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I'm covering up the song and my explanation due to a bit of a content warning on self-harm, but feel free to guess as well.

P.S. No AI, I drew it in Autodesk Sketchbook

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You didn't say what song the Bounty image is for, but I'm guessing Free Fallin' by Tom Petty lol

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Haha that would work nicely! My friends and I managed to empty an alpine bar with our karaoke rendition of that a few years ago. I wasn't thinking of any specific song though, just wanted a picture that contained some motion.

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That could be a cool music bounty actually, kind of a reverse of this one: a Rorschach test. “Look at this image and say what song it reminds you of and why”

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I immediately heard "it's a beautiful morn-in'" in my head

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I say this with irony, but in the moment of this being taken, we had just made it to the finals…

‘It’s coming home’

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Its from our Diva aswell, might be easy ;)
The song itself talk about shedding ego ;)

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Not the greatest image as using a trackpad isn't the greatest, but I tried to make do - hint: It's a soundtrack from BF1 (One of the best soundtracks to ever be made too!)

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The song I’ve picked is OUTERSPACE by 5 Seconds of Summer. And the image is the band in space - I decided to take the literal approach with this and have the members floating with a soft glow around them to mimic weightlessness.


Rivendell by Howard Shore – Technically a score to a soundtrack.

For the Lord Of The Rings it’s a song that might often come to mind for at least this.

May It Be by Enya would be the second one I would also attach to this as well.

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Excellent! More Lego bounty entries!

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My media is photography, meet the northern Cycrus evening farewell, together with Kimi o Nosete Ru's Piano Cover

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Gosh, this is lovely. What a picture.

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Thanks, i got actually a timelapse of it )

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This my submission, y'all probably already know what song this is

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I don't take responsibility for the damage my horrible drawing skills cause to anyone's sanity :D


I chose this image as I feel it quite cleverly represents the unlying message of Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Their song describes the American Dream and what people expect it to bring for them - fame, fortune and popularity but actually what that dream really leads to is failure and disillusionment.

I think the image of the broken star on the walk of fame really speaks true to how much people are willing to sacrifice and give to achieve this pipedream, and how it actually turns out.

It's such a great song and when you listen to it carefully, it really highlights the pain and the dirty side to what people are aiming to achieve.

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Thanks everyone for some fantastic pictures and submissions on this one! Somewhat to our surprise we received more good entries for the $6 tier than we had rewards, so, based on our usual metrics of upvotes and consensus assessment of submission quality and effort displayed, we've had to award some of them from the $3 tier. Sorry about that; we'll consider offering more high-tier rewards if we repeat this format in future.


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