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My Favorite tool hands down has to be SMT

SMT : Eve Map ToolFor null sec when you are Pvp or Pve SMT will put a red circle on the system intel posts a hostile you can visually see how close an enemy is to you and you can set an alarm if an enemy comes within 5 jumps For anyone who rats (kills Npcs) or mines to make isk in eve its the most advance tool to make sure you keep your ship safeThe best part of this Tool it will show you what systems your character is currently in (if you have multiple omegas it also shows them)

This is ace, thanks for submitting!

As a Wormholer, my number one 3rd-party tool has to be Pathfinder. https://pathfinder.eve-linknet.com/

I know it's been listed as an example in the bounty post, but I don't log in to EVE Online without having a Pathfinder tab open for each of my active characters.

In simple terms, Pathfinder is a wormhole mapping tool. It tracks your characters jumps through J-space and automatically populates a customisable map with all the systems you've been through. Not only this, but the maps are shareable amongst Corporations and Alliances or other groups depending on the access level you dictate. On the shared map , you can see the location of the other pilots and watch the map populate with the information they uncover in real time.

Any vital information you can think of, to do with wormhole space, is easily findable and shareable with your community. It also has seamless integration with a variety of other 3rd-party tools, such as zkill and Dotlan.

There are of course a few other wormhole mapping tools out there that are very good and I have spent a while working with most of them, but Pathfinder kept pulling me back. Once I made it to a decision making position in my corporation, there was no other choice of tool for me.

Without going into a detailed guide, here is a screenshot and a list of some of my top features. Excuse the relatively bare map, for opsec reasons I had to quickly create a new one!

  • Systems and pilots location at a glance

  • Vital WH system information, such as the static wormholes and the wormhole effect. For example, the pink square in J212028 tells me it's a Magnetar or the red square on J145246 indicates it's a Red Giant

  • Wormhole connection information, such as the size, the mass status or whether or not the connection is End of Life

  • You can populate a list of all the anomolies and signatures in the system and update them as you scan more down. As soon as you do, they are visible to the rest of the community.

  • All the kills recorded by zkill in that system in the last 24 hours

  • You can record the structures and their owners in the system.

  • There's a leaderboard based around map contribution

  • It autoupdates the connections to Thera, pulling information provided by Signal Cartel

  • And so much more

I can go on and on about the features of Pathfinder. It is the single most valuable tool our alliance uses and without it, we would not be able to function in the way that we do in J-space.

Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. This is super clear and well-written, and I know it's going to help people understand why Pathfinder is seen by so many as essential. Thanks for sharing!

Let me tell you about High Sec Buyback https://highsec.evebuyback.com/rushlock

One of the barriers for new players in EVE Online is getting liquid ISK to buy the next Skill Book or equipment or even their next ship. They need to sell to lowball local buy orders, or invest time in hauling their goods to a major market hub (assuming they even know about them) list items for sale, wait for them to sell, relist items that don't, you get the idea (assuming ofc they don't sell to the higher buy orders here to save time)

High Sec Buyback from Rihan and company bring all the convenience of a proper player organization buyback service, and made it publicly available to anyone in High Sec space.

Their tool even tells the user when an item is over saturated on the market, the % of value they can pay, highlighting to the user when it may be better to hold or sell that item to another order/service. They also pay OVER 90% on items with higher sale velocity, and also display this information to users!

There is even a simple tutorial video (made by myself) featured on their page, quickly showing how to use the tool.

Contracts are often cleared and paid within the hour. Fast, liquid, accessible ISK for all, especially helpful to new players!

They also have a service called NERDS (New Eden Retail Delivery Service) but we can cover that in a future post ;)

Excellent recommendation, well explained. Thanks Kenenth!


Looking for public fleets? - head here for the action!

Browse the site for a public fleet, find one that you like, fire up the client, join the fleet with likeminded individuals and have some fun!

My go-to third-party tool is a website called zKillboard.

Often referred to as zKill, the site pulls through kill / loss details from authenticated Eve Online accounts in pretty much real-time.

Each kill has it's own page. Within this page, you see the ship that's been destroyed, what was fit on the ship, and what it had in the cargo. As well as seeing the victim, you also get details about the killers too - what they were flying, what type of aggression they used etc. All of the items destroyed display their value.

On it's own, the info above would make zKill a great resource. It doesn't stop there though.

You can select every single detail within a killmail and categorise other killmails by that value. Want to see all of the kills in Jita today? Easy. Want to see all Myrmidons blown up this week? Just search for 'Myrmidon'. Want to see who was daft enough to get killed with a Large Skill Injector on board? Peek through your fingers because the info is there.

As well as displaying battle reports, zKill is great for intel too. You can get inspiration for your own fits by seeing what else people are flying. You can see whether or not there's a gate camp around by looking for recent kills. Even spy on your enemies to get intel on their fits.

I use zKill every time I'm on Eve. The sheer scale and ease of use is incredible. Every day that you use it, it tells a different story. And it's free. I couldn't imagine Eve without it.

Great shout. I second this one. zKill is an endlessly useful resource and second-to-none for battle reports

I am biased because i am the creator of the tool, but its eve2twitch!

Its a bot on twitch channels of people streaming EVE Online that allows to register your eve character name with it, and then you have to just type a quick command to display it publicly. But thats not all, it also allows the streamer to find your Ingame name if you are gone away but win the giveaway!


There's no rule against promoting your own :D It sounds useful, thanks for submitting.

aww I didnt get time to see the other users' comment :D

Space Markets is a market intel app for EVE Online that allows to identify lucrative opportunities by finding items worth buying now to sell later. It calculates historical median prices and current values for items in your chosen station, presenting you with the top picks sorted by potential profit. Can also generate charts with historical item prices and export them.


