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Rare makers of classic hits like Banjo-Kazooie,Conker's Bad Fur Day and 007 Golden Eye have been making games for over 30 years but their shining star is Sea of thieves which is still growing and evolving after the six years with the community that has been built around the game it's really something special. The developers are just as much fans as the game as other players so you know they have a passion making the game the best they can possibly make it.

Great suggestion! I've sunk many an hour into both Goldeneye and Sea of Thieves, so that's a big +1 from me. I've heard good things about the work culture there too.

I also vote Rare because of Sea of thieves and this is why. I was on and off the game since release but I always loved the soundtrack in particular 'becalmed'. But in March 2020 James "Jim" White a member of the development team, I belive was a junior analyst at Rare passed away at a very young age. A year later they put in an easter egg in Sea of thieves and until today I think is the most meaningful and heartfelt easter egg every in any game. Enough to make a grown man cry. It has brought many pirates together making new friends, myself included as this easter egg is not something you can do alone. Thank you Glitterbeard (Captian James White) We will remember you.

Oh wow. I was listening to this in the background while doing other things, but when it got to the ceremony, I switched back and had a real moment. What a truly beautiful tribute. It gave me chills.

Hahaha I was very lucky to have done it but I wasn't recording games at the time sadly. It truly is an amazing easter egg that brings new friends together and the moment sort of creates a bond. I mean for all the crap I give Rare, this tribute is truly awesome :D to really honour, remember, immortalize someone like that. melts my heart!

Creative Assembly are my pick, they're devs of the popular 'Total War' series including my fav Warhammer 2. They consistently hit the mark with their games, one could argue that the games are very similar in their build but then I raise you Alien: Isolation!

Honestly the scariest game I've played hands down and I'm not usually one for horror games, it's so atmospheric and does an amazing job at making you feel defenceless. Clearly I'm not the only one who recognises its greatness as it's won numerous accolades!

Rockstar North

Why? Let's look at the games

  1. Grand Theft Auto

  2. Grand Theft Auto 2

  3. Red Dead Redemption

  4. Max Payne 3

The sheer ability of the studio is staggering how, despite being constantly acquired by other companies but not quite selling out such as Gremlin Interactive, which was then acquired by Infrogames etc. Assets were then sold off the studio still kept on to its core values and went on to release a myriad of games, one still being amazing today, GTAV.

Deffo my choice :)

Someone already put Creative Assembly and I honestly can't argue with that. While I'm mostly with them for Total War games, the fact they can pull off something like Alien as well with little prior experience in the genre shows how resilient they can be. I wanted to go with someone else out of spite that they haven't given us anything new around Empire and Napoleon in over a decade so, but then I decided to stick with it as I honestly I don't know that many other UK studios I really like. Guess you have to give props to Rockstar for creating some of the world's biggest franchises but I personally never played any of their games, which probably puts me in a very small minority.

Creative Assembly was founded in 1987 by Tim Ansell. I didnt realise they had been making games 36 years. so here is why they are special


Total War Series - They made this amazing series of games. some of my early pc memories was rome total war

Alien: Isolation: This was hands down one of the scariest games i played and did horror in such an original way.

Halo Wars 2: i didnt play it but know it was good

Creative Assembly is what you would call a craft-led studio. They prioritize depth, detail, and authenticity in their games.

Looking at some of the philosophies from a google search they said they empower their team to explore creativity.. Its sounds like a lot of studios dont afford devs time to explore like that.

What stands them out.

Total War Formula: Their blend of turn-based strategy and real-time battles revolutionized the genre of turn based games.

Attention to Detail: Historical accuracy and meticulous research define their games.

Community Engagement: I had to look this point up but they are apparently big on community support. it shows because the the original total war games have some level of support i believe.

I can't even see the words 'Total War' without getting an uncontrollable urge to play it.

Playground Games FTW!

i love all their Forza series, i'm not into sports car. BUT. if i want to chill just driving while watching a good in-game Scenery. my gtg game is Forza Horizon 5! Also this is my fav Screenshots from my Car in Forza Horizon 5 (i'm using this as my wallpaper as well)

For my pick, I am going to have to go with TT Games. The studio that developed the Lego video games, which bring an incredible mixture of action, creativity, and humor. Some of these games series include:

  • The Lego Batman Trilogy.

  • Lego DC Super Villians.

  • Lego Marvel Collection.

  • The Lego Star Wars Series.

  • Lego Harry Potter.

  • Lego Indiana Jones. TT Games has also worked on games that are not Lego based. Such as: • Sonic R. • Sonic 3D Blast.

Have you ever checked out the YouTube channel, Game Hut? It's run by one of the lead devs there and it's got loads of interesting videos about how they achieved some of the technical feats of those old Mega Drive and Saturn games. I love this one about compressing the opening video for Sonic 3D enough to fit on the cartridge

This looks interesting, I'll give it a look. Thanks!

