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Now you're speaking my language, awesome bounty idea! But I have a couple of Qs I think need clarifying.

  1. Are we allowed to enhance the original audio in any way? For example, enhancing EQ to bring out sounds?

  2. Can you also clarify "You can pull audio from multiple games"? I assume it has to be from one game but from multiple environments within it rather than say Audio from Eve & from GTAV?

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Good questions!

  1. Yes, but to clarify rather than transform. So bringing out a sound from background noise would be fine but the sound should still be recognisable as what it is/was originally.

  2. Nope, multiple games - so EVE and GTA V - is also fine. It'd be great if we could know the games that you're pulling each sound from, though; if it isn't obvious from the video footage, maybe add some text to explain 🙂

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From StarCitizen 3.23.1

I hope the length is ok, there was just too many locations with great asmr qualities to choose from!

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Here is our submission - 10 minutes of slow, relaxing, station ambience from Eve Online Amarr Station. Actually, it was our first time attempting such a thing but we were sitting here, scratching our heads whilst recording and there it was the perfect sounds.

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Somehow i had the feeling we mean something diffrent.
I was more like going to make a collage with the best Gamesounds as ASMR.
Sounds from Half Life, UT99, the iconic of the time.

But what i see now is Background Noise... I am not sure if i get this right.
I would call this "Ambient" at the most <3

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Oriental garden ASMR from Final Fantasy XIV. Don't know what it is about the sound of water and the shishi-odoshi, but I find it really calming.


I recorded some Subnautica reefback noises for this ASMR Challange. Its kind of like whale noises.

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I initially couldn't decide which games I wanted to go with so many choices, I ended up doing 2 and thought I would just merge the 2 games even if it's very unrelated :P I hope it's ok.

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Hey Konquest, just wanted to say we thought this was really good and we can see all the effort you've put in getting all these different clips! Unfortunately it didn't quite make the cut as the clips were all a bit uneven in their 'ASMR-ness', and with so many quick cuts between them, we found it a little tricky to relax into it. Hope that's not too disappointing and thanks for all the work you put in!🙂

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No worries, I'm not really into ASMR so I think maybe I was a bit confused. I went with game sounds instead :P It was fun to make. I'll get it next time :D

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My video is from a game called lake, which I’ve just completed actually and I had so much fun doing it.

Basically, I think you would class this as a cosy game, but it’s just a really chilled game where it’s a very simple plot so there’s it’s sat in 1986 and it follows the young woman who is a software developer and she spend two weeks in a hometown where she has to temporary rarely assume the role of the town cail carrier and you basically have to deliver mail and packages to people in The city and you get to interact with other characters and there’s loads of different dialogue options and it basically influences the events of the story in the ending so there’s different endings depending on what response you gave a character and stuff.

One of the things I found the most relaxing about it with all the noises and there’s an option in the game where you can turn on the radio and it’s quite calm and then the ties I sort of played the game without the radio one and I just listen to the rain when it’s raining in the game or when it’s like nice and sunny or when I’m near the lake and I can hear the water it’s just really calming relaxing and it gives like a simple and carefree Vibe And yeah, overall it’s just a relaxing experience.

I personally played the game on PlayStation five but I think it’s available on a couple of other types of consoles to.

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ASMR cities skylines 60000 population on my potato pc 🥲🥲

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Hear the beat of the giant!

p.s. I failed in time! YouTube says I need 3 more days to upload a 10h long video of me flying toward the sun, so I am presenting you a short version, like a demo =)

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Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine the sun setting behind the mountains, as the river valley slowly becomes flooded with fog. The fresh, cold air surrounds you, bringing the scent of wild forest flowers. Somewhere in the distance, an owl hoots, alerting everyone that her time is coming. The night dwellers begin to emerge from their hideouts.

You move slowly, stepping on fallen branches, with a torch in your hand crackling softly. Its warmth and light push back the grip of night.

As you look up, stars begin to appear in the sky, and a lone fae song starts to flow into your ears...


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