Video Games

Video Games

brilliant article and lots to be excited for as a gamer in 2024!

Awesome, and trust me, imma be vampiring the shit out of this game xD

Another epic year for gamers. I don't know how I'm going to keep up!

Same 😂 still got games from 2023 to play. Seriously thinking to start buying lottery tickets so I can retire and play games.

Now there's a tempting idea!

I've seen Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's UI in footage since I wrote that entry, and I'm now a little less hopeful, sadly. Otherwise, great article!

Thanks Damien. I also watched some gameplay footage that burst my Suicide Squad bubble a bit, but maybe they can still pull it out of the bag.

Since I play on PC, I'm at least hoping for a scalable UI or mods that can fix it.

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