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This is an easy one for me, its the very first time I ever beat the elite 4 in pokemon blue (my first game).

After so many defeats I finaly had my winning run. my team were brused, tired but all were full health and status free thanks to me stocking up on full restores and other items.

Lance however.....*takes long drag* that SoB.

His fight was so tough, most of my pokemon were ko'd and had little pp left by the time I got to his final and strongest, Dragonite.

So I revived and faught on untill everyone of my teams moves were out of pp. That was it, all was lost...but wait...if a pokemon has no pp left they can "struggle" which is when you do a weak attack and take recoil damage.

So I quite litterally struggled through this fight, getting a hit then reviving another party member before my current pokemon fainted. My child sized heart had never beat so hard!

And finally, after hours of battle, and a forced break by my mum for dinner, Dragonite fainted.

I remember jumping out of the chair and yelling! When the pictures of my team scrolled accross the screen I remember almost crying with pride for them.

I dont remember all the party members however I will always remember Blastoise, my first starter, squirtle, my boy.

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Honestly I have so many amazing memories with the Pokémon franchise. I have been a fan since I was very small and my love has never died. I can even say that it has altered where I am in life now. From my love of Pokemon, I found a Nintendo group in my city, which led me to find a whole network of communities across the UK, which led me to finding my current partner and moving away from Wales and now I am in England.

I have hosted many Pokemon events and even attended the European International Champsionships in London twice, visited the Pokemon Center and met a whole community of amazing people who all love the franchise as much as me.

So honestly, the answer to the question is probably the first time little me sat down and watched the first episode of the anime which led me to getting my first GameBoy and Pokemon Blue. That is what started this all off for me.



Mine is when I went to watch the original Pokemon movie for my birthday. It was out a few weeks after but I had pleaded to go to see it with my friends at the time (I was 7).

I remember being in the cinema and excitement of finally getting to see pokemon on the big screen with a few friends and thinking life couldn't be any better.

I absolutely loved it and was whispering to my friend in the car afterwards about if he liked it and he nodded with wide eyes, in solid agreement.

Little did I know when I spoke to him in school on the Monday, he hadn't said he liked it but he thought I had said it was sh*t and was nodding in agreement 😂

Looking back now, it really wasn't the most amazing of movies but the euphoria of seeing it in the cinema made it seem like the best thing ever. Now I'm probably a bit more in agreement with my friends thoughts lol

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I have so many memories about Pokemon but a VERY special one for me is the first time I met Veronica Taylor at a convention. I was about to go to university, studying film and television and she happened to be attending a small comic con in my home county, which really surprised me so I went to meet her and we had such a lovely chat; because it was such a small con so I had plenty of time to hang with her. I told her about the things I was interested in doing, about my love of Pokemon and just so many other random things. She was so sweet and made the meet so much more personable than any other guest I've met at a con before.

After the event itself we connected on social media and continued talking about things and she'd support my studies and my work. I'd meet her a few other times at conventions after I'd graduated as well and over time, I started doing voiceacting work and hosting at comic cons too and we just became friends through all of that. I've now known her for 11 years and we've been to countless events together. She's a dear friend as well as a mentor and inspiration. It's a genuine honour to be friends with my childhood hero and I will forever be thankful for that.

Here's just a few of the many times we've crossed paths at events.

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I think for me it would have to be when my dad brought me to buy Pokemon Red. I still remember being so excited on the escalator making my way upstairs to the game shop. I have a vivid memory of picking out Red in the glass counter and playing it on the drive home. I called my Charmander 'Smasher' in a move that would spawn a tradition where I would go on to name all my starters names that rhymed with it (Masher, Crasher etc).

I really sucked at that game, it's funny too look back at the stupid things I did. I thought that by using the pokemon center I was buffing my pokemon, so I probably spoke to the nurse x50 times in a row before I decided to move on...

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The jump from Pokemon Blue to Gold was incredible. New pokemon, new region, not only a day and night cycle but also done by week as well absolutely blew my mind when it came out. But after doing the Johto Elite 4 and discovering you could go back to Kanto and challenge the gym leaders there (including Red atop Mt Silver). It was like a whole new game and that the Johto area was just a warm up.

So this is why the photo at the top of the player character riding the Magnet Train is my favourite. It was like me going back to my home town after a long stay away (university, job, travelling etc.) and then returning to see how things had changed and how things had stayed the same. It's a feeling I relish even as an adult when I come back to visit my parents and I see the city I grew up in change every time I visit


I have a lot of fond memories of Pokémon, both from the games and anime. But if I had to pick one memory to choose from, it would be receiving my first ever Pokémon game, which was Pokémon Platinum. I Believe I obtained it sometime after getting a DS Lite for my birthday. I can recall at least 3 Pokémon that were always on my team during my first play-through, which were Infernape, Staraptor, and Golduck. I always have fun whenever I go back and replay it as I never get tired of it.

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It was 2016 when we first installed Pokémon Go and decided to launch it in AR mode at home. To our surprise, we discovered a Rattata living in our bedroom! Our 5-year-old daughter was thrilled to catch it. We then scanned the entire house for more Pokémon before heading outside for a real-life hunt.

