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  1. Standing orders on gates - orbit? hold? jump on contact?

  2. Standing orders when jumping a gate - hold cloak? crash gate? burn to desto?

  3. Ship naming convention - i always confirm a ship naming convention prior to undocking so that i can understand emerging threats inbound on d-scan

  4. Minimum warp speed - make sure that all ships are warping at the same speed

  5. Dscan roles - i always ask for people to take a role, 14au, 7au, 1au, dscan and local watch to share the burden

Be sure to clarify the standing rules on looting kills. Your fleet managed to take down something blingy, and you happen to be closest to the wreck? It's tempting to scoop all that loot for yourself, but depending on the FC's looting rules, you may be about to commit a faux pas. There is a log of who has looted what, and you don't want to get called out for having sticky fingers in front of the fleet.

I've seen all sorts of looting rules, but here are some examples:

  • You keep what you loot, first come first serve

  • Anything over 10m isk gets contracted back to the FC

  • Keep anything other than faction/deadspace items, which gets contracted back to the FC

You may think contracting loot back to the FC is a little unfair, but often this loot is sold and the isk used for ship replacement programs in future fleets. It can also be used as incentives/rewards for hunters who put in the effort to provide content to the rest of the fleet.

This is very often not confirmed until a kill is had! - do it before the kill is had so that people dont get annoyed! :D

Few Things

  1. Join fleets 15 minutes before they leave

  2. Make sure you have the correct ship/ammo/boosters etc

  3. Never take a gate without permission

  4. Always hold your cloak when jumping unless told otherwise

  5. When joining comms, mute your microphone immediately unless requested to speak

  6. Follow ship naming orders

  7. Never speak over the fleet commander

  8. If scouting, await orders of which direction and the number of jumps needed

  9. Always make sure your local window is visible

  10. Make sure, if viable, the broadcast window is open

  11. Never assume anything

  12. Always make sure you have the primary, secondary and tertiary locked

  13. Never lock/fire on targets unless called for, even if you think otherwise

Keep your microphone muted. And when in doubt, keep it muted.

just like in real life - that strat saves in sticky situations ;)

Pirate Fleet Rules of Etiquette

• Always compliment the FC even when they warp the fleet into an obvious bait trap.

• If you jump a gate without orders rename your ship "I'm An Idiot!"

• Enemy ships are "Threats or Treats" - shoot the threats and hold the treats until everyone gets on the kill

• Someone needs to hold scram for the pod.

• All faction loot goes to the FC. Someone has to pay for this foolish play style of ours.

• I don't know why Prda is seven jumps away, but he has a Brutix tackled.

• Be sure to ask where the fleet is currently at least seven times in fleet chat.

• Please sort your Edencom and Trig standings before we undock.

• Saying "I'm in trouble!" is not helping anyone, always talk in third person like a rapper or NBA star

• Just because someone is showing red on your overview doesn't actually mean they have negative sec status!

• We know you used to live in this system but we're kind of busy right now.

• It'd be nice to know what we are warping into, but it isn't necessary.

NOTE: I took a more tongue in cheek approach to this bounty :)

That one is hard for me since my fleetmates are my alts =) But I still remember some rules:

  • Never ever say the word "J..." as the first word in your sentence/command. It should be the last word in your sentence, even if sounds Yoda-style.

  • This one came from the army: never use words 'me, I, here, there', always provide explicit information 'who are you, your or enemy's precise location, count, composition and status'.

  • Never type in local chat.

  • Make a pee break for the fleet.

  • Be ready to tell funny stories to keep the fleet awake during night camps.

Make sure everyone knows the expectation of voice comms. Especially since every group has different rules on when you can chit chat or ask questions, if you need to be push to talk or not, etc.

As soon as you hear the FC and/or scouts say "check, check" the only ones speaking should be the FCs and scouts.

Please don't jump the gate or splash the wormhole unless you hear the specific instruction from the FC (Fleet Commander) to do so. If in doubt don't jump!

And generally, unless stated before hand in specific fleet instructions, set your voice comms to push-to-talk. The last thing a fleet needs is a TV or a barking dog coming through over the FC.

Interesting that you "Splash" into Wormholes, we tend to "Dive" into them. Jump gates, slide into plex, and dive into wormholes.

Haha that's very interesting! I had assumed "Splash" was the universal term... at least we're all agreed that they are clearly a liquid!

In a fleet the FC is your god and the scout is His Saint.

People with all different sorts of backgrounds, physical abilities, and attention spans play EVE online and like to participate in fleet content. A good rule of fleet etiquette is to have someone take spoken commands from the FC and write them into fleet chat to make sure everyone knows what is going on and can participate. Whether it is the primary target, orbit distance, or to warp off and scatter; having a designated person volunteer to copy FC commands into the chat increases the effectiveness and comfortability of fleet members.


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