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These change all the time but right now definitely these three:

Crocodile Rock - Elton John

Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance

Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks

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In the classic three act structure, I think my life can be summed up in exactly three songs.

ACT I: "Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time

Song: Up All Night (by Hinder)

From about 15 to 28 I lived like it was going out of style. Karaoke 3-4 times a week, social butterfly, sleep was for the dead.

ACT II: "Stand for Nothing, Fall for Anything"

Song: White Flag (by Bishop Briggs)

Approaching and into my 30's, I began to speak up and stand up. The world was changing and not for the better. It wasn't a time to roll with the punches, it was time to take the punches square on, then punch back.

ACT III: "I Did it My Way"

Song: My Way (by Frank Sinatra)

I've surely had regrets; I'll likely have more. But once I reach this final act, I can confidently state as a whole, I'll rest easy.

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Childhood - College
Good Riddance - Green Day (1997)

The typical graduation song played throughout my school career. School for me wasn't a massive part of my life so remembering the goodbyes and graduations are the stand out memories from them and thus this song. I do get melancholic thinking about it and this song does trigger memories of highschool and college including the wild parties and adolescent hijinks but they were never what I truly enjoyed

Healthcare Training throughout the 20's
One Last Hope - Danny DeVito (1997)

I wanted to stick a training montage type song here. I felt going from hospital to hospital, placement to placement was a chore and being treated like the bottom rung person humbled me as a worker. I wanted to know everything about my role and surrounding roles so staying in rubbish accommodation, working and commuting horrendous hours paid dividends when I was able to secure better placements later on. I replaced my academic smarts with graft and networking. Just like how Hercules pushed through difficulties through brute force.

Everything I know About Love - Laufey (2022)

I now enter my current era where I have fallen in love with a partner and look towards starting a future with them. This is actually a song they introduced me to so it makes me think of them everytime I hear it. I was never familiar with Laufey nor is her style of bedroom jazz a genre I'd incorporate into my normal playlists but having it on my walking playlist, working out, or just chilled always reminds me of my partner and the reasons I'm doing what I'm doing

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I would say to sum up my earlier life, it was not a happy time. Foster care and children's homes. Life was not happy and this song perfectly sums up how I felt.

I would say the second part of my life from 16 onwards when I had my own place and things started to move in the direction I wanted. I for once had control over my life!

And now, I would say when life is good and it's moving where I want it to and I go to bed happy.

So Iwould say that so far till the age of 38, these songs sum it up perfectly xd

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Now this one's a tough one, 'cos I think a lot of songs could apply to me but I think these ones resonate the most.

1: Tatu - All the things she said

This comes basically from living with ADHD, constantly second guessing myself wondering what others think, freaking out over tiny things but being cool as ice when others are loosing it. Also uh, probably not a good idea to watch this with your kids around? Don't say I didn't warn ya..

2: Evanescence - Bring Me to Life

Noticing a theme here yet? Growing up in the 90s and early noughties exposed me to some of the music like this but for me song this kinda goes hand in hand with the first but touches more on some of the mental struggles I've had growing up with ADHD and the pitfalls that came with it.

3: The Eagle Flies Alone - Arch Enemy

Ok yes, I'm a metal I didn't wanna pick anything obvious and corny but this pretty much sums me up. I typically hate having to do things a set way. I'll typically find my own way of doing things even if there's no method to it that'd make sense to anyone else, it'd make sense to me. Usually I'm the one doing the opposite of whatever the masses are doing. Just how my brain is!

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Hello fellow metalhead :) Very nice selection, I was listening to a lot of t.A.T.u and Evanescence as well, even though at a time I didn't realise why, but just felt like I could relate to a lot of their songs. Now when I'm listening to them, understanding the lyrics more and knowing what was going on in my life back then it all make sense why they gave comfort.

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First off, bicycle race by Queen. When I was small me and my parents would put this song on a lot while having a roast! Now I associate it with the sunday dinners of my childhood hehe. I loved the bicycle chimes in the song and how fun it is <3

This is a little darker and relates to some not so fun moments of my life.. not much more explanation for this one i'm afraid .. don't wanna air out my dirty laundry like that :P

Finally! This song relates to the peace I have found recently. It is a very slow song and there is a slight sorrowful element to it, yet it is still hopeful in my eyes <3

  1. I am The Only One By Ursine Vulpine & Annaca

  2. MISTAKE by NF

  3. Hurt Alone by Kyd The Band & Witt Lowry

I chose these songs because my life has been in struggles with Mental Health and as I'm in the deep in the healing process and dealing with things. These songs have touched my heart and soul.

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Even though this song came after I already left high-school, but it pretty much sums up my experience there. I was the weird one who didn't have any friends and got constantly bullied for everything. Since I didn't get any support from my parents or teachers I would have loved Lordi to show up with the zombie army:


All my life I was told what I couldn't do or wasn't allowed to do. I said no to my first boyfriend when he wanted to spent a night with me because I was scared how I would tell my parents and regretted my decision ever since. So when I went to college then started to work and was more in control of my own life, I had the attitude of you tell me I can't do it, I will do it. You tell me I can't get it, I will get it. I never thought about myself as particularly pretty, was just an average girl, but somehow my attitude always got all the guys running after me, even the ones I didn't want to do anything with. Yes, I could have had a notebook full of names. No regrets though, it was my best years and I would go back to that life any time.


Life wasn't easy after moving to the UK. I had to fight hard for everything I have now. Even though it's not perfect and there are things I wish were different, if I look at it as a whole package, I'm happy with what I have. There are people who are jealous of what I have achieved, people who tried to make me fail, but yet here I am:

Maybe not the image you had about me, but best to put it out there before anyone thinks me innocent like many people do just because I try to be nice 😅

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Heres to being he bullied weired kid in school 🙌

Metal + blank space 👍

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Just three songs was hard but I think these would be perfect.

