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Hi guys!

I'm Ross. I'm a graphic designer based in London, specialising in brand identity and merchandise design. I've been around twitch for well over a decade now (yes I'm old enough to remember and it's my primary platform for content creation and consumption. I also watch a lot of youtube videos and love scrolling through gaming shorts, so I look forward to seeing lots of yours!

I've not streamed in a while due to work commitments, but when I do go live you'll find me playing a variety of games from League of Legends, Oldschool Runescape, Baldurs Gate 3, Pokemon and on the rare occasion, some of my design work.

I primarily focus my efforts now on helping grow the brands of streamers and content creators I enjoy through engaging branding, stream overlays, info panels, youtube thumbnails and more recently, informative media kits for those looking to reach out to sponsors. (A few examples of my work below.)

I look forward to meeting everyone over the coming weeks and hopefully i'll be able to hang out in some twitch chats and subscribe to some youtube channels! :)

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The T-Shirts and Graphic Design looks very professional. Nicely done 👍

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Hey Everyone. My Name is Seán and I am from Ireland. I am passionate about Video games, Comic books, Music, DnD, and content creation. Especially in the video editing field. But Also do a bit of Streaming. Love talking to people also working to get two podcast of the ground. My goal is to get better and make stuff I'm proud of. I look forward to getting to knowing you all.



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Hi everyone :)

I'm Lanah from Hungary, but been living in the UK for almost 10 years now. I've studied Multimedia Development and wanted to record and edit ingame videos, but was told by my parents that's not a job....

I didn't think about it anymore for a long time, until the pandemic hit and during lockdown I got back to gaming actively, and as I watched all the content creators it slowly hit me that this is what I wanted to do all those years ago. Now how to get started while having a full-time job?

In the last couple of years I was streaming 48-man raids I was organizing and leading in Final Fantasy XIV (Delubrum Reginae Savage for those of you who know the game). Since there are too many Discord communities now doing such runs, my slow teaching rather than carrying runs are not popular enough to get people for them, so I'm looking for other content to stream where I can provide some useful ideas for players new to the game.

Beside a full-time job it's hard to stream on a regular schedule (especially with my partner sitting right next to me when we play) so I put more time into making guide videos for Youtube as this is more manageable and comfortable with my time and gaming setup.

And since I spend an awful lot of time in photo mode, I also have an Instagram channel for my screenshots.

And Twitter to post random thoughts and chat with the FFXIV community.


Awesome stuff! Are you excited for the New FF7 to come out? it looks fantastic!

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Yes! The graphics look amazing, and I'm excited to see if the story will change at all. Anyway we are getting some nice amount of Zack gametime by the looks of it, so I'm happy :D


brilliant! It does look spectacular!


Hey fam! Nice to e-meet you all! I am late to the game replying here but its been a busy few days! I really need to get the app for this on my phone or something (is that even a thing?)

My name is Murray, I'm a Scottish Gaming digital content creator based in the UK mostly focusing on my YouTube Channels, one which focuses on Xbox (Gamerz WRLD) with some other stuff sprinkled on top and one that's purely focused on PlayStation (Pure PSX)! (Maybe someday I can complete the trinity and get a Nintendo one up and running, maybe with switch 2? who knows). My aim is to help gamers get the most out of there consoles whether that be via hints and tips, hardware or best games to play and most importantly having fun!

I've been on YouTube since 2016 and its been a heck of a journey, learning every step of the way as content creation was completely new to me but something i wanted to try (looking up to all my fav YouTubers at the time) and then I got hooked and went all in, still learning each day, still trying to be a better creator each day and still trying to build a fantastic community each day around my passion for gaming!

I also dabble in streaming when time allows and post on other platforms which your welcome to check out in the link to my beacons page which lists most of my socials(I'll add it here). This year hasn't been the best content creation wise for me due to a lot of challenges in my personal life, but I've been regrouping to go again and have a strong finish to the year and start 2024 on the front foot, after all this game is a marathon not a sprint!

Love chatting all things content creation and happy to help others on the journey where I can!

Social links -

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Ahoy! This salty seadog is named Brother Grimoire! I run a pirate themed stream and primarily stream EVE Online.

