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Not my submission (as I don't own the game) but gotta give a shout out to the more bizarre (what were they thinking?) box art to Phalanx

Can anyone guess what sort of game this is?


an early guitar hero in space? lmao, thats my guess

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talking about art in video games I was remember the cover of FARCRY5. because the cover is similar to Leonardo Da Vinci Masterpiece namely The Last Supper. that's the reason I choose it

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of course is it still my fav hueheheh

in this poster Price is baddas


I chose the Dragon Age box art because I've always liked the art with the focus of the hero in the silhouette of the dragon. It's also one of my favorite games and one that I actually have the case with the cover. I would have taken a picture of my case if I didn't have to dig through a bunch of boxes to find it.


I love the Lego Star Wars games. I willingly paid the extra $10 for the box art on this one. The clear sleeve sliding up removing Vader's helmet is the best box art for me.


that is a cracker! thanks for sharing

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I like Tomb Raider games, especially Tomb Raider 2013, Lara Croft on this poster is really cool, it makes me interested to playing it.

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you have to admit a hedgehog with a gun is pretty cool

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It's very hard to pick only one image. I went and looked at the games on my shelf but I decided to go with a a really old game that I haven't actually played myself.

I present to you, the 1986 NES game Gradius:

This is a high quality-rework of the original cover (link below) and every science-fiction fan has to agree that this is just plain awesome. The game itself is just a scrolling shooter and a lot of video games back then were 50% powered by your imagination.

Even though current Konami is making some questionable decisions, old Konami games and their art were simply beautiful.

You can see the original cover on database websites such as:

Image credit: Official high quality poster sold online, for example on ebay:


this game is awesome but TOUGH

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I haven't played it myself but I know games from that era can be brutal, so I believe you.


I've got a couple that stand out to me!

Some boxart is quite vague other than giving a general sense of the genre a game may be. Borderlands gives an instant impression of the craziness that is coming. Quite a graphic piece of art with the symbolising of a gun to the head but the Psycho and the images within the metaphorical blood patter show the vehicular mayhem to come. It's stands out and is very unique.

My second is the original Castlevania.

It's a striking and bright artwork for an otherwise dark game, with the art itself showing you the path you will take to the castle and sinister enemies ahead!

2 great games with very memorable boxart.

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In the early days Final Fantasy box art was just the logo on a white background, but in recent years there were some amazing artworks printed on deluxe and collectors editions. One of my favourite ones is FFXV. It doesn't make much sense without knowing the game's story, but once you played through the game, you will never look at the cover the same way again.

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I love the Until Dawn box art so much, I made an edit of my cosplay with part of it. This game will always be one of my favourites for so many reasons

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I thought about posting this one. Love the style of the hourglass.

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It’s gorgeous isn’t it?!?

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I have a whole shelf filled with boxes and items from various game collector's editions, but my favorite is the World of Warcraft expansion collector's editions. What I love about them is that, over the years, they haven't changed the form factor or core idea, allowing me to stack them neatly together. They have a 'magical' book style, with being distinct yet looking like part of the same collection. Each cover is adorned with elements and themes that represent the expansion it contains.

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No More Heroes 3 - PS4 (2022)

I absolutely love this franchise and was super stoked to see that it had left the exclusivity of the Switch. The Switch cover art, whilst striking, was not to my taste. Travis head to head with the main antagonist Fuu drawn in an American comic book style may fit with the modern themes of superheroes, was a little too generic looking for the bombastic NMH style.

This new cover art is a lot better. Might be because my taste in art skews towards anime/manga rather than american comics and cartoons. Contrasting this art with NMH 1 and 2, there are a lot more characters. And that's because throughout the series - Travis's entourage grows. No longer a lonely otaku looking to prove himself, he is now a mentor, friend, and legend so of-course he is surrounded by other assassins.
Lastly I love the silhouette of his ranked opponents in the sky. Like the looming threat to the earth and the other worldly nature of the Galactic Assassination league.
This cover art was hype when it was released and I would have jumped at the chance to get this blown up as a print

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Art-wise, it's quite simple, but there is something catchy in these faces. You can clearly see that the game is about evil, but at the same time, you also understand that this is a video game.

These boxes have moved through my life for more than 20 years, and I keep them visible. They are great nostalgia discussion starters when I have guests at my place.


I miss the big cardboard PC boxes!

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This game was THE best, the cover was badass, the game was badass, you had a badass time playing the game with the badass cover and you felt like a badass playing these badass clones. Badass.

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I remember having a mini argument with my husband about this but now look how handy it became!! When Pokémon sword & shield came out, the tradition my husband had was to go out and buy a physical copy. When we went to get it, they had a limited edition steelbook case for an extra £1! And of course we grabbed it!

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So this is the rare Perfect Dark box set, it was actually only available at certain live events, I did not get to own one as I had the original box art but this one was very hard to find and at the time (not sure on price now) was worth three times as much as the game itself.

This is the only image I can find which shows it perfectly


Lollipop chainsaw is my pick as it just screams a wild, crazy fun time! I mean look at it, Juliet just standing there standing there with a dudes head on her waist, a chainsaw on her shoulder and a cheeky grin whilst she has a lollipop!?

Now I had to pick up this physical copy for my collection as it’s just so awesome and unfortunately is not backwards compatible so I got it to play on my Xbox 360 but there is a remaster coming out this year so hopefully that has some awesome box art too for the physical editions, but unfortunately it releases first as digital only - BOOO! The RePop edition as it is know will be available on all platforms later or this year!


Ps there is a really expensive special editions which has even cooler brighter artwork! Maybe if I win a few bounty’s I will need to track it down lol

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Here's my copy of FF7 Rebirth. 2 steelbook cases from the deluxe edition , the one on the right is my personal favourite


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