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Always and forever will be the King.. Roger Federer. Pure class and elegance! Absolute legend.


It's still Rafael Nadal for me. And will always be. Nadal has fire and soul in his game. He plays tennis like no other. You can feel the thrill and excitement. He was responsible for making me a big tennis fan. When he retires, I will probably be watching tennis sparingly.


John McInroe!

Controversial, passionate and not afraid to throw a tennis racket or 2! The guy is clearly a nice man just with some significant anger issues, but this is what made him so fascinating to watch.

His outbursts aimed at umpires were legendary and I think his tennis ability combined with his personality made him a truly unique sporting character who im sure will be long remembered.

Sincer retirement, he has also provided great tennis analysis and punditry during many a tennis tournament.

And I love how he embraced his inner rage in the move ‘Anger Management’, too. Poking fun at his own anger issues shows he has a good sense of humour.

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I love that he does the voice over in Never Have I Ever too haha


Mansour Bahrami

i remember watching this guy as a kid and he was so entertaining. always joking with the crowd and performing tricks to win points. genuinely a skillful player. And had everyone in fits of laughter.

he always wound up doubles players but the all loved him

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Emma Raducanu

New upcomer and British darling Emma Raducanu has taken over the british tabloids during Andy's career sunset years. Emma wow'd the nation with her performance in Wimbledon 2021. She has been on the radar since and is an inspiration to young sportswomen and athletes.

Recently she had suffered injury and retirement from the game due to it which can be career ending for sportspeople. But she is getting back to form this year with again great performances in Open Tournaments and Wimbledon (although sadly she didn't reach the same heights as in 2021)


great athlete love her

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Okay, so I wouldn’t say the most favourite but in another sense he might be because of how chaotic he is hahah

Nick Kyrgios, he’s had so many moments during his matches where he completely loses his rag and gets angry and sometimes be disrespectful, but it’s really frustrating about all of that is that he is so so talented and he’s so good at what he does.

So it’s really difficult to hate him because he plays the game of tennis so well. there are numerous YouTube videos where it’s essentially a compilation of him getting angry or being funny on the tennis court which I thought was hilarious, the guy is young and he’s got so much left to achieve and I’m hoping the older he gets the more respectful he’ll become but I’m unsure about that.

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Whilst I catch the odd tennis match here and there, for me it's always been Andy Murray, I think a lot of it stems from the fact that he is the only Tennis player I have seen live at Wimbledon, but also his documentary really made me quite emotional after watching it.

Of course, he also has a very distinguished career, he is now Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE.

His skill at Tennis is really quite remarkable and he is seen to be a genuinely nice person as well.

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My favourite tennis player of all time is Maria Sharapova. Known for her stunning looks and skilful play.

Sharapova brought immense attention to the sport (including myself). Her winner's titles, coupled with her charisma and style, have made her a global icon or symbol of tennis for nearly 2 decades.

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Whilst I was growing up and still had more of an interest in tennis my favourite was always the British number one at the time, Tim Henman. He was a great player who had been the best British player we had in many years it's just a shame he never really achieved more.

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I’m not the biggest tennis watcher but I’ve got to say Serena Williams because she is such an inspiration in and out of the sport 🙌 she has done so much with her career and is still killing it going forward 🥰


For me it has to be Andy Murray, The British (scottish when he loses lol) tennis player had an absolutely incredible sporting tennis moment I watched live when he won wimbledon in 2013 against Novak Djokovic, I remember being in a hotel and watching this on a tiny TV and the final game was soo dramatic, he faced a couple of break points but he won them all, so tense when there was about 3 or 4 championship points! my heart was absolutely racing, the dramatic back and forth made the game so much better and It inspired my actually to pick up a tennis racket and I played tennis for many years throughout the summer because of this moment. Looking back it actually inspired my a lot as Tennis is one of my favourite sports to play

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My favourite tennis player of all time has to be Serena Williams! 23 Grand Slams in her career and many Wimbledon wins, but it's her losses that show how passionate she is about the sport and how well she bounces back, having won against her sister as well as lost to her in the Wimbledon finals as well as played and won alongside her in doubles finals too.

Everything she does feels like she puts all her energy and effort into it and her strength, athleticism, heart and personality are inspiring to any tennis fan, regardless of gender or age!


My favourite tennis player of all time is Anna Kornikova! Legit had never had any interest or watched tennis until she appeared on the scene , blew up and got her own video game which is when I found out about her and tennis!

This was back in like 99/00 when games didn’t need to be ground breaking they just had to be fun and this game was, especially cuz you could pick it up for cheap!

She never won a singles title but she reached No. 8 in the world in 2000 which isn’t bad! Dare I say it she was possibly way more popular than a lot of the better players back then which was good for brining new viewers to the sport! Also she achieved more success playing doubles, where she was at times the world no1 with her teammate who I can’t Remeber her name, I think it was martina somone?

Anyways she retired early after some bad injuries which possibly stoped her reaching even greater heights in the tennis world! But who cares right when you have your own videogame from Namco!? 😜


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