You can find me primarily on Twitch, but I also have all those other wonderful social medias as well! I typically stream Tuesdays and Thursdays, but you'll find me streaming other days depending on the situation!

Come swing by and check out the stream!

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I have raid on Tuesday but will check out the stream on a Thursday for sure. I have a pirate themed FC in FFXIV. If you can be anything, be a pirate, yarrrr!


awesome I was lurking in one of your streams there and DAMN, I have never played EVE but it looks one heck of a game! very complex! Keep up the great work!

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Hey everyone!

I'm HaiAlexx (He/They), I'm a Queer Asian Trans man from Sydney, Australia! I've been streaming since September 2021 on Twitch which is currently our main platform when it comes to creating content, however we're going to be expanding over to YouTube in the new year. I really enjoy playing a variety of games, however I do like to focus on games that have a strong narrative and are choice based like Detroit Become Human, Tell me why, Life is strange etc.

You can catch me live over at:'re live 3-4 times a week usually it's Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and sometimes a Sunday for a cheeky bonus stream. Usually I stream when it's my evening currently AEDT for us Aussie cause of daylight savings time, but early morning for Americans and I think mid morning for my Europeans (I could be wrong, timezones are annoying at times haha), but we're also on Twitter:

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I LOVED life is strange. Got increasingly anxious every time I saw those butterflies in the corner but damn, it was good. Welcome!

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yeh I am usually catching my AUS friends either late night or early-ish morning, Timezones can suck for that ! Hopefully I can get a chance to check your streams out and good luck with the Youtube venture.

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My name is FirestormCarnage aka Matt, I am a Senior IT Engineer for a multi-national company. I run a team of 12 people. I'm from the southwest of England, I'm a father of 7 and a husband, been with my wife for 18 years. But YouTube is my passion :)

I head up the Eve Online Tutorials YouTube channel for the team, we mostly focus on Eve Online tutorials and gameplay videos. We pride ourselves on quality content and tutorials.

I also have my own channel on YouTube under the name FirestormCarnage which is pure Minecraft content, this covers modded, normal, vanilla, builds, tutorials etc

Great to be here :)

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Welcome! It's been great to see you getting so stuck in around JA. We're glad to have you!

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Thank you very much :) Merry Christmas

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I'm GameofBeardz, (real name is Jesse) and I am an Australian Streamer (Melbourne) on twitch! I used to stream 3-4 times a week, but then I had a child. Now I stream 2 days a week - Terror Tuesdays where I hook up my heart monitor, plays scary games and have chat do scare donos on top of it all. Chat likes to see who can get the highest score with my heart rate. I also stream Thursdays which is a bit of everything from Dead by Daylight, to Overwatch, to Valorant to whatever it is we're feeling!

I can be found here >

We like to hang out, chill, and most importantly have a laugh!

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Welcome GameofBeardz! Which scary game currently tops the heart rate monitor?

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Currently Resident Evil 7! There was a moment where I was stuck in a pit with bugs everywhere (I’m terrified of bugs, moths in particular) and scare donos on top. Heart rate reached 186. 😂

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Moths are the WORST! I swear they will just fly headlong right into your face. That’s the one insect I have an irrational flail-response to.

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Hi folks!

I'm Stu and I'm kind of a try anything kind of content creator really! I started off on Twitch ( same as a lot of people because of the pandemic. I'd just moved 100 miles from my hometown, had recently become self employed and then the pandemic started! So I took to Twitch to make content but more importantly try and make some friends and connect with people along the way.

That just helped inspire me to do more with my t-shirt designs , custom games consoles, ridiculously bad comics and reigniting my passion for music making which is what my degree is in!

Being able to share all those passionate efforts with a community has been incredible.

Stream wise I do 99% indie game content including Hades speedruns, a podcast where we travel back in time with a guest to a specific year and they are allowed to bring back one movie, video game, tv show, cartoon and toy from the year we end up in! If you're interested in seeing more of what I make in terms of t-shirts and things you can head over to

Just a word on my custom consoles - I hate waste, I hate people throwing stuff out just because it's damaged so I've rescued a lot of very damaged Game Cubes, N64s etc. and given them a new lease of life! Here's some pics!

