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Let AI do something for you and work with it

AI isn't perfect and still does massive amounts of mistakes and this suggestion comes from my community actually who originally came up with this idea: Find a Topic you want to do, e.g. Ratting, and let AI decide what ship you use and what fit you use, resulting in maybe the most ludicrous barely-if-at-all working ship fitting resulting in a super funny and entertaining video with a simple yet fun premise.

After all, doing something as menial as Ratting shouldn't be too hard, right?

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Ratting would be a sensible choice for it. If we wanted to be mean, we could choose nullsec or wormhole PvP and then sit back and watch. Do you know anyone who has tried fitting a ship with AI?

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Bounty Idea: Post a tutorial on a piece of content you're passionate about!

Intentionally leaving the exact topic as broad as possible means that users can excercise that freedom to produce a tutorial about their favorite content! This bounty also serves to generate as many unique pieces of content as possible while engaging with the passion of the community

Rewards for this bounty could be tiered for the level of effort/quality to encourage users to create the best possible representation of their interests. It could further be divided into categories for Video Content and Text Content

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I already know Grim is gonna be making those Sleeper Site tutorials and I am all there for it. Bring on the tutorials!

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The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. It might make for a bit of a mishmash of topics in the curated article we produce afterwards, but I like the ethos of letting specialists be specialists. I've no doubt that we'd receive some super high-quality explanations

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Brother Grimoire We've decided to run your idea. If it hasn't already arrived, you'll find $15 magically appearing in your account soon. Let me know if it doesn't arrive.

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Bounty Idea:Host a Public Event in New Eden. Public fleets can be extremely rewarding, but dangerous as well. It's not like a pick up group in any other world. Host a public fleet with a slick new premise, preferably something you'd want to see regularly hosted. Host your fleet, post the results! Who knows? Maybe you could be the next Bomber's Bar. Selection based on public attendance, willingness to help intake new and old players, good vibes.

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If this were to happen, i could advertise on https://npsi.rocks/ as we have a public event type already setup!

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You both might be onto something here; it really has my gears turning. Any follow-up ideas on how you could encourage attendance and make the events a reality? The risk we run with some of the more demanding bounties is that we don't get enough submissions.

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Happy for any new or wannabe, or any existing FC to post an NPSI (not purple shoot it) fleet to our website https://npsi.rocks/

We have already setup so that 3rd party non-existing groups can post there (they just need to reach out)

With some PR on forums and so on, and by posting to the website, it is also advertised on a discord server with nearly 2k people on.

People will come!

The metrics for success would have to be hammered out beforehand.

In my eyes its about punching up and flying smart, not just flying big and bling!

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Great to know, thanks Fun Inc!

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We're ready to return to this idea, but we'd need to rely heavily on your expertise to pull it off. Are you still willing to help out on this? We could 'talk shop' on Discord if either/both of you are keen.

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Melicien Tetro - you should now have received $15 in your earnings for submitting the idea 😊

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it's a good day to log back in :D

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Call me biased, but I say it's always a good day to log back in

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To complete the triglavian ship tree. Since we have the Ikitursa, Draugur, Zarmazd and Nergal, all upgraded versions made by the empired of their original triglavian hulls I always wanted to see a triglavian command battlecruise and a Triglavian Black Ops Battle ship.

I always thpought the Drekavack could use an iupgrade similar to the draugurm being able to be a lot faster than its T1 version plus the aid of Skimishh links and the Leshak fits perfectly the profile one loonks ina whaling ship, The neuts, The repiard, the damage, the heavy armor who knows, maybe a lancer Zirnitra but that seems tooo unlikely to be seen or used. But completeing the ship tree for the Triglavian sub-capitals would be epic, and an excuse to make people hop into abyssal filaments that where not interested before.

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Interesting! And how would you decide on a bounty winner or winners?

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Alliance Ambassador Challenge

Format: In-game Event

Description: Players are challenged to strengthen diplomatic ties between different alliances in EVE Online. Participants would need to initiate and facilitate peaceful interactions, negotiations, and collaborations between alliances to achieve common goals.

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This could lead to some very cool in-game activity, but we'd need to flesh out the idea a bit. How would you decide upon a winner? And how could they prove that they'd achieved diplomatic success?

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So as with my work related to EVE Online, my first thought is accessibility and on boarding. What the JA platform may benefit from regarding Bounty ideas, is something as many users can interact with as possible.

Idea : Introduce your EVE Online character

Can be from the point of view of the player or an in-character post, give the readers background on what your start, present, and future for your time in New Eden look like. Would serve as an intro the the community here, and it it something anyone could participate in.

