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I don’t think we had any of these in the US (if we did I never saw them), but I would get mags for the previews for sure

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Stopped to care 10 Years ago....

Back in my days they played the game, captured the total gametime. They talked about what the also like and dislike Also 3 diffrent types of people rated the game and came to a conclusion.

Today i only read $$$$ and $$ and sometimes about $$$$ and most of the time it is about $$$$. M

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Oh yeah I mean I haven’t bought one since 2007 lol

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I recently found some of my old games magazines from the 90s at my parents house in storage boxes.

Unfortunately though the letters from readers and the magazines replies amongst other content are absolutely outrageous by today's standards! Completely unacceptable compared to what was the norm and acceptable in general discourse and cultures back then.

Some of these magazines are best left in the past. It seems like a wierd thing to say as we all have such good memories of them, but you will be shocked if you go back and read some of the stuff in them with the edgy magazine personality a lot of them had.

Note: dropped magazine names and personal names from this reply during writing as people are still around today in the industry that wrote them.

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Also it's important to judge work based on the era it was created in and what was thought to be acceptable behaviour at the time, rather than apply today's standards retrospectively when considering people's character. We all learn and improve ourselves as we mature and educate.

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Out of them I only read PC gamer but it wasnt my regular mag.

I would usually pick up the official Playstation and Nintendo magazines as I found the unofficial ones tended to be unreliable and have some mistakes but I got one every now and again.

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Back before the internet I would get a few for the Amiga/Spectrum. It was normally the only way you could find anything back then.

There was a bit of a gap in between when I left college went to pubs/clubs and started DJing. Parties where more important than gaming - lasted about 5 years and then returned.

Now I have my own lists in Feedly which gives me all the latest news etc as and when it happens. I keep up with it regularly when I am working.

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25 years ago i sed to buy some for posters :))) and i still have them in my stash

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I don’t read any of the big gaming magazines but I have been supporting a few indie ones over the years

My favourite gaming magazine I read now is called Patch Magazine and features a lot of indie games, just a good cozy read honestly! ☺️

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That looks like a great magazine. I ordered one just now.

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We used to get Edge magazine every now or PC gamer for interviews.

At WASD we met some people from Lost in Cult, and ended up buying a few of their books due to the beautiful art work and essays written on games in them. That is more my sort of thing now.

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I grew up reading GamesMaster, I religiously read that magazine for years, had an annual renewing subscription. It's actually what inspired me to become a Designer, my dream job is to work for one someday.

I do however think they're slowly dying out, print as a whole is struggling in the digital age which is a great shame as you can't beat the feeling of reading something physical imo.

I don't tend to read them that much anymore, I occasionally pick up EDGE if there's something in it that interests me. They're so damn pricey though, it has to be something big for me to buy it!

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For more it's the developer interviews that grabs my attention, devs etc, I think you can get a real feel for a game by reading those!


I have a memory of Games Master and bought that one occasionally. For my childhood it was all about Mega magazine for the (obvious) Sega Mega Drive. Read every issue of that cover to cover, even had a couple of letters printed in it over the years.


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