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I’m firmly in the Chappell Roan hype right now, her music is just so catchy and it’s taken over my for you page on tiktok too (not that I’m complaining in the slightest)

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Sabrina Carpenter
Somewhat out of nowhere Sabrina has burst onto the music scene and has become the queen of summer '24 with 'Espresso' and 'Please Please Please'.

Two deliciously sugery and addictive pop songs that are stuck in my head. In the height of Taylor Swift's Eras tour, Sabrina has capitalised on her opening set with these releases.

It makes me wonder whether we have another pop starlet on our hands or whether she will remain a somewhat one-hit wonder of this year


I was super late to find out about Rilo Kiley (they formed in 1998). One of my friends told me about them last month and I've been including all their stuff in my daily shuffle. Jenny Lewis is the lead singer and you may recognize her from The Wizard (arguably the best product placement movie ever).

They've got four albums that are all pretty good, with a fun surf guitar sound throughout many of the songs. Sadly, they broke up in 2013 so nothing new from them.

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Once again an amazing band I discovered because they were support band on a concert. Went to see Five Finger Death Punch and their support was Ice Nine Kills. It's not necessarily the music I would listen to in studio album form at home, but the show they put on was stunning. They play a mic of symphonic/power metal in a horror setting. I know someone here who would probably enjoy them even more than I did ;) Horror and Cats


I recently came across 2 artists. Patrick Hizon, a songwriter and producer who specialises in R&B, Soul, and Pop music, and EJEAN, a singer and musician. I found out about them through their song “Sweatshirt”, which just randomly showed up on my YouTube timeline roughly a week ago. I love how relaxing and old-school the song is, and I love how their styles complement each other. I look forward to what each of them will produce in the future.

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I was doing the school run as normal and simply put mix on and this song came on, I was hooked instantly and I think anyone who listens to this will love it.

So I'm now subscribed to them and am liking a lot of it.

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Mine is someone called Mishaal Tamer, he is an artist from Saudi Arabia, and he is just really really talented. So all of his songs are mostly in English and sometimes he does a few ad-libs in Arabic, it’s still super fun listening to him and even watching him some of his videos that he posted on Instagram and TikTok where he’s mixing the culture with the new sort of sound that I’ve not heard from people within his region come out with before. More notably as well he had a collaboration with one republic for the assassins Creed game and the song was called Mirage and that’s when I first sort of got a taste of this artist, but he is well worth the listen. I’ve linked my favourite song right now.

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Queen is Back Baby!

After leaving Blackpink, she's proved herself that she's still OUR QUEEN
The music was fresh yet so lit, with her rap its amazingly good!

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My friend has recently started uploading music with their band on spotify! I guess this blurs the line a bit with 'discovery' but they are a band I have just started listening to

They have only released one song so far but it's really good! Very punky with manchester indie-style guitar <3 they should be releasing new music soon and i'm excited to see what's next !


nice tune! he has a good one from back in the day with 50 cent too im sure!


My favorite recent find has been SOHMI! Super chilled EDM! Honestly, great music to kick back and chill to or do work with, or even out a nice jog, no idea how this hasn't become more popular! One of the joys of using SoundCloud is all the new artists you discover that never make it in to the charts, just a goldmine of talent!

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This is awesome - listening while I work. Cheers!


Awesome, enjoy! Check out her soindcloud or youtube channel, lots of longer mixes too which are great!


PS I am doing the exact same thing but I have the song on loop haha

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By Adrian Koper

I find his tracks energetic and they fit well to my video edits. He also has many no-copyright releases, so content creators - bookmark!

Here is my latest edit with his track

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Mia x Ally

I have just come across this cover and I'm loving it the duo of electric violin and bagpipes whilst playing through the fire and flames is pretty epic. I am definitely going to listen to more of their music.

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This finnish musician is just amazing, how did I.missed him before?

Also check how cute he is outside his songs :)


So mine will be an interesting one, my main music that I used to listen too was always wrestling themes and I loved downstait! They always do some of the best wrestling theme songs, for religious reasons I don't really listen to music anymore, aka anything with instruments so I can be quite limited for gym music

However I somehow have found this youtube channel that does lyrics only wrestling songs! So i listen to that in the gym, their version of Kingdom by Downstait still is an absolute banger with the instrumentals removed,

adrenaline in my soul... WILL ALWAYS get me pump up at the gym


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