I haven't checked out Space Markets, but it's great to see new EVE tools with clean UI

As a Deputy of The Wormhole Police conducting our duty to bring justice to sacred wormhole space one wormhole at a time, I would be remiss to not choose the best tool in New Eden Tripwire . Accessible for all deputies, provided by the Chief Vinnegar Douche, Tripwire is a tool that allows us to map our patrol zones, leave observation reports for our fellow deputies, maintain a list of current residents, and much more.

Tripwire also comes with a handy auto-mapper tool that allows you to automatically map connections between wormholes for when you are in a rush and can't be bothered to individually map where every signature connects.

While it does have its concerns, sometimes acting weird with the auto-mapper, it is an indespensible tool in the WHPD arsenal.

Best use scenarios are going to result from the shared information with your entire corporation, or even alliance, as Tripwire is an amazing intel tool. It can be used to passively alert your friends to your location and how to reach you. You can scout for shortcuts to avoid Uedama and share those passively with your corporation as well. The possibilities are truly only limited by the imagination, in true EvE Online fashion.


Another excellent response, thanks Heretical. I know Tripwire is one of those "can't live without" tools, but I think you've nailed your clear explanation of exactly why it's indispensable and its best-use scenarios.

I think the echoes of applause for this at Fanfest were heard from Reykjavik to Husavik.

I frequently use Eve-Scout. It keeps a constantly updated list of all of the Thera wormhole connections to allow you to quickly and easily take shortcuts across New Eden.

If I see that there's a wormhole near Jita, I might even head over there to camp it for a while. There's always traders passing through with juicy cargo.


My favorite tool is: EVE Cookbook In the EVE universe, it is common to narrate the great battles and their colossal cost in ISK. However, a fundamental part for these events to take place is industry. I could write a complete thesis on why this game mechanic is a vital part of the development of other roles, but in this case, we are going to analyze the best tool (in my opinion) to streamline the manufacturing process in EVE.

EVE Cookbook contains all the recipes to cook chaos and destruction in the galaxy. Do you want to build a fleet to annihilate your enemies? Well, with this tool, you can calculate all the materials you will need, in what quantity, and their cost, all by simply selecting your blueprint, assigning the enhancement values, specifying the system and station where it will be manufactured, the tax (if you pay taxes in EVE too), if there is any additional value in ISK, and of course, the quantity of items you want to manufacture. Once we have all the parameters, a list will be generated with all the items we will need, the quantities, the cost in Jita, the manufacturing time, and if all this were not enough, it gives us an estimate of what we are going to earn (or lose) based on Jita prices.

But wait, there's more! If our dish involves reactions, we can also calculate it. This is very useful if you want to manufacture absolutely everything. Additionally, we can see detailed steps so as not to forget anything. And as if all this were not enough, you can invite its efficient bot to your Discord server, with which you can make your queries without using your browser.

Easy, fast, and very intuitive, the perfect cookbook to keep your companions and allies well supplied at the lowest possible cost and earning ISK in the process.

This is another awesome, super-clear, and helpful submission. Thanks a bunch!

Probably the one I se the most as a hunter is zkillboard. Allows me to check fittings form protential opponents before I take a fightm track targets and my own statisticst. It also alows you to share you kills and loses with other players outside of the game with an itemized list of the modules and other things the ship carried at teh moment of it's destruction.

You're the second person to suggest zkill - evidence of just how essential it is to EVE. Thanks for your submission!

Pyfa - The Better Ship Simulator

(at least better than the ingame one)

Ever wondered how you can defeat that one big bully ship that has been killing you every single time you fought against it? Ever asked yourself the question:**"Man, that ship looks great, but how will it do once I CAN sit in it?"**Ever wondered how a ship would look once you skilled into it properly, not just the base requirements to sit in it? Or wondered if that extra Powergrid skill will really make your fit work or if it is just entirely impossible?

Well, you can, actually.

Pyfa is a third party ship simulator that allows you to fit together different fits - like the one ingame - but apply skills to it. Either maximum skills, the ones of your character, or any skills you throw together as you want!

Pyfa allows you to simulate about anything:

How much damage will my ship do to an interceptor that is orbiting me perfectly? (spoilers you won't)

Want to know what happens if you apply a Webifier to that Interceptor? You can simulate that. Incoming remote repairs and Fleet Command Boosts? Yes. Being webified yourself? Yes. Energy Neutralized? Yes. Damage fall off? Yes, yes, yes.

It has a long feature list, and if there is a tool that makes or breaks a fleet this one is it. How else would you know that Rapid Light Missiles work really well against any frigate?


  1. It allows for anyone to build a Fleet Composition without needing to have the skills, ships and fits ready to try it out to see how they synergize with each other.

  2. You can see how a Ship will turn out before even investing your skillpoints into it.

  3. It allows you to analyze why you lost a fight after it is done by comparing how your fleet did compared to the enemy fleet if you simulate it properly.

  4. Saying "I go pyfa this fit" makes you sound like a professional (instant promotion to Supreme Skymarshal)**

This is a helpful, fun, and detailed submission. Thanks so much, I-401


It's a general intel tool, you can get tons of great information about any person or entity in New Eden. My focus right here will be on my favorite thing on evewho, the DELTAS.

"What is Delta?Delta is the theoretical estimate of how much an option's value may change given a $1 move UP or DOWN in the underlying security. The Delta values range from -1 to +1, with 0 representing an option where the premium barely moves relative to price changes in the underlying stock."

The deltas have a wider range here, but they tell an interesting story for Coalition and Alliance leaders looking to size up organizational growth of friends and foes. Enjoy. :D

Awesome, thanks for sharing this. Definitely cool to know the 'whos's whos' and the shifting influences of corps


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