OMG hands down gimme a replicator. And not just for the tea! :)

To have all the food clothes and spare parts I could ever need ... I'd give up my left arm and left leg for it. Then, I'd just replicate new ones! MUAHAHA!

If we're talking Star Trek I would've gone for the Holodeck although I think we are slow approaching that level of technology

Pharma, too! I actually think about this all the time.

Have you read 'Walkaways,' by chance? There's a near-future implementation described in that book that I found super-interesting to mull.

Any kind of teleportation device - Stargates, a personal TARDIS, transportation beam, you name it! I just want to be able to teleport somewhere one day 🙏🏻


In layman's terms, Zero Point Energy is quantum energy locked away in the vacuum of space and time. It's all around us, all the time. Imagine if we, as a civilization could harness that infinite supply of clean energy? There would be no more poverty, no need to worry about how we heat our homes in the cold winter months, what we do when we eventually run out of fossil fuel.

For anyone familiar with the Kardashev scale, it would put us on the fast-track to becoming a Type II Civilization. I don't think Zero Point Energy is confined to the realms of science fiction, but science fact.

Nikola Tesla already experimented with "Unlimited energy sources" between 1901 and 1902, with the Wardenclyffe Tower over 120 years ago. But couldn't secure the funding. Conspiracy theorists will tell you the industrial complex at the time, intervened through fear it would collapse entire industries the world as we know it is built upon. Instead of continuing his research which would no doubt change mankind forever, Wardenclyffe Tower was destroyed. Funny that, isn't it?

I believe it's 100% real (and perhaps even already being harnessed in secret) and that if it ever sees the light of day, will benefit each and every one of us in ways we can't even imagine yet. More so than any invention ever has or will.

Definitely the teleporter. Commuting takes up so much of our time plus all the issues with public transport and destroying wildlife to build more roads. It would be amazing to just teleport to work or to shopping malls and the roads could be built for peaceful waking in your local area.

Of course it could be used for pleasure as well and not just the daily stuff, imagine being able to visit our friends on the other side of the world or go on that dream beach holiday we can't afford because flights are too expensive and take a day or two to get there with transfers and time-zone differences.

It's gotta be this one. Just imagine the possibilities!

And then we can spend weeks arguing if you're still the same person after your molecules have been reassembled on the other end. 😁

for me its something that can enable going to places instantly, whether its a teleporter or something like faster-than-light-travel. I just want to explore, so FTL travel would enable exploring other galaxies and stuff, while teleportation would be for someplace across the planet, both would make life easier.

Call me Weebs but i want to Nerve Gear to be Real :)))
its like playing game on another level by synchronizing the game itself with your brain, but dont get me wrong, i dont wanna get my brain fried if my character died :))))

I wouldn’t say this is completely fictional, the tech space are making strides to move towards the future here but I’ve gotta say cars!

The flying car from Back to the Future!! The fact that the film is set in a year that’s come and gone but we’re not close to it is so crazy!

The car from iRobot that will smith drives also! It’s a car that is automatic but I suppose we are super close to seeing this in the modern day era.

Finally, the Tardis! Or any sort of Time Machine! Obviously it has to be in the right hands haha (preferably David tennat pleaseee) but I wonder if this is even something that could even exist in the modern day world. Who knows.

Bernards watch! even tho its magical im counting it as tech! as its a watch

Being able to stop time and commit all kinds of felonies like robbing greedy millionaires, being the greatest magician, winning fights by punching someone in the face for a month and restarting time.

all hypothetical of course. as i would never do those things.

It's better than that blasted Queen's Nose

From Back to The Future. We already seen wishes for Flying Cars but I'm more interested in the Mr Fusion that Doc Brown uses at the end of the film to power the Deloreon rather than expensive and dangerous to procurement process of plutonium.

That or the food hydrator. Because who really has time to wait 10 minutes when you can hydrate level 4 a pizza in a couple of seconds

The medikit from Harry Harrison's Deathworld series. A small device that you press against your skin, over a wound, which would then test your blood and administer antidotes and antitoxins depending on what was found at the site and in your blood.

I know it's nothing flashy like a teleporter or a flying car but the idea that you can treat any bite or sting (fatal or otherwise) in literal seconds really resonates with me.

