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URL-shorteners behind a QR code are kind of sus - and potential security risk.

Are all the deleted replys people that have answered successfully?

They weren't deleted by us (as far as I know)!

She travelled far and she travelled to all. She answered the mapmaker's call.

Nice one :) Long time no see.

Can't wait to see you here!

I love this kind of stuff.... but I really am useless at it! - I'll let you know when the penny drops!

I realised from this post below that until the final round of stage one we could have been working on these puzzles collaboratively! So if anyone would like to talk through what the first few were and how we solved them, let me know!


Yes - if there's a walkthrough as to where we are I'd be down for trying to understand it!

OK cool, once we solve this current clue I think I'll put together a little video on all the steps so far

Kal Ikthor looks like we might have even less to go on for this one! Initial thoughts?

So initial observations -

  • the image seems to be mekhios graveyard, which is a stop along the annual gallente federation grand prix and fits with 'the race begins'

  • we can see a fragment of a QR code hidden in the right hand side of the wreckage

  • and the letters 'tra' written on the underside of the wreck

FUN INC as promised, here is the video. It's a little long, but then again, we've invested quite a lot of time in to the solutions so..... :D


I'm at a complete loss on this final puzzle! I understand from the clues given that the "tra" written on the underside of the revelation wreck and the "das" on top of the station in the previous image are important, but I can not find a way to link them in to the text "Chiv Gsecewte Dmttjsjdou ik mye Aeao Tzbeg".

I've been hunting through the earlier images to see if there are any other rogue letter combinations that we have missed but I cannot find anything.

I believe the "Might not the answers of the hour lie in yesteryear?" clue relates to finding the letters in the previous images, but yeah... no idea how to link that into the final solution!

Correct answers from Wadd Enderas, Schadsquatch and orik Kado, but we're just getting started. Everyone: what's going on here?

Update, 11/09: I’ve replaced this image with a new version that makes one particular detail more prominent; it was always there, but as far as we can see no one spotted it. Folks did notice its equivalents in the two later images, however, and deduce that they combine to unlock the final clue. Specifically, it's a cipher key. Hopefully that’ll help someone find the solution - you're just about to the stars!

Quick selfie with me and my pal!

Great job! One more step unlocked...

It's a little cloudy over here!

Remember, the best ship is Friendship!

Is this the solution to the most recent clue? I've not been able to crack this one yet

Both incorrect, I'm afraid!

So we've solved the QR code, but now im stumped by the final puzzle!

This is the Ragnarok, a Minmatar Titan, that is rocking the Blue Tiger SKIN. It looks like it is being hit by a burst projector from a citadel or other super. Guessing from the effect around it, I'd guess that it could be a sensor damp or neut from the projector

It would have been absolutely terrible if someone spent their morning learning how to calculate the MandelBrot set in Python/Jupyter with no prior knowledge!!

By the way, fractals be kinda cute, ngl 🫢

That would be terrible. By the way, what do you think that photo is?

Update, 11/09: We had a few folks stumbling at the final stage of this bounty, so just pinging the thread again to say that we've made things a bit (chuckle) easier. Click here for the latest.

We're in! Solved the cipher and the reference and have made it through to what I believe is the first private puzzle?

It was quite busy down by the Monolith! Luckily I was visiting with my good friend Kal Ikthor! Who deserves the majority of the credit (although I will gladly accept on his behalf) for the mad puzzling skills.

Posted as a reply as I was unable to post a submission. Timestamp in the chat window. Fantastic puzzle series Just About crew, very very enjoyable! Thank you!

great job guys! - well done!

Great challenge Team JA!

Thanks to @wadd for the video too - meant to say that before now - great job!

Thanks FUN INC for the feedback! I will be releasing a part 2 in the coming days to cover the remaining puzzles

Had a great time with this! Really challenging, and great team work!! Thanks JA, looking forward to the next installment!

The breakdown of the solutions to the rest of the puzzles after the first video


Rich and I have loved watching these. It's deeply satisfying to learn how you tackled the challenges.


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