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Welcome Retro Stu! It's so great to have you here. Love the glow on those heroes in a cube-shell!

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Oh those consoles look absolutely amazing! Seen quite a few Youtube videos where people repair damaged consoles and it's so nice to see them working a loved again.


aww dude im loving the retro consoles! great work! i find myself watchnig more and more retro content on youtube, gonna need to start my upping my collection haha will drop a follwo on twitch too hopefully catch you live soon!

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I'm Laura (Lj94games). I started streaming just over 3 years ago now after some friends pressured me to at least try it. I never wanted to but I succombed to their demands and gave it a shot; here I am over 3 years later.

Now, I love nothing more than pressing that "go live" button and sharing games with my community, people who have been with me from the start, alongside people who I met along the way but no matter when I met them during this journey, they have gotten me through some really dark times and supported me through two huge losses I experienced at the end of 2022, it sounds over dramatic, but without them I know for a fact I wouldn't be who I am today. I don't find myself particularly entertaining so it baffles me that these folks spend so much time hanging out, investing their time into me. I'm a real introvert and not the most outgoing or sociable person so on paper streaming is such an odd choice for me but somehow we make it work.

In the last few years, I've played some of the most incredible games of my life and truly realised how much I love gaming. Some of my favourites have been: The Witcher 3 (the game was great, Gwent is better), Death Stranding (I hated it initially, but then I fell in love), Hades and finally, almost all the FromSoft games. At the moment, I've discovered a newfound love for the turn-based genre and I'm currently adventuring through Baldurs Gate 3. I've just started act 2 so if you ever want to laugh at me making awful discussions, missing my shots and trying to make Karlach love me; then feel free to join us!

I multi-stream to both Twitch and YouTube and I'm particularly trying to build up my YouTube channel to diversify my content. This year I have set a few goals for myself and one of them includes wanting to be more consistent with making YouTube videos and investing some real time into it all.

What else do you need to know about me as a streamer? Well... I swear a lot, I go off on a lot of tangents, we often forget that it's a gaming stream as we get into great discussions and I love dogs and they'll often derail the stream with their cuteness.

I stream most weekdays from 5:30pm until.... late and it would be a pleasure to meet you guys!

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Nice to meet you Laura, will check out your stream when I can :)

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. Do you stream yourself? :)

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Yes I do! Mostly Final Fantasy but will try to squeeze in time for a variety stream as well this year. I have a full-time job so I only have limited time sadly.

And starting streams on Youtube as well now that we can multi-stream so maybe those watching my guide videos will watch them too.

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The Witcher 3! Dogs! Thirsty for Karlach! You're gonna fit right in here. It's awesome you are setting yourself some 2024 goals for streaming - I'd definitely recommend checking out some of the curated content here in the Just About Content Creators community as people have shared plenty of advice. We also have some great bounties live as we speak to get stuck into.

Welcome to JA!

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Karlach is love, Karlach is life. I may or may not die a little inside whenever "Karlach disapproves" pops up in the corner haha.

JA seems like a lovely place so far, happy a friend recommended me here, can see a really bright future for it!

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I'm in camp Astarion but there is, of course, room for both.

Thank you for the kind words - we are glad to have you!

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I was Astarion and could see no other option for romance until I met Karlach and I just instantly fell in love. Poor Astarion has been neglected since

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Hi, my name is Crystal and I'm a non mic and no camera PS Console video game streamer. I stream FFXIV, Genshin, JRPGs, and some shooters. I've been streaming for 2 years.

I stream on Twirch, but sometimes I stream on YouTube. So if you're interested in any of the games above. Then stop by sometime and ask IIf 😁 you wanna be friends

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Hi i'm Demonsmustdie a rookie content creater, at mo trying to get my pc fixed 🤪

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Mine is on life support; I feel the pain. 🫡

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I’m Smokey and I run a YouTube channel called Horror and Cats. I cover any and all things horror in film/tv, books and games.

I have five cats rescued straight from the street from a number of different situations (the Feline Distribution System loves me). They are always photobombing my streams and videos, stepping on my audio mixer buttons, and rubbing their faces on my mic at the worst times; I love ‘em.

