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It's been a while since he had uploaded but I really like this guy's pokemon card pack openings. You can tell that he is a very enthusiastic collector but doesn't go overboard with his reactions unlike most of his contemporaries. I do enjoy the lo-fi and amateur set up of his videos as it feels more personal - like opening a couple of pokemon boosters with a friend and discovering the spoils inside.

I'm unsure whether he still collects Pokemon cards now as his channel has been mainly Fifa gameplay videos but either way I'm still subscribed so hopefully we will see some card openings in the future

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Aww man this was going to be mine!! Really like this guy!

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For me it is PokiChloe. She is a UK based Pokémon collector and content creator and recently just opened a brand new Pokemon Card shop near London.

I would love to visit one day, the store looks immense!


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Dheanasaur on tiktok and Instagram is hilarious, really funny skits in Pokémon alongside other media 🙌

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For me its Jayden Williams,

about a year ago he uploaded the video where he hunted every eevelution - with me being a massive Eevie fan this caught my attention right away - was able to follow and take so many tips and tricks away to help me find my eevee lutions on Scarlett and Violet!


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Hey Shovel, thanks for entering this bounty! Unfortunately, your submission won't be eligible though as this bounty is strictly about Pokemon TCG creators, aka Pokemon cards. Feel free to edit your submission with a TCG content creator before the bounty closes to be in with a shot at a prize!

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Ahh no worries!! i've got 1 in mind anyway!!

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PokiChloe - Here are my reasons why.

2-3 months ago I was watching a livestream of Houston Collecto-Con and saw PokiChloe get interviewed. So I searched for her and found her channel. Now I do watch other Pokemon Creators as well, but she stands out, why? Because the content is great, it's well presented, sometimes scripted and very well edited content.

My favourite video was actually of that event, what I didn't realise was she was there to spend a LOT of money on that con on Pokemon cards. This was also her first Vlog on buying lot's of stuff, she had a full access pass as well.


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here what inspired me to like pokemon is windah basudara, he is a gaming youtuber but he also likes pokemon games and everything about pokemon until he made content about TCG Chalizzard's gacha with his legendary safe and sound song this makes satisfying and desires to buy and get chalizard VMA - Shining Fates even though I didn't get it in the end


The enthusiasm of this guy! And I find it amazing how much money people spend on packs. It's really is true dedication to collecting them all. The joy when they unveil a rare shiny evolution is next level!

And the discipline to keep all of those packs ready for opening, without at least peeking in one is true discipline!

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My pick is PokiChloe.

Personally, I specifically enjoy watching "pack opening" live shows. I’m not planning to buy the cards myself, but I find it really enjoyable to watch someone else uncover these cards. There's something thrilling about seeing what rare or valuable cards might come out of each pack.

It's like experiencing the excitement and anticipation of collecting without having to invest in the cards directly. Plus, it’s fun to see the reactions of the host when she pull something great.


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I reckon it's a much more competitive field than you think! There are hundreds, if not thousands of Pokemon TCG creators out there, especially when you include competitive play and not just collectors. Definitely looks like there's a PokiChloe audience on JA though!

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Yes, you are right. However, I feel confident as a parent when my children are around while I watch PokiChloe's channel.


I really enjoy watching these short pack opening videos from coffee and pokemon! Unfortunately they don’t seem to have posted for a long time! I love the simplicity of it, it’s very chilled and it’s a buzz to see what cards are going to be pulled! If I bought a lot of Pokemon cards I’d love to make content like this too on dedicated channel!

Maybe sometime….


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I recommend SuperDuperDani, a Pokémon TCG content creator who provides kid-friendly content.

Enthusiastic and positive, Dani shares pack openings, collection tips, and Pokémon-related adventures in a way that's engaging and appropriate for all ages.

Dani has also spent thousands of dollars on unpacking videos, making the content even more exciting. The videos are fun and informative, and the comments are typically positive and great to read, making Dani a fantastic choice for young Pokémon fans.

Here isn their latest trip to Japan for a 1000 poke cards hunt! Its a long video buut worth to watch


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My favourite Pokemon TCG content creator has to be Leonhart I just love watching his booster pack opening videos he always had such a positive energy and is really enthusiastic and you can just see the excitement that he gets when he opens a pack and get a rare card that is what making his content such fun to watch.


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Ford James please could you tell me what was wrong with my submission.

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Hey Banana, this one didn't make the cut this time because the creator in your submission was already nominated by somebody else, and your entry didn't give any new reasons as to why they're your favourite that hadn't already been covered. We want to reward bounty submissions that offer unique value to the community, so while in this case nominating the same creators isn't a dealbreaker (as others have), we're looking for additional value in each new submission to be in with a chance of a reward.

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Ah ok thank you for letting me know.


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