Initially I was going to say Rockstar North since Scotland is still part of the UK. No further explanation needed when you say Rockstar having a pedigree and output that foregoes their name. They are literally the Rockstars of the video game world.

But instead I will shine a light on a smaller studio but one that I'm sure everyone on this site will know:

Jagex - probably most famous for the browser MMORPG Runescape

I think everyone in the 90's and 00's had played or knew someone that was obsessed with this game. Spending countless nights on it, grinding their levels, trying to buy gfs, participating in holiday events, and begging their parents for membership. Runescape is part of our DNA at this point. Like a meme, gamers and netizens understand the need to trim armour, the dangers of the wilderness, Rune Scimis, and having someone scam you out of your password.

It's impressive that Runescape is still part of the zeitgeist outlasting the MMO boom of the 00's and early teens. And despite the updates, better graphics, and inclusion of a story. We all just want to chop wood, fish, cook, and travel take that path from Lumbridge to Falador to see the King.


These guys have actually made me look forward to co op games and honestly find it so hard to find a local co op game these days.

They are the masterminds behind games like Moving Out & Overcooked!! I have honestly played these games soo much and love them! I feel like Team17 are behind some of the biggest games to exist on PlayStation such as Worms if im not mistaken!

When it comes to the crown jewels of game development studios in the UK, Rockstar North stands out as a giant in the industry. With headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland, Rockstar North is not only a powerhouse in the UK, but also globally, renowned for creating some of the most commercially successful and widely acclaimed video games.

The studio's philosophy of pushing boundaries and setting new standards in interactive entertainment has led to the creation of the Grand Theft Auto series, which redefined open-world gaming. Its titles, especially GTA V, have become a cultural phenomenon, offering players unparalleled freedom in meticulously crafted worlds. Additionally, Red Dead Redemption II is another testament to their commitment to quality, delivering a vast and immersive narrative-driven experience.

Rockstar North's success is built on a foundation of ambition, attention to detail, and a willingness to invest time in developing their games. This approach has not only earned them numerous awards, but also a dedicated fan base that eagerly anticipates their next gaming adventure. It is this combination of innovation, storytelling and gameplay excellence that has made Rockstar North the crown jewel of the UK game development scene.

Codemasters have developed some amazing games over the years and are a company that keeps their standards high.

Their racing sims are brilliant; with reviews for their F1 licensed games and the Dirt franchise speaking for themselves. Their love for the genre is easy to see, with so much time put into crafting such detailed and immersive sims.

But they don't stop at racing games. Any fan of tactical shooters will know about Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising which was a game I sunk many hours into on PS3. The more realistic approach to the shooter genre set it apart from the competition at the time.

Another favourite of mine from this amazing team was Second Sight on PS2. This was a well crafted paranormal action title with some fun plot twists and entertaining telekinetic powers for the gamer to get to grips with.

The variety and quality of the titles produced by Codemasters makes them stand out most for me!

Climax Studio.

because this game developer. has made a lot of iconic games in the old time and was considered quite fresh. their games also remind me of my childhood when playing this game on the PlayStation 2. Their games were quite a good games in their time. especially the silent hill game series. This game really makes me nervous and afraid when I play it but i really enjoyed it. starting from puzzles, encounter with the monster. or the main story.

(actually i like this developer because of silent hill 😂)

Team 17 💜

They've been around since 1990, and even though are more publishing than development focused these days, they are behind some amazing games which you have definitely heard about even if you haven't played them.

Worms don't need an introduction, but to mention some of the newer hits there's Overcooked and Hell Let Loose. None of these are typically my kind of games, yet I had so much fun playing them and were a great introduction into genres I'm not that familiar with. These games have clearly been made with lots of love and care from the developers.

Ninja Theory, i pick them because they are fighters. Next year they goint to celebrate 25th anniversary, no matter how hash feedback was after a DmC release, and even after sony took away their stuff, they kept doing games with passion.

Senua's story in a Hellblade reminds the studio itself. I simply like their works.

It's a shame that their legacy could be marked by the remake of Devil May Cry DMC. I think it was released close and therefore compared with Metal Gear Rising. During that discourse, there was a lot of praise for DmC for it's animation, like Dante would require recovery frames after using a big attack so would stagger or be carried through with the momentum compared to Raiden.

I've only played Enslaved: Journey to the West which was a great game that a lot of people I felt slept on

My pick is Team17

Their projects have been pretty meaningful in my life, starting with Worms, which entertained my friends and me in hotseat mode in the '90s.

I really like how they have evolved and created new forms of social multiplayer games like Overcooked, What the Golf, and Moving Out. These titles continue to generate positive energy and fun for people on the same couch, and I thank them for this.

As a publisher, they also help young studios get involved, which is very important for the industry.


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