Ultimately, my goal for the channel is to raise money for animal charities, specifically the Abandoned Cat Team which I’ve had dealings with directly, and be a knowledgeable voice for awareness and inclusion in the horrorsphere.

Also, none of my friends or family love horror like I do, so selfishly I use the channel to vent decades of useless horror knowledge into the YouTube zeitgeist while hoping to do some good along the way.

P.S. this is the same introduction I put in film/TV because I am a brain fart personified and forgot what introduction page I was on.

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Welcome again! We regularly have cats invade our team calls and climb all over people's desks. What's your favourite horror novel?

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Cats are the best-worst office mascots! As it stands, Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant. Great LGBT+ and deaf representation which I was thoroughly impressed with. Plus, it’s like if Aliens took place on a cruise ship and rather than xenomorphs, it was killer mermaids.

My favorite short is The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. She was a utopian feminist and the story is quite literally timeless in its portrayal undiagnosed OCD and postpartum depression/psychosis. Truly incredible.

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Hey all! I'm Matt, I'm an Influencer Talent Manager, one of those behind the scenes for some great creators! I work to develop their channels and get them the best brand deals. I have worked in Influencer Marketing for several years at big agencies and in the gaming scene at Creative Assembly. I am very excited about this community and would love to connect!

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A warm welcome to the platform, Matt! Looking forward to your insights on some of our content creators bounties :-)

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Bryan Ward but everyone knows me as Rixx Javix. I'm primarily active in the Eve Online channel and have been playing Eve Online for over 16 years now. I'm a bit of a hyper-content creator and I have been for a very, very long time. I can't stop. I also can't seem to focus for long on any one thing, so my content creation tends to be just another part of my creative expressions.

For the past 14 years I've written a blog called Eveoganda (

For the past 14+ years I've been writing a blog called Eveoganda (which is a made up word I created that combines Eve+Propoganda) and use it as a platform to share my opinions, adventures, and artwork.

In real life I ran my own creative agency for 12 years and have been working as a marketing consultant for the past 12 years for a wide variety of companies. I also work as a graphic designer and illustrator for a variety of agencies, and companies around the world - with particular focus for the past two years with gaming companies. I've worked on many projects directly with CCP Games in Iceland over the years and for the past year I've been working with a company in Poland called Titan Forge on a new board game called Eve: War For New Eden - which recently raised over 800k on Kickstarter.

Two years ago I was fortunate to be awarded an official license to sell my own original art based on the Eve IP over at my own storefront and have been creating and adding new pieces to the store regularly ever since. Personally this was especially important to me as I spent years trying to build a bridge between creatives and CCP Games to allow this to happen, not only for myself but for others as well. It is something that I take a great deal of pride in helping to create.

You can also visit my professional portfolio at the link above and see the wide range of work that I've done in my professional career as well.

My YouTube channel not only showcases the gaming videos I've created, but also over twenty years of my professional commercial creations as well. And I am very active on X (Twitter) at RixxJavix. I try to use Instagram as well, but I don't really understand it tbh.

I'm happy to be a part of this new community and look forward to getting to know you all better in the coming months. Thanks for letting me tell you a bit about myself.

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Hi Everyone

I'm Demonsmustdie, i create videos on YouTube base on games i play, events i attends. I'm also on tiktok.

I use basic editing software as not got money or knowledge to upgrade. Pm me if got recommendations ☺

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Hi guys, my name is Gaming_Loft or Lofty. I am a 40 year old streamer from the uk and yes I am in my loft! I play a variety of games and I love having the viewers come olay with me if they have the game, love me some open lobbies.

I am over on twitch and you can find me there Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8pm

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Yooo Just abouters !

I am King, My channel is the Kings court (Kings_crt) , I am a Viking looking, Tattooed, Bearded Loud mouthed Idiot from the UK, I try to focus my shows around me and the entertainment I bring over the games I am playing. However, with that in mind I am a variety streamer with a focus on Survival games, Indie games and the only game you could say I really main is Warframe !

I started streaming as a hobby and mainly to have fun, after I lost my business and moved to being the main carer for my 2 children I also moved to being a more full time based creator. I now stream 3 times a week, try my best to upload short form and long form content once a week on other socials and work on improving my content with every live and every new video.