Format : Written, the most basic, but again looking for accessibility. Rewards : Presuming this would yield the highest number of submissions, either token out $1 to Top 50 reacted posts, or tier method it out so that Top 1, Top 5, Top 10 get weighted payouts. Both options have PRO/CONs.

Why? : When onboarding users to a new-to-them platform, it is critical to give them something they can interact with immediately. This will ease the transition of the user toward looking at other opportunities to interact.

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I think this is a brilliant idea. I know not everyone dives into roleplay, but I can't help but think everyone would at least have a little something to say about how they see their character and their journey. It also provides a nice alternative to our Introduce Yourself thread for those who are more hesitant to share personal details. Plus, once we have more members, it could be a neat place for finding good culture fits for corp recruitment and the like.

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Bounty Idea : The Eve Gate - what happens to it next? (Written / video pieces)

The Eve Gate is where New Eden all began, and it’s still

emitting radiation. But what does the future hold for it? What events or

activities could CCP introduce centred around the gate?

Could it, at some point, be activated to open up another system, or constellations?

What do you think CCP should do with the Eve Gate in it’s third decade?

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Love the lore speculation idea!

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I saw that EVE tweeted about the EVE Gate on Tuesday. Maybe we're being set up for a big Fanfest reveal. Maybe I'm just an optimist.

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A recurring "CCPlz".

When players encounter something not working quite right, or if they feel something is particularly unbalanced, they will often complain to CCP by saying "CCPlz, fix xyz"

A recurring bounty where people vent their frustrations or bemoan the lack of a certain feature in the game, can be tongue in cheek.

Text format, with supporting reasoning and any media to help get the point across.

"CCPlz add cat ears to my ship"

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I like this. We'd have to make sure it stayed civil :) But it could be a really useful measure of player priorities while also being a good space to share innovative ideas

Edit: I downgraded my emoji to fix the bug that greybill pointed out, but I'm no less enthusiastic

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civil :D But

Why is there a link to the users' page to behind the "D"? Was that intentional?

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No! This is a known bug, some random words are appearing as links in posts. Hopefully will be fixed soon!

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Streamer vs. Viewer Duels: Organize dueling sessions

where viewers can challenge the streamer to one-on-one fights. Offer a

bounty reward for any viewer who defeats the streamer in a fair duel.

This can be a fun way to engage with your audience and showcase your PvP


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Interesting! How would you recommend going about deciding the streamer and the terms of engagement?

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or Streamer fleet vs all of eve :D

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Share your best EVE Online Graphic, Billboard Ad or Propaganda

Rewards for the Bounty should be worth the time it would take to make quality graphic or video clip. Bonus is that the winner could then also consider submitting it to CCP for display on the In-Game billboards as well as receive feedback from the community here.

I feel that most EVE players are creative in such a variety of ways and some of my favorite content is the propaganda memes the Null-Sec blocks post online. It would be fun to see what everyone comes up with and the possibilities are truly endless. Will someone make an ad for Fedo's? Will someone make a bounty poster with my buddy Grim's face on it with a massive bounty? Who knows?!? But I would love to see it play out.

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You'll be pleased to hear that we have something very akin to this lined up :D

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Weekly Bounties:

KOTW, Kill of the week that you were involved in - and why.

FL4U, Funniest Lossmail for you - and why.

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You may well be seeing a very similar bounty to KOTW pop up very soon. As for FL4U, I love this idea. I had a previous project collecting EVE players' funniest stories, and they were absolutely hilarious.

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Nice! - i was thinking for the loss one, you could do this as a weekly occurence too - then at least if you lost a ship, you could apply for a bounty if there was a funny story to it!

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'FL4U: The silver linings bounty'

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Bounty Idea: Video or Written story of an exploit.

Creative ways to use game mechanics, take advantage of the social element, or generally exploit the rules of the sandbox are what makes Eve Online so unique.

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Bounty Idea

Describe your most narrow escape that saved your ship! Whether it be from the clutches of another capsuleer, or nasty NPCs. Tell us how it started and don't forget to tell how you got out of the jam in order to be able to dock your ship hull to die another day!

Format: Written

Rewards Total Pot: $20 Rewards: 2 Individual Payment: $10 End Date 1 Week After Opening

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Nice idea Reilly Reese - this could be a great topic for a future 'Storytime!' bounty

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Thanks for so many fantastic responses on this one, folks. The winners have been awarded and you can expect to see their suggestions cropping up in the schedule from next week!

We got way more creative, workable responses than we had allocated prizes, and once the first three winning ideas are done, we may use some of the other suggestions here. If we do, we'll work around the limitations of the bounty setup to get your deserved $15 into your wallets (and if we run a bounty like this again, we'll be sure to offer more prizes...)


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