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This might be a bit of a boring story because in my childhood there was one moment that I'll never forget, which was when I first met Pokémon Eevee. I still remember how I sat in front of the television, wide-eyed watching the adventures of the Pokémon on the screen.

Eevee appeared in all its glory. Its fur was soft and shiny, its eyes full of curiosity. I was instantly smitten. Every time Eevee appeared on the screen, I couldn't stop smiling. She was my favorite Pokémon.

I imagined what it would be like to have Eevee as a friend. I wanted to go on adventures with her, explore the forest, find other Pokémon, and face challenges together. Eevee was always adorable, especially when she was playing with fallen leaves or chasing butterflies.

One day there was a Pokémon Go game and it allowed me to meet Eevee in the real world through my smartphone. We both walked here and there to find stronger pokemon. I felt so happy.

Time passed, but those memories live on in my mind. Eevee has always been a special Pokémon to me. Even now, when I'm an adult, I still like to rewatch Pokémon episodes from my childhood and play Pokémon Go to meet Eevee and conquer the many Pokémon that pop up everywhere. And every time Eevee appears, I smile, remembering how cute and adorable she used to be.

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This one is probably going to sound super "new", it would be when I completed my first ever Pokemon game! Now, I didn't grow up playing this game, I didn't have Nintendo in my how (way too poor), so my first game was Pokemon Scarlett and Violet, my husband is a massive Pokemon fan and so are all of his friends, and on release day they all had a gaming session and from then on were discord chats of them simply playing the game together. I did try and play the first day it was released but I really couldn't get into it! but after feeling left out I decided to give the game another go, mind you, I had no idea abot the different Pokemon types and how to defeat them so I had my husband's friends all guide me through the battles. the one thing I knew for sure was u wanted my team full of Eevee-lutions (it's the cutest!).

Completing the game, I was on my way to a comic con in Telford and it was during the car ride I finished the game, I head Celestial from Ed Sheeran which was such a good tune to have ended the game, and honestly felt super emotional!


Oh can we please make this a bounty every week!! I love reading people's pokemon memories. I've been addicted since pokemon yellow in the late 90's/early 2000s

Mine would have to be the crazy elite 4 battle against cynthia, it was 2007 in August at like 3 in the morning, I had no revives or potions through my first run through the elite 4. I KEPT LOSING TO MILOTIC. I finally had another good bout of luck with the RNG and was better in this battle compared to the others. My favourite pokemon Manaphy was left against Milotic, I was running out of water pulses, my only attacking move left. THE LAST WATER PULSE I CONFUSED MILOTIC, it hit itself in confusion 3 times in a row and I won the battle, couldn't believe it.


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So I was 10 years old when Pokemon was out, I am not sure as to the exact year I "discovered" Pokemon only that I fell in love with it instantly. I must have been around 13 though as I was living in a small village when I started collecting the cards and the binders.

My memories of early Pokemon were four of us using our pocket money to get the bus into the city and go to a toy shop called "The Entertainer" to buy our Pokemon packs and then going back to one of our houses, getting our current collections out and then checking if we had new ones or old ones or doubles and then getting into heated discussions as to trade them with each other for cards we didn't have.

When we had sleepovers on Friday nights after school we used to wake up early to watch the three-hour Pokemon special on I think, it was Nickelodeon. We used to sit there in our Pj's as a group and my brother as well, watched Ash pound people and we'd cheer etc, mum used to make us bacon baps as well for breakfast.

We used to take our cards into school to trade with others but the schools quickly banned them because it caused fights because people used to actually get so mad about card trading they would punch each other :(

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Getting Pokemon Blue for my 13th birthday.

We'd been reading about the hot new RPG from Japan in games magazines for months, but only really after the US release (1998). The UK didn't get the game until almost a year later (unthinkable these days). We saw little screenshots of this relatively hefty RPG (by Gameboy standards), with great character designs, and a pretty unique catch-em-and-battle-em mechanic. Those little nuggets were enough to drive the anctipation for the UK release, which was just a few months before my birthday. When it came around, it absolutely lived up to the hype - I played it for months, perfected a team of 6, and did battling and trading with whoever I could convince to do so. That was the starting point of a Pokemon obsession that lasted several years (and died off from Gen 3/4).


for me it has to be 2016 with the launch of Pokemon go, it was a beautiful summer too, everyone was outside, happy, catching Pokemon!

There really was nothing like it, it was an absolute phenomenon, I remember going out on my lunch break from work, buzzing to catch some Pokemon, making eyes with other people doing the exact same thing and smiling at each other.

Then later on taking part in big raids with randoms in the street, it really was a special moment, as the game harked backed to the 90's when there was many pop culture moments, now this was a pop culture-esque moment in 2016 as pretty much everyone got involved, Pokemon fan or not.

It genuinely felt like the closest thing to world peace, that how powerful Pokemon go was! I also remember seeing clips on the news of mad rushes of people at all hours of the day racing towards the location where a rare Pokemon had spawned in! Honestly, you had to be there, it was AMAZING!

Gotta Catch Em All!

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One thing that I always remember was as a kid the excitement of watching new Pokémon episodes of the very first season I used to get up early on a Saturday morning to watch them on TV, I still watch Pokémon to this day I just don't have to get up really early to do that now thankfully.


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