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Oh crikey... where do I begin!?

Running NPSI Community Gateway and our discord are huge time sinks - incredibly rewarding though, so I don't bat an eyelid about the time spent doing these things - I love it.

If all that wasn't enough.... factor in the streaming on twitch twice a week, running fleets, posting to twitter, instagram, and all that whilst running a very active NPSI community and corporation, an alliance, an AT team and sorting out of game fanfest meetups and charity do's .... it doesnt leave me much wriggle room out in the real world! :D

I wouldn't change any of this btw - i get so much from this, that i wonder how i have fallen in line with such an awesome group, game, and community.

EVE is life!

Yeah, that sounds like a lot alright! Glad to hear it's all a labour of love though!

Thank you to AlexGoesTheWorld for this bounty idea!

Sometimes, when I don’t feel like logging into EVE Online, I still 'play' it in two other ways. One is through PowerBI analytics, where I delve into data mining and various calculations. The other is with Pyfa - I’m a notorious EFT warrior, so I spend a lot of time designing ships and fittings for different tasks. I often find myself engaging more in Pyfa than in the actual game. Unfortunately, with EVE's SiSi server now inaccessible, most of my theoretical fits remain untested.

I think for me, it was when running a large corporation. There was much to do when not flying through space, the sheer logistics of it all.

  1. Industry Stocks

  2. Blueprint copies needed

  3. Mineral Stocks

  4. Ship stocks of the right category

  5. Creating weekly schedules every Sunday for both PvE & PvP wings

  6. Training players who wanted to be fleet commanders

  7. Creating theory lessons and images for new players to learn

  8. Holding weekly Discord corporation meetings to get players input on how we run things

The list goes on, running a large scale corporation was always hard to do and took up a lot of peoples free time, mine included, being part of our command team was a job lol.

Hopefully the new corp management tools lighten the load for today's corp top brass

Kind of but not that much, running a large corp is very much a full time commitment, you can't be afk a lot and you have to be active otherwise directors make decisions you're not happy with which leads to conflict etc.

Thought I'd use a visual aid for this one. These days Eve is almost my full-time occupation, mostly due to the fact that I am working non-stop on the new Eve Board Game. But this week the folks at Titan Forge were away at a convention, so I had some free time. So I created this new illustration of the Khizriel based on a brand-new technique that I wanted to try.

In addition I created two new Alliance logos for other players, wrote six new posts on Eveoganda, updated my store, continued the planning for the upcoming FF4A event (which is going to be massive), and generally kept up with all the social media, Just About bounties, and promotion for all of the above.

I also found time to create an entire line of unique icons for an advertising agency, answer interview questions for someone's college course, and create a month's worth of social media graphics for one of my clients. I think I'm missing a few things, but you get the idea. :)

I love the new illustration. Feel free to post/promote the FF4A event in JA EVE!

Outside of EVE but EVE related I mainly do:

  • Writing, which takes the most of the time allocated to EVE while not in EVE. Writing is about finding the idea, thinking on it, writing it, rewriting it, changing it, polishing it, editing it.

  • Trying PowerBI and stuff and failing, thus I pick it up, work on it for a few hours, fail badly, forget about it for some time, pick it up again and repeat.

  • Maintaining the Space Library of Tales, it's an ongoing project where most of the work focuses on adding more material and formatting it.

  • Poster art, when the occasion arise which lately hadn't been much, if I have to be honest. It has a similar process to writing, but in a visual form.

Just for fun I:

  1. write a blog about Eve stuff. That includes some dabbling in artwork and propaganda as well as writing guides or pieces with opinions, the occasional video even.

  2. post on Twitter (not sure if I want to continue since it became "X" and added flaws).

Does that help me in the game? Mostly not. But what it helps with, is keeping the creative parts of me happy. And that's good enough.

My day job does not allow for as much creative room as I'd like, so being able to use Eve as an excuse is nice.

Before Eve Rookies, I had little appreciation about how much time running a community like this happens outside of the game itself.

When I'm not in game helping one of my 44 FCs (and growing), I'm generally making some sort of page for their fleets on EveRookies.com or adding new doctrines so we can point players to the fleet information.

Whenever something comes up that's worth putting on the website, I'm either making an article or a tutorial video to help the next player out.

Then of course I spend time across the socials pitching Eve Rookies to new players that are posting and looking for something to do. You don't want to know how many Discords I belong to. I feel like having a presence is starting to become a full Eve Offline job in itself.

I'm one of those people that really loves statistics. Whenever someone asks how many fleets we really pull off a month, or how many people really come along, I can tell them. Also, on Jan 1st of this year Eve Rookies started paying its FCs for fleets. So I'm usually dealing with my payroll spreadsheet.

Towards the end of last year we started to become a platform so that other groups who don't have a presence, voice or the know how to get where other known groups are, a presence. We're becoming a platform that allows other groups doing public fleets to connect with the players. So this takes hours of diplo and setting up out of game.

I've got to say, I never imagined I'd be playing a game where I'm sitting in a year end budget meeting (love my industry wing LOL). Eve really is a lifestyle.

EVE is life seems to be a running theme here. This is all very impressive, not least the 44 FCs

Youtube for me is just an extension of my Eve gameplay.

Before I started posting videos, I always felt like I played Eve differently than the average player. Not to say I was better or superior, I had successes and failures like anyone else. I wanted to watch people doing what I was doing. Exploring niche mechanics to get an edge in pvp or isk generation, asymmetric traps and social manipulation.