I stream on Multiple platforms but my main is Twitch !

I also create Content for Youtube over on :

to check out my socials you can go to :

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Hey guys!

I'm Jason from Malaysia, I'm new to content creation. I watch a lot of content creators and have been wanting to try it for myself. I started sometime last year but because of work and other things I have been procrastinating. The difficult part of content creation is that I understand that making an income from it takes time if not possibly years, it's hard juggling with work and free time. I'm still finding myself, I'm into video games(Specifically on PC) and fitness. As a content creator I'm still trying to discover myself and still releasing randomness.

I'm very happy to have discovered Just About for a few reasons.

  1. The internet can be a very toxic place, lots of trolls & haters that will try to poison you . I love that everyone here is positive and supportive of each other.

  2. Bounties and rewards are great for small creators and people just starting to make a presence on the internet. I've made more here than anything I have tried online and I have tried many things with no success, and so I've very grateful for this platform. So far I feel the platform has motivated me to overcome my procrastination and Just Do It! The rewards definately helps too!

  3. I hope to learn more on becoming a content creator from more experienced people and to grow myself personally.

My humble channel:

My humble channel:

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Hi all,

I found Just About through WASD.

I have had a career in software for 15+ years which started in Linguistic Games testing. I then moved to functional testing of web applications and mobile apps and this has taken me through many different industries.

In terms of content creation, I mostly share my pets - 4 ferrets on instagram.

They also have a youtube channel with shorts, but this is pretty new and I am just learning the tools, and I am unsure if I will put a lot of time into it.

My new instagram account focused on gaming and connecting with gaming community is this one.

I love communities and community building. I used to run software testing meet ups and teach software testing before the whole Covid thing. We did run online events for a bit after that, but with my job becoming more and more senior I did burn out by not taking care of myself properly and the events and volunteer work dropped first, which really is the stuff that motivates me and keeps me going.

This year it is about soul searching, finding like minded kind people and having fun again. :)

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Ello folks,

I'm CelestialFlea, A small YouTube content creator with a passion for space themed games & exploration / survival games.

I'm also the graphic designer for EveOnline Tutorials and have done many of their older thumbnails and banner art. So I guess you could say I have a love for graphic design and 3d artwork too. Dabbled in some 3D modelling, renders with Daz, Unreal etc.

A couple of my better Daz renders;

I'm also a fairly musical person and enjoy creating music from time to time, I own several keyboards and other instruments..not saying I'm very good mind you. But I do particularly enjoy using EastWest's library of VSTs.

Look forward to hopefully getting to know some of you!

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My name is Manda, you killed my father, prepare to.. no no, that's Princess Bride, I'm just Manda and my father is fine. 😁

I found Just About through the Nightingale Discord. I'm so glad I did because this is such a great place! I'm having a lot of fun so far!My journey as a content creator started a few years ago with sharing videos of my craft process on my Youtube channel. I loved watching people make art, it was soothing and inspiring, and I thought, why not try it myself!

My husband introduced me to Twitch, so now I play video games and make crafts on there as well! I've made a lot of good friends along the way, it's been quite a ride so far.You could say part of my theme is "Clutter" (it's in my Youtube channel name)... because I love so many different things! From gaming to crafting, to reading and journaling... Ren Faires and Halloween, movies and music... There's just such an infinite amount of fun and interesting things in this world to explore!

I hail from Michigan, I'm a mother of a soon to be 6 year old girl, she's also my Stream Boss.. I love the 80s, especially the movies... I believe in fairies.. and I'm really shy (it's a disorder) but I also talk way too much! Awkward would be my middle name if I didn't already have one..

I love making new connections so here's where you can find me!

See you around JA!

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HI Everyone

I go by Demonsmustdie on all platforms. I do videos, photography and have fun doing it. Videogames to conventions and special events.

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Hey Demonsmustdie it's great to have you here! 😃

I'm the Community Manager here at Just About.

You'll see plenty of friendly members across the platform, and many of the folk here in Content Creators share your love of video games and events.

Feel free to tag me ( Boomer) if you have any questions or if you just fancy a chat 😊


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