Who knows? Maybe we'll have these in our lifetimes

Well what fictional tech i want is real is ...

" Time-shifting Remote Control "
this remote form movie click ( 2006 )
i wish have one that remote , because you can do anything with that's remote.

if i have that's i want to change my life past...

If I could bring any fictional tech to life, it would be the neuralyzer from "Men in Black." The neuralyzer is a small, handheld device that can erase specific memories from a person's mind. This tech would have incredible potential in fields like mental health and security.

Imagine being able to help people erase traumatic memories or selectively forget painful experiences, offering a fresh start and improving mental well-being. In security, it could be used to protect sensitive information and maintain confidentiality in critical situations. The neuralyzer's ability to control and manage memories would make it an invaluable tool in various aspects of life.

Sadly, many people could use this tech for their dirty deeds, like robing you and then erasing all details, or programming you to commit a crime =(

That is true indeed. However like anything else things can be perverted, depends on the user. weapons can kill or defend, drugs can be used to heal or abused. Don't worry, if I had the neuralyzer it would be safe in my hands :P

I believe we still lack AR technology at the level we've seen in movies like Final Fantasy and Iron Man.

I'm not talking about wearables or screens on your nose. I'm envisioning projectors that can apply additional 3D effects to existing objects. This would be incredibly useful for fields like engineering and medicine, where doctors could explore data from various scanners projected directly onto the patient.

I agree. Man, I can imagine editing photos or videos this way. This would be a game changer, but maybe also a pain if you wan to snip parts that are mm in difference haha.

Since they're basically the same thing, I'm going to say the Bacta Tank from Star Wars/Medical Machine from Dragon Ball Z. Getting in the tank and getting out better sounds like the ideal doctor's visit.

The microwave in back to the future. Saves space to store more food and it just seems so cool I can’t lie or if we are looking at the same movie, a hoverboard would be pretty cool too 👀

I believe you mean the Food Hydrator from BTTF2

Yes! In my brain it was a microwave, I don’t think I’d slept when submitting this 😂

The AmuSphere 2 from the anime Sword Art Online is incredibly cool and would be amazing if it existed in the real world. Imagine a small, glasses-like device that combines AR and VR technology, greatly simplifying human interaction. Picture being able to walk around while using your PC anywhere and anytime. You could have a virtual pet, play AR-based games with maps reflecting your surroundings, or even engage in full-dive VR, immersing yourself in a subconscious world where you can play games or interact with others, much like VR Chat. This technology would be revolutionary if it existed in reality.

In the Netflix show Altered Carbon everyone has a chip in their spine that stores their being or soul of sorts. This allows for them to swap bodies and to basically live forever if they have the money to fund new bodies. The immortality aspect doesn't interest me, but the swapping body's part is appealing. It could open a lot of doors for people with lifelong or debilitating injuries or aliments and it could help people who were born in the wrong bodies.

Web shooters off spider man!

Imagine how cool it would be swinging around a city and being able to climb massive heights with just these.

Even with web shooters I don't think the average dude would have the core muscles or arm muscles to be able to swing effectively from building to building

Featured in Black Mirror, my piece of fictional tech that I wish were real are

Neural Prosthetic Devices

The Neural Prosthetic Device is a little neural implant that, through a medical procedure, gets partially inserted into the user's head to access their minds. Featured in most of the episodes, the main episode that I will base this off is San Junipero (The absolute best episode in the series)

After the neural prosthetic device (NPD) is inserted into the user's mind, that's where the magic starts.

In San Junipero, these neural implants are all part of a simulated universe called San Junipero, where dead or dying people can 'pass over' and have their minds and consciousness stored in this simulated world and pretty much live forever inside the simulated world

Not only that, but it allows elderly or sick a chance to experience nostalgia in their final moments of their lives.

It's not entirely restricted to gloom and doom scenarios though, it can also be mainstream consumed as well - in Striking Vipers, two good friends (who are a little more than just friends) play a form of Street Fighter, except they're connected to the cloud where their minds are transferred into the fighters.

So imagine that - being able to transfer your consciousness, your mind to wherever