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (3DS - Love These)


Once a player either catches or wrecks Groudon, you can then meet Flannery at the Scorched Slab, where she herself had come looking for Legendary Pokemon. But eventually, she gives up and heads back to Lavaridge.

She is quite mad you know :)

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Sabrina is encountered in the Pokémon Red and Blue games in Saffron City. She also appears in the Pokémon anime.

Why She's My Favorite? In the Pokémon anime, Sabrina appears as a cold, almost villainous figure. Ironically, I almost hated her, but her unexpected transformation after her defeat changed my opinion about her. This 'transformation' revealed a different side of Sabrina, making me think she's quite cute now!

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Glaseado Gym Leader Grusha in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has to be my favourite gym, The gym challenge of the slope run is one of the more interesting challenges and then the fight against Grusha can be a difficult fight if you are unprepared luckily my love of fire types made this fight a lot of easier for me and with the Grusha being the final gym leader its on to the Pokemon League after that.

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That gym challenge does really stand out, and Grusha kinda hints at having an interesting backstory.

I've already had to give up on being a pro snowboarder. If she takes away the talents I still have to show, then what'll be left?

I wish we got to know more about him!


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