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Thanks to Retro Stu for this great idea on a recent suggest-a-bounty bounty!

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Yeah, awesome idea indeed! Now I need to decide which one is less shameful =)

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This is a playlist I made that combines music that has been recommended by/reminds me of people I care about. I listen to it when I want to remind myself particularly of people I haven’t seen in a while. Wonderful playlist if I do say so myself!

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I love this playlist <3

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Some really cool classics on there!

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I have so many, (too many? No, never) playlists. Inspired by the likes of High Fidelity I'm a sucker for mixtapes and feel very lucky to have lived in an age where I've made mixtapes, CDs and playlists.

I shared this love with my Twitch community on a number of occasions, I used to have a question of the day (QotD) on streams and decided to mix it up a bit by asking people what songs never fail to cheer them up and provided a link to add them to a spotify playlist. Some people didn't have Spotify so they messaged and I added them but here's the "Mental health Monday - songs that never fail to cheer you up."

I listen to this on those days I need a bit of a lift, when I'm maybe feeling a bit disconnected from everyone and remember this was a playlist born out of community and shaking off those blues.


So this is unique playlist in a way.

We decided to create a combined playlist of different bands we have played with. So it basically groups local bands into a community. It also helps boost bands and get their music out there.. it's still in the early stages.

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mine may be a little juvenile but mine is full of early 2000s Disney channel songs from Hannah Montana, high school musical and Hilary duff. It’s a good nostalgic playlist that I think would be great for a girly drive somewhere.

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This is playlist I made 11 years ago that I've been adding to ever since. It is mainly a chilled playlist that chronicles my love affair with music over the last decade. Needs to be listened to on shuffle.

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I have so many playlist but for me Alphaville is best becaus their song FOREVER YOUNG, it's make me feel younger when I play this song

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I kinda have a mixtape idea in my library, I have a playlist that's set to show me the top 100 most played I have. Narrowing it down to something that would fit on a 60 minute cassette brings it to 22 songs. Some soundtrack, some anime, some Vocaloid. Just a set of songs that I dont mind listening to over and over again and I can snap on anytime I want some music going.

(as you'll see, I have a real soft spot for the original Resi 3 end credits music)

(and I just noticed I haven't listened to some of these in a while ... time to give the list a play!)

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Pretty sure I still have my "back in the day" mixtapes in a box somewhere! Especially the one with the radio version of My Heart Will Go On with dialogue from the movie lol.

My taste in music is so various it's crazy and I LOVE IT. I wouldn't have it any other way. I blame the various generations in my family and their musical influences. Also, I would always go right to the Movie Soundtrack section of these places called "record stores". I knew I liked the all the songs, and I got to hear a range of different tunes.

This has carried on to my playlists FOR SURE. I even keep "shuffle" on every one of them to be surprised at what song comes up next. My current mixed playlist is one I made for my daughter and I. It includes songs we love to dance to, or belt out along with, or that are simply fun energy..

Here it is:

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Some already know my love to OST music, here is a playlist i tend to use while working, it includes my favorite movies and composers

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This is over 6 hours of pure soul joy, it's like a romantic alley, where depending on a mood, sometimes making turns to meet new discoveries

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Okay, decided to share an interesting one. This is a playlist I made for my partner when we were getting to know each other. It was his idea, he also made one for me. It's called Soundtrack of my life as every song is related to an event. So we would sit there, listen to the playlists together and tell the story related to the song. Would be interesting to see what impression someone would have of me not knowing the stories just by looking at the songs. It ends before Covid when we moved in together, haven't updated it since then. Originally it was a Youtube playlist but recreated it in Spotify as quite a few of the original videos I used are not available anymore.

Mine is the one and only playlist anyone will ever need, especially if you are a Wrestling Fan! I've listened to these songs HUNDREDS of times over and over again in the Gym. Whats great about these songs is that everytime there is a new massive moment in wrestling, aka a wrestler debuts, their music becomes instantly popular in the wrestling world and you will associate it with very cool moments! Great for instant shots of adrenaline and to hit a new PR in the Gym. Many PR's have been hit in the gym for me with this playlist

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I loved watching Teen Titans on CN growing up and while Teen Titans Go! does a commendable job in keeping the kids of today entertained, sadly it does not scratch that itch the Titans left behind

Gabriel Picolo seems to have picked up the torch with his comic book series focussing more on the Teen part of the titans. His one-shot illustrations (above) show off so much character and story behind a single image without dialogue - it brings back those memories of hanging with the titans in the tower.

Teaming up with writer Kami Garcia, they have been making TPB focussing on each titan and as a part of the world building - Gabriel has released spotify playlists curated by each titan/ what he was listening to when making each TPB.

I'm open to finding new songs and tracks, so a poppy spaced themed playlist provided by Starfire hit the mould and has kept me company whilst I've been doing DIY on these sunny weekends

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So this is one of the ones on YouTube I listen to, pretty sure this link, will show the playlist

It's a mix of EDM/Dance/Pop/Epic Music etc - I listen to this one when I need to focus up and get down to business on my videos and or recordings.

Music has always been a great motivator for me. EDM especially.

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Awesome first link, but afraid it hasn't connected to the rest of the playlist so isn't currently eligible for an award. Sorry about that! Edit: This is also a regular reply rather than a bounty submission.


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