EVE Online

EVE Online

There was a new Eve Online player

Who thought he could be a ship slayer

He landed in trouble

Flying into a bubble

And now he's an asteroid surveyor

there once was a pilot from rancer

who thought that he was a good dancer

he lost all of his isk

in a game of risk

and ended life an exotic dancer

I'm so happy we ran this bounty. These are gold.

there was a fedo from outer ring

who did the most strangest thing

the fedo he raged

as he was locked in a cage

but the door he did break with one ping

Limericks are addictive, right? Once my brain starts thinking of limericks, it can't think of anything else.

In Eve's universe, fierce and spite, Killboards track each relentless fight, With explosions and strife, In this virtual life, Violence reigns in this cosmic delight!

"Friday for GM Week Secret Stashes"

Tash-Murkon and Stain CCP said,

But all of Tash was dead,

Things were getting stupid,

All systems were muted,

So I went to Stain instead.

Out of 103 systems there was only 4 cans in Tash-Murkon lol

Baha this is great, but to win a prize, it will need a little edit to make it officially a limerick. Your rhymes all work, but the syllables need to match. Remember:

  • Line one (eight/nine syllables matches with line two and five)

  • Line two (eight/nine syllables, matches with line one and five)

  • Line three (five syllables, matches with line four)

  • Line four (five syllables, matches with line three)

  • Line five (eight/nine syllables, matches with lines one and two)

It's easily modifiable, please feel free to edit your post before the deadline closes later today 😁

The Raiju is a neat lil' ship I'd love to fly it quite a bit

But I am too afraid to do cause Vonhole and his daring crew

So I'm just docked and marvel it

This is very almost there, but you need to work out a few small edits. The rhymes work, but the syllables need to match:

  • Line one (eight/nine syllables rhymes with line two and five)

  • Line two (eight/nine syllables, rhymes with line one and five)

  • Line three (five syllables, rhymes with line four)

  • Line four (five syllables, rhymes with line three)

  • Line five (eight/nine syllables, rhymes with lines one and two)

You've got 30 hours. Good luck!

Well then. I hereby declare this to be the advanced version of the limerick. It shall be known as the novarick! It's from the future, where poetry has moved on beyond the counting of mere syllables.

(Sorry, can't bring myself to put more time into this. ^^)

Be with me, this not my mother tounge and poetry is even a harder challange:

A capsulel, seductive and handsome, Got wedged in a bubble-gated-transom. When she offered much isk For release, she knew be in risk That the imps were worth more than the ransom.

Stolen, adjusted, manipulated from Oliver Herford, ‘A Damsel, Seductive and Handsome’.

There was a request for poetry Which was making me angry As it should be eve related. and chat gpt will get rejected so i hum the eve melody.

Der Dischbetierer, 30.10.23

My alternative version of it the below orginial:

In EVE's cold, dark space, they pray, Another pilot met my doomsday. With lasers ablaze, like warm comfy fireplace, They're now got podded, far away.


Awesome, thanks Kane! And we appreciate you flagging how you've used AI too. You've shown your working, inserted your own creativity, and flagged it, so you definitely won't be disqualified for using it here. We'll give you some leeway because it's not your first language, but you'll need to lose a few syllables per line here:

As it should be eve related. and chat gpt will get rejected

Those should be five (or max six) syllables each.

There once was a space pop from amarr

Who liked to fly in his vargur

One day he flew lone

caspsuled his way home

concluded it was a bad ide-ar!

I have a bunch of these, but they are - let's say more colorful than is appropriate in this context. So here are a few more suitable for public consumption:

There was a young miner from Agoze

Who in belts would too often doze

When he went on an adventure

In his trusty yellow Venture

He forgot to put mods in his Lows

There was a young lady from Deven

Who flew a Slicer like heaven

Swoosh, tackle, and Pew

And her reputation rapidly grew

Faster than the ships cap, that’s for sure

A wonderful ship is the Jackdaw

Who holds more missiles than a buzz saw

It can switch from defense to sharp-shooter

Too far away for you to ever neuter

But it dies to a poorly fit Claw

As intrigued as I am by the bluer ones, these are great

In null-sec, a pirate named Jake,

Would sneak up, his foes he'd forsake.

With a ship sleek and sly,

He'd make rivals say bye,

In the darkness of space, no mistake!😮

In wormholes, a capsuleer named Flynn,

Explored cosmic realms, a daring win.

Through unknown connections,

He'd seek new dimensions,

In his ship, he'd adventure within.

The swirling silent wormhole called the lonely solo pilot wandered sat in a Heron look, they were welcome the choice of the undiscovered

Syllables: 8, 9, 5, 5, 8

I write prose, not poetry 😅

Well then you're in luck, because we've just launched this:


Also, I'm afraid that 'called' doesn't quite rhyme with 'wandered' and 'discovered'. They almost do, but you might want to try to amend this a little. I recommend the website rhymezone.com - it's a great tool.

Yeah, I saw that one. Albeit horror is all but my favorite theme, I might give it a try nonetheless.

On the other hand, in regard to the limerick...

The swirling silent wormhole called the lonely solo pilot hauled they sat in a ship with no comradeship the tempting choice of the enthralled

That's a nice tool you suggested; I also had a version involving corn chips but it didn't feel fitting XD

I like this one a lot. It's rather dark and wistful for a limerick, but it works. Better than potato chips, for sure.

A pilot who docked in Amarr Received grief cos he was Minmatar He tried to undock And got a big shock When he saw the four huge Avatar


The Deathless has tried to be scary But it's hard when your head isn't hairy He's more bald then bold And his skull is quite cold But I heard he once snogged the Loot Fairy


A pilot who was a pos-basher

Would hi-jack killmails - a gate-crasher!

But karma's quite real

And he got a bad deal

When he lost all his plex to a thrasher

A pilot who didn't learn his tech

Tried to shoot an old man in low-sec

The gate guns went boom

And he screamed in his room

As his new ship turned into a wreck

A few drinks had left me quite tipsy

Shooting guns was a little bit tricksy

I didn't realise

Through the beer-addled eyes

That I'd tried to shoot police in Dodixie

Ganking is often a hoot

Till some *%!o£ runs off with the loot

But I can't get that mad

Over stuff I never had

And I've still got the killmail to boot!

While searching for a suitable rhyme

I was ganking cos I love the crime

Then I scanned a big cargo

But was dealt an unfair blow

When my client switched off for downtime

That's it. No more.

I tried to do one about a pilot who loved to gank, but the rhymes went a bit x-rated.

Bahaha. Something like this? 'There was a pilot who loved to gank

Until he met the ultimate tank

As his plan did unravel

He bought a big paddle

And gave them a heck of a ...

Updated. No more. That's me.

You say that, and yet let's see whether your limerick-writing brain can deactivate in the next 12 hours.


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