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I give you, the West Baden Springs Hotel in Indiana, USA (below).

All images are from the hotel's Google review/business page.

I know we already had a hotel in Bangkok and a mansion in Paris, but I feel this particular hotel would give some fabulous Opportunities to follow, as well as plenty of impulse kills.

Rooms join in internal halls, but there are also rooms with balconies facing inward to the MASSIVE atrium lobby. There are all sorts of oopsies and ouchies to occur in this area (see below).

There is also a large pool area complete with hideaway beams and windows directly over the pool (see below).

In the pool area are bath tubs which fill from the mineral springs beneath the hotel. Some spectacular tampering can occur when taking a bath.

Not to mention, the expansive grounds surrounded by tall forest, a water feature, luxurious dining room, plus all of the requisite maintenance rooms/halls, and even some pump machinery in the basement of the hotel for the mineral springs (more images below)

Credit for below

Credit for below

Credit for below

There are a lot of things to be done in this place, including just randomly finding tools and weapons in the rooms of the typically wacky Hitman NPCs who would be staying in the hotel.

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I suggest a Borneo, the mission is eliminate a drug boss which cannot be overcome by ordinary agent because they have very many skilled subordinates and great place to hide

The reason is in Borneo is not too many tall building, so the sniper is really difficult to handle it

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Oh My Gosh. Okay I have a sick idea for this!

The missions could be called “Venice Carnival” and would obviously take place in Venice, Italy, during the Carnival haha

It works because Venice is full of different types of historic buildings and architecture so I think it’s a good thing to do sort of exploration challenges. I think as well during the carnival era because everyone had to wear masks and costumes that makes it easier for agent 47 to blend in and disguise themselves because he won’t stick out. Because it’s in a carnival, you can be really creative with the way you can kill people and it can be incentivised that you can use fireworks and confetti canning to block the sound of a bullet for instance.

The mission Idea itself could just be that Agent 47 needs to eliminate a corrupt business magnate and a politician who are meeting secretly during the Carnival. He needs to navigate the festivities, gather information, and execute his mission without being detected!!

What do you think??

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This is genius! It's glamorous too, for that extra jetset flavour.

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Anyone who knows me knows how extra I am just in my day to day life haha any excuse to wear a cute mask!


So much fun to be had with this one!

My choice is the circus! 'The Ringmaster' would be the main target in this one, with members of 'The Freak Show' all being bonus contracts. They would be part of the overarching

I think the circus setting would provide some amazing disguises; from clowns to trapeze artists to firebreathers etc, and there would be so many opportunities for really inventive 'accidents' the unknowing targets would end up getting killed from.

Lion mishandling, falls from the tight rope, a mass pile-up in the motorbike cage, being squashed by an elephant are but a few of the dastardly ideas I have in mind!

Make it happen, IO!

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African Safari

Breathtaking Natural Landscapes

Stunning plains of Africa for a Hitman mission, with its diverse landscapes ranging from Savannah to rocky mountains. The natural beauty of the region provides not only aesthetic appeal but also unique opportunities for inventive kills and strategic infiltration.

Wildlife and Environmental Hazards

A unique challenge of dealing with wildlife and environmental hazards. Agent 47 may encounter everything from aggressive baboons and poisonous snakes to treacherous cliffs and unpredictable weather conditions, adding an extra layer of complexity and danger to his missions.

Mission Story Opportunities

The mission stories could include 47 blending in as part of a Safari tour, hiding in the bushes waiting for the opportune moment or even infiltrating a native tribe.

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Great idea. Loving the photoshop too!


i reckon a hitman series set in the 80's midwest america with the heavy 80's retro style would be super cool

mission area 1
picture this a less crowded setting of a criminal gang living in a suburban setting intermingled with civilians. your challenge to kill or avoid their hired goons and evade the local pd .

The criminals can be a high level narcos style gang.

mission area 2

Then you could have different levels like the suburbs or the mega mall where the drug deals go down.

mission area 3

you could then travel across america where it takes you to Miami where the heads of the drugs gangs operate and you could have your classic busy areas like a nakatomi plaza skyscraper mission or even a mission to take someone out on a miami beach

heavy 80's music and synths, plus weaponary from the era and gadgets too.

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I would set a new Hitman mission in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. The dense, labyrinth alleyways provide a perfect backdrop for stealth and subterfuge, offering numerous hiding spots and vantage points. The vibrant, chaotic atmosphere contrasts sharply with the dark undertones of Agent 47’s mission, adding layers of tension. Targeting a crime lord or drug overlord hiding in this urban jungle would create a thrilling cat-and-mouse game, where using the environment to your advantage becomes crucial. The favelas’ unique architecture and lively street scenes would offer a fresh, visually striking setting for a high-stakes assassination.

Video tour

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Love this. I've been to Rio, and to the favelas, and remember thinking the whole city would make a fantastic open-world video game setting. Stunned that no one seems to have had the same idea in the decade since!

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Call it a little on the nose but I'd set it at a LAN tournament where your target needs to be killed in the fictional (fictional game) and also as an assassination.

I doubt Agent 47 would have the gaming skills to take down a pro so disguising yourself as a team mate to team-kill the target, sabotage their equipment, give the target's opposition a leg up by encapacitating the targets team mates so he struggles to compete.

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Since I haven't played all the games, I might be repeating the location, and I apologize if my idea is not original.

How about a Swiss alpine village and ski resort? It could be fictional, but the idea is to combine stunning valley views, luxurious hotels, wealthy individuals in sporty ski gear and goggles (providing an opportunity for an agent to disguise themselves), and of course, bunkers.

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Mission File #2854

Location: Hong Kong
Rescue: Senator Short's Daughter
Targets: Yakuzar Smash & Grab

File Picture / Location


Senator Shorts' daughter has been kidnapped, believed to be politically motivated due to nuclear disarmament. Due to the senator being on the committee, intelligence points towards his daughter being held by Yakuzer mob enforcers and elite security teams from Hong Kong's corruptible police SWAT team.

Blueprints show several access points, but ground floor incursion seems the best bet, enter dressed as a waiter and head to the service elevator, you may to silence several Yakuzer mob enforcers en route. We believe the head of this area's Yakuzer enforcement is also on sight and your orders are to kill on site.

Once you have secured the target, exfil will be by roof /helicopter retrieval, intelligence states there is already a chopper on location with a pilot ready to go, suggesting removing said pilot from the equation and securing yourself and the target a ride out.

Be advised area is heavy with CCTV and as the Hong Kong police force is on site and in the Yakuzer pockets, keep law enforcement kills to a minimum, suggesting non-lethal takedown of official enforcement officers. All yakuza are kill on sight unless stealth can prevail.


A casino mission would be so fun. 47 could play against their target or pretend to be a dealer which could lead to really cool assassination opportunities.

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I would have a missions set part in the streets of Kathmandu Nepal and part in a temple. I think this would be an interesting location as its not often you see games set in this location. Maybe have a western drug lord that has taken over one of the temples and your job is to explore the streets to locate the hideout and then proceed to take out their goons until you can find and eliminate their boss.

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My choice would be somewhere in Central London.

My thought was that the mission would be similar to the mission in Dishonored, "Lady Boyle's Last Party", where the target hosts a masquerade ball, and there are supposedly three targets that looked similar to the supposed target but only one of them is real and you have to figure out which one you have to eliminate by gathering clues and traversing the area.


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