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I did have one, but I kept dragging windows into it without eve thinking and honestly, it really began to annoy me, so I turned it back around and used it as a normal monitor, it's not something I would recommend unless you really do have space issues.

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I could imagine doing that a lot actually 😲

Space isn't really my issue, rather I'd like to see more of the documents I have open without scrolling. I've tried simply zooming out, but then everything is tiny 😅

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For that then yes, but I did it so much I would actually start swearing out loud every time I did and then my wife got angry because we have a strict no-swearing rule in the house so I switched back xD


I have one of my monitors vertically orientated as its handy when having lots of streaming software and chat windows open in a way thats easy to view at a glance

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Sounds like it's be great for streaming!

That's pretty close to the way I'd use it, but for checking the platform and Discord.

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I’ve only got two monitors, but when I eventually get a third it will be much smaller so it can sit vertically between my two main ones and under my web cam/teleprompter for chat and stream health info.

I previously used one, but it was before I was making content so it was just to fit more work related info.

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That's cool, I'd not thought of using vertical and horizontal. I'd have gone right for two vertical ones side-by-side. So many options! 😆

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If your monitors are HUGE you could almost make that work like four non-widescreen monitors haha. A janky throwback to the Dell 4:3 monitors trees we thought were soooo cool

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I had one vertical for a while, used an older 32 inch 4k VA panel. It hurt my neck having to look up and down and also VA panels have terrible viewing angles so it was a bit of a disaster. A 27 inch or less IPS would work well I imagine.

As a 2nd screen i was a useful format for things like documents, command line work - like tailing a log file, listing a directory. Aso having multiple windows open. Wouldn't want to use it as a main screen though.

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I basically live in spreadsheets, Discord, and on various social feeds, but I can't imagine gaming on a vertical screen 😂

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All the monitors I've tried vertically look weird because the display itself was not designed to show it right. A teammate has a nice 4K monitor that looks decent though. All my monitors are on the cheaper end and they look horrible once rotated (its like the lighting or the viewing angle ruins it)

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Oh that's not cool 😲 Thanks, I'll definitely look into that before buying anything!

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I'd love to have one set up vertically for coding or playing Ikaruga

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I've not come across many games made for vertical play! Sounds like it's be ideal 😊

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I have a slightly wonky setup at the moment as I await the arrival of a 32in OLED that's still a pre-order, but once that's here, my second monitor will be vertical again. I used a vertical for about a year prior and found it invaluable for productivity.

Drawbacks include thinking about orientation, as the chin of a monitor makes for a thicker bezel but positioning the chin in the opposite direction means wires can poke out if you're not careful. You also need to be mindful that windows are smaller, which isn't great for watching things on your second screen. Otherwise, vertically stacking your windows is really handy.

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Great point about the cabling. There's a little nook in my office near my desk, and I'd planned to put the monitor there.

To be honest I'll probably end up just having one giant spreadsheet on it 😅

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To watch Tik-Tok? =)))

I had 3 at work, but at that time there were no ultravides invented.

The drawback - is a pain in the neck. If sitting too far, then why not just grab a 32-er?

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Ha I wish it was for TikTok! 😂 Still, it would make browsing socials easier and be useful for work 😊

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that time i was working in KYC and AML, so i need to constantly look at documents and at the same time do various checks. that was the only fairly compact way to get 3240x1920 desktop. setting them horizontally would make it 5760x1080


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