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From what I have seen, in my world at least, it comes down to 2 key factors. The first is the most basic and simple....price. Times are not good financially and a brand new, shiny console is not really in peoples budgets, especially since the PS4 is still a fantastic console with an incredible amount of options (see your third bullet point).

The 2nd is that many people are simply not seeing the value in consoles vs. PCs. Many companies have shifted their attention to PC platforms, especially for working or 'beta' titles. Not to mention, there is a bit of an overbearish attitude amongst the console companies, such as proprietary hardware/software/games, issues with financial transactions (or pricing in general) and a lack of creativity (good luck playing anything modded on a console).

I myself switched to purely PC several years ago but my wife is still a die hard console player and her own take is that it is simply not worth the money for the upgrade as she's still having loads of fun (with plenty of title options) on the PS4.

It's interesting you say that more companies have shifted their attention to PC as PC are more difficult to develop for. For consoles they all have the same specs so a development team understand the hardware they are working with however for PC as every PC is different - Graphics card, processor etc. it takes more time to test and develop for.

I know very little about the development side of such things but from what little I have gleaned, you are correct; it is a completely different world writing and coding games. I wonder what the allure then, from a developers standpoint, has so much attention focused on PC? At least, from my worldview, that seems to be where most attention is these days. Perhaps it's simply that PC gamers don't mind being guinea pigs for free. 7 Days to Die was released in beta back in 2013 and is finally, this year, being released as a full alpha title and it has a rather long list of fans.

I do know that when you're talking about console games, the two companies behind them (Sony and Microsoft) are very particular and picky about a lot of things. No modding allowed, very limited access from external systems (crossplay), some recent questionable financial decisions. I'm certain they also restrict a lot behind the scenes, such as what is allowed into games, storyline points, etc. I'm not fan, personally, but there are some games on Steam which would NEVER be allowed by the likes of Sony to be published under their name. It might be the freedom to simply create how and what you want.

I wouldnt have switched out if I hadnt had received one as a gift. I was more than happy to sit and wait till my PS4 fell apart, most the games I play are from the PS4 days .

Yeah I was a late adopter of the PS4 too but when I did - I couldn't stop buying games for the system due to the choice and excellent variety of downloadable games too. I think there is like 5 games on PS5 that I would get but now that they are out on other consoles too i.e. nil exclusivity it just depends on what consoles my friends play (and even then there is cross-compatilibilty )

I do think that Cross plat is a great thing, but it defo doesnt help the consoles themselves, which tbf, meh Theyve earnt more than enough money out of us ! hahahaha. But yeh I would have had to move over at some point but was more than happy to chill out and stick with the PS4 ! lol

this doesn’t surprise me too much, too big factors at play here is h th r economic sides of things where everyone’s struggling and money is tighter so an upgrade is not high on everyone’s priority list.

2 is this cross pollination of generations with games releasing on both PS4 / PS5 means there hasn’t been a huge leap as we may have seen in the games as per previous generations. GTA6 may be the game to move the needle as consoles don’t have that killer game this gen which is just have and only available on PS5 yet!

Interesting times ahead!

I would've thought the big PS5 games would be:

  • Spider-Man 2

  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

  • God of War Ragnarök (this is also playable on PS4 too)

  • Horizon Call of the Mountain

So there are games for the system but I wonder if it's because these games can be played (or expected to be released on PC) is the key reason people are not upgrading

There was FFXVI too, PS5 exclusive and a much anticipated game. I bought my PS5 because of that (like I have bought every single PS because of an FF game). I still hear a lot of people moaning that they haven't bought the game and they want PC release right now. Same for Rebirth. Old fans definitely either own a PS5 already or bought one so they can play the game (or if they can't afford a new console, they wait patiently until they can upgrade or it comes out on PC)

Younger generations are used to things being cross-platform or available on PC sooner or later and they won't buy a console just to play a game on day 1 release, instead are very loud on social media about their demands and expectations which might be pushing companies to release their games on PC as well even if they don't really want to.

I think Sony made lots of mistakes with the PS5. Not sure how much the shortage around the pandemic was inevitable or not, but it definitely didn't help. Also with some games telling people or at least hinting at it that it will be released on PC, people won't bother to buy a new console. And the cross PS4/PS5 releases as well. I don't remember games being released to PS3 still when PS4 was out. Also I would have delayed FF7 Remake until the PS5 came out and release the whole series on the new console instead of doing the first part on PS4 and then re-release it to PS5. It just looks weird. And... we got a console which is customisable, yet we barely have any custom cover plates in the west. FFXVI has a cover and controller in Japan and I want it so badly, but it's not available here and to import it would cost half the price of the console just for the cover.... are you kidding me?

And another thing which might bother the people who like physical media still... I don't know but for me it just looks super weird how have a PS5 bundle advertised with a game... but the game is just a code... even if you buy the disc edition console... like... what? Would it really hurt to put a physical copy with it? I would have bought an FFXVI edition PS5 without looking at the price tag like I did with the FFXIII PS3... but the only thing we got here was a normal PS5 which came with a code for the game... not going to buy that when I'm a collector and want a collectors or deluxe edition...

I think this comes down to cost. It’s a commitment to throw that type of money on a console these days. With most games still being available on the older consoles there isn’t that incentive there to switch over just yet. PS5 need to do a PS5 only release to get that audience to switch over. Who knows, with the new GTA being such a massive game and needing the new tech to run it - it may encourage the switch!

That is really surprising but also not at the same time, the PS5 is a solid upgrade from the playstation 4. However the PS4 does not feel like an outdated console at all. Some of my family members still play on a playstation 4 and I have a PS5 and a PS4 and I still use both

PS5 sales started brutal, I remember people reselling them on local marketplaces for like 850$! Not quite sure what caused this shortage - production overlook, high demand, or both!

I will not pay for a Ps5 for an 11 yr old, it's that simple, the sheer cost of it, is a joke, pure and simple, £450+ Are you kidding me?

This is why more and more people are switching to PC's, you pay £1200 for a decent gaming rig and in 5 years time, it's still good and half the time the only thing that really needs an upgrade is either GFX card of Ram

No, consoles are a dieing breed IMO. I honestly give them another 10 years tops before consoles are about 1k each.


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