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Let me introduce you to Milyhya, a gaming YouTuber whose content is all about funny game clips.

It's true that every video update takes a long time, but every time a new video is uploaded it definitely makes everyone laugh.

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I really like playing rainbow six siege, Jäger Himself Too is one of the channels that provides clips of the stupidity of rainbow six siege players, this channel is very entertaining, it can relieve my stress when I lose rank continuously in rainbow six siege.


i mean chained together i hilarious anyway. but when dunkey and his friends play it!!



This guy needs some more love. His skills in the game is one thing. But his skills with his soundboard is pure gold! Apparently he has over 300 sound bits. The speed he uses them within context is amazing!!!

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There's nothing funnier than playing with crazy friends, it make me laugh every I watch their videos

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Just a few of the clips that i've seen. Chained Together is probably rage inducing for fails

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I am posting this one! My son showed me this last night and this, is how you get a match point and make a funny video at the same time, plus that laugh, omg lol.

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It’s so silly, but this is sooo funny to me 😭

This is from Atomic.currse on tiktok

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I love this content creator. He does deep dives into some great Japanese games that have seen success in the west such as Dead Rising and Suda51 games so they're more edutainment but the gags he puts into each video are funny because they're often unexpected in a ramble-y video.

I wanted to know this guys opinion on the new Dead Rising Remake too

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So mine is this game that I have been seeing all over my social media recently and it’s a game called chained together. It’s available on Steam, and I first saw Ninja do a YouTube video on it so of course I immediately watched and found the whole thing so hilarious.

The game is essentially you playing with other people and you just chained together and you have to go through obstacles and challenges to eventually complete the game but it can just become super chaotic that it’s so entertaining to watch.

I think just guys in general when they’re playing a Co-op game together to get more heated and sort of more in an entertaining way for the viewers to watch. I remember when my husband and friend played A Way Out together and it was just soo funny the things they would come out with haha

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From one of my all time favourite content creators, Let's Game It Out! He takes a long time to make his videos, finding exploits, breaking the games and not playing them the way it's meant to be played.

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You know, it seems like BG3 never gets old, and I keep uncovering new gems daily!

Watch this funny video, keep in mind - many spoilers there!

I like the edit style and picked up few ideas for my videos


I absolutely love VR gaming and I feel like unfortunately it is still so niche, this video from Fudgy shows the absolute madness you can have working as a doorman on a bar. And because it's virtual reality it feels real but it's not so you can do whatever the hell you want! from hitting people with a nail gun to attaching bee's to ths attached guys face which even walk into the nightclub with him! It's soo much more funny because it feels so realistic! Worth a watch

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This isn’t an account I follow but I remember it coming up on for you page whilst I’d just got home after drinking and I found it so funny 😂


Awww this bounty couldn’t come at a better time, I’ve just been doing some research into funny VR (virtual reality games where you wear a headset which projects the game world on the headset right infront of your eyes which means you can’t see anything in the real world around you, hence hilarity and carnage ensues!) gameplay fails for a potential future PSVR2 YouTube video and this short has some BELTERS on it lmao the one with the guy balancing on the plank thinking he is up some big building absolutely gets me every time it’s soo soo good n enjoy! Now maybe this is the reason why VR isn’t so popular haha


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