I decided I'd post the content I wanted to see. The videos proved popular, which encouraged me to search for new methods, new tactics, new new new. My gameplay loop was born: Exploring Eve's mechanics > theory crafting new traps/tactics/isk making method > testing the theory > sharing the results > repeat.

The channel grew, and I was accepted into the Eve Partner Programme. Suddenly my videos were able to supplement my in-game income, allowing me to explore more expensive avenues of research.

Occasionally, people will recognize me in-game, or mention me in Reddit topics such as "what Eve Youtubers do you watch?" I always find it a strange concept. In my mind, I'm not a youtuber. I make videos and post them to Youtube sure, but they are just part of my Eve experience.

I am simply an Eve player who happens to make the occasional video.

Pfya Pyfa Pyfa, little bit of excel and than more Pyfa

Either for AT or Alliance Comps or just my personal niche ship for special occasions. There is always some freedom to get little bit more out of a fitting than before.

Sometimes you get lost with a passive Rattlesnake with 6.6k effective passive shield regen on 25% omni. Before Fleet Boost but with High Nirvanas. 2,7B for the Ship and another 3,7B for the Pod.

[Rattlesnake, Full Passive Faction]
Caldari Navy Shield Power Relay
Caldari Navy Shield Power Relay
Caldari Navy Shield Power Relay
Caldari Navy Shield Power Relay
Caldari Navy Shield Power Relay
Caldari Navy Shield Power Relay
Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Thukker Large Shield Extender
Thukker Large Shield Extender
Thukker Large Shield Extender
Republic Fleet Shield Recharger
Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Pithum A-Type EM Shield Amplifier
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Heavy Energy Nosferatu II
Large Core Defense Field Purger II
Large Core Defense Field Purger II
Large Core Defense Field Purger II

Maybe you feel like is 6,62k EHP/s realy the max? Maybe with A Types and -6 Imps you get little bit more...

Want to guess the new EHP and the Price?

I tend to spend a lot of time working with spreadsheets outside of playing eve, either looking at markets or just making something new.

Discord is a huge part of EVE outside EVE for me. As mentioned by a couple of other submissions, I also run a corporation so there is an awful lot of time soent engaging with our player base and interacting in other servers to maintain diplomatic relations etc.

Other than that, Youtube to ivestigate new ideas for PVE and PVP content in game but also for inspiration for my own channel.

Most space nerd's dream, passive income! Introducing Hi Sec Buyback! https://highsec.evebuyback.com/rushlock

Basically they are Hi Sec garbagemen. Either you spend time hauling/listing/relisting items to sell, or you dump the trash off on the professionals. They haul it off, pay you up front ezpz

"But Rush! It's a scam! They take 10% or sometimes even more!!!" Slow down baddie! And prepare to learn! \o/

HSBB makes ISK off volume, not margins. Meaning, they wouldn't benefit if they were gouging people on bad rates.

First, you the user don't pay taxes using HSBB, they pay taxes when they sell items.

Next, 10% is their base rate. If they offer less than 90% for an item, it's because the sell volume of the item is low, meaning it'll send around longer.

The big news, you don't have to sell that item to them \o/. It's trash, it won't sell fast anyway, so stash it til demand goes up or til your desire to hold on to it falls.

The bigger news, they pay more than 90% for items with high sell rate. That's right! They give up margin to pass on more ISK to you, the user!

They're system gives you ALL of this info upfront, before you make contract, so you can min/max what you sell.

Save HOURS of space choice, and let the professionals do the work, so you can focus on things you are actually (maybe?) good at!

"But Rush, you get paid to promote them! You're in on it!!!"

I promoted HSBB to viewers because it was a great service, reliable, useful. AFTER that, they approached me, offering ISK as a thanks. I pull over 2 Billion ISK a month just for mentioning them on stream. Don't tell anyone (especially HSBB) but if they stopped sending ISK, I'd still promote them :D

Their page has a short vid guide (made by me) showing how to use their site. Any questions, just ping <3

This seems like a side hussle I need to get in on....

Send me a DM on Discord and I'll get you set up <3

spreadsheets and planning. Knowing how I’m going to maximise my time in game with planning.

Whether through research or commodity run planning, it means I have a clear plan of what I’ll be doing from the moment I log on.

That is… until it all goes wrong!

During my breaks from the busy world of EVE Online, I still find myself thinking about EVE!! Mastering the galaxy is a full-time job, and surely you always have some project in mind. In my case, I have three activities:

1. Being attentive to my channel's Discord.

Basically, I love paying attention to the concerns of all my subscribers who want to be on the server dedicated to sharing information and, of course, having a pleasant time while also learning from them. It's incredible the amount of information you can acquire.

2. Managing my corporation.

Being a CEO is a full-time job. Many times, even if your pilots don't need anything in particular, I find myself immersed in looking for new activities, new ways to manage resources, how to improve, how to solve a problem, in short, it is simply inevitable to have some new idea or project that you want to develop as a group.

3. Personal projects.

Surely many of us here will agree, content creators are always thinking about some new topic for a video, a livestream, a new article. We all want to stand out and improve ourselves day by day. Additionally, it's very likely that we're also thinking about undertaking a new project in the game. In my case, industry always presents some interesting challenge. At the moment, I'm working on carving out a small space in the competitive market of Fraternity, where I've really struggled to find that "something" that could represent a great business. But this is EVE, without great risk, there's no great reward.


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