The first song is Tribute by Tenacious D.

This is the anthem of my teens. My friends and I knew all the lurics, including the giberish, and we would belt this out together. Of course there are loads of other songs and bands of the time we loved but this was OUR song and it reminds me of all the great times.

My second is She f**king hates me by puddle of mudd.

I was young, I was stupid and I married someone I shouldn't have. My wife (at the time) was abusive, she destroyed me mentally, emotionally and physically and no one cared or listened because I'm a man.

I went through absolute hell during this time of my life and nothing speaks of this more then "She f**king hates me". Thankfully the song doesn't make me think of my ex, rather to me this song is like sticking a middle finger up at my past and makes me greatful for what I have now.

Finally, If you love her by Forest Blakk.

This song came out of no where. Me and my now wife were looking for songs for our wedding reception and we found this, I dont think it had been out long and was still quite unknown. It just resinated with us and has become so meaningful.

For me now, this song makes me think of the person that found me at my lowest, loved me, saved me, showed me who I really am, the wonderful life we have built together and all we will do in the future.


So my 3 songs

1 .Sia-cheap thrills

2.death bed-coffee for your head

3.dido- thankyou


Well these are going to be quite varied haha

  1. Sam Cooke - Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha

    Is the first song I remember learning all the lyrics to, when I was quite young. I still love to listen to it now, it conjures up great images of people dancing and having fun and has a fun storyline running throughout the song too. This song really got me in to Sam Cooke and he's still one of my favourite artists to this day.

  2. The 1975 - Chocolate

I remember this song so much from my teenage years. I love songs with a good strong baseline and this one caught my interest. I still often play this song whenever I pick up a bass as it's fun, dynamic and relatively easy so a good one to get into the groove.
  1. James Taylor - Frozen Man

This is in honour of my dad. He loved this song and was working towards being able to play it on guitar. It's a beautifully played, emotional, and raw song. My dad passed away unexpectedly last year so this song often comes to mind when I think of him

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So I’ve got so many soundtracks to my life, but these three songs are probably the most influential and realistic in terms of where I am or where I have been in my life.

  1. Unstable - Justin Bieber ft The Kid Laroi. so this song it just hits the heart a lot because I was really in a dark place in my life for such a long time dealing with PTSD dealing with a lot of conflicts in my family and I just kind of really had it rough for a tough period of time and my, emotional and mental state was unstable. If you can pardon the pun and having my husband there it felt like this just really felt real to me.

  2. Outer Space - 5 Seconds of Summer. This song is just a really great piece of music and I remember when I first heard it and it made me tear up and it’s not even a sad song but it just makes me feel things on another level and I’ve even got a necklace with a quote from the song on, the quote is “nothing like the rain when you’re in outer space” and in context of the song I think it’s just a brilliant line . I saw the Van live and that was the song they ended on and it just was a magical moment for me to hear it live.
  3. One Last Time - Ariana Grande. So I remember when I first heard the song and it was back when iTunes would do a free song of the month and it was this one and I remember hearing it and I loved it and then she did the music video for it and I used to watch victorious so I was really excited to see some of the characters in the music video. Then I want to go and see her live. And she performed that live. And then unfortunately I went through one of the worst periods of my life where the bombing happened and I didn’t realise how impactful that song would become and how much of an anthem it would be because of that period. It’s really difficult for me to listen to the song if I’m being honest. When I do, I got a load of mixed reactions and emotions when listening to it.

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In this point in time, I'm definitely looking at these 3 songs that sums up current situation.

The Night We Met - Lord Huron

Not only is it a sickly sweet song that just hits that.. point in my mind, it's also one of the most calming and smoothest songs I know. It also reflects what's recently happened, so it's quite fitting.

Fortunate Son - Creedwater Revival

It ain't me! Pretty much sums it up. I was always that kid who drew the short straw in life, pretty much in all aspects.

That's Life - Frank Sinatra

But hey, even with the short straws, I made the most of it and I'm in a pretty comfortable position in my life! Not only that, I just had to include this masterpiece of a song haha

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The first music title I chose is Teresa Teng - The Moon Represent my Heart. the reason is this is my childhood song full of memories, I always listen to this song every morning before going to school or Sunday morning before helping my parents to clean the front yard of the house.

The second music title I chose was Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For?, I chose this song because I was actually in an indecisive period and didn't know what to do, I was in the dilemma of being a content creator and I had just broken up with my boyfriend at that time, even though it was one of the things that was quite a relief because I was a victim of an unhealthy relationship while I was dating him, but according to the lyrics “I used to float”, I became a person who was tossed around not knowing what to do.

the third music title I chose is Adele - I Drink Wine which tells how we try to eliminate our ego (against our own ego) in life, I realize that not everything will go perfectly in this life and with this song I try to better understand my purpose in life.

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This is really amazing, I always wish therewas something like this.

in No 1 we got "Wellcome to My Paradise" from Steven & Coconuttreez

No 2 is " Bohemian Rhapsody" from Queen

And the last is "Coming Home" from Diddy - Dirty Money

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My childhood sounds like a Totoro ending soundtrack

It's like the conclusion of a wonderful journey that unfortunately had to end. The music beautifully captures the bittersweet emotions and the memories of the adventure.

Followed for nostalgic years of true discoveries, which IMO greatly captured by Lana Del Rey

Now, since i have kids, my life is like this then I'm trying to sneak somewhere while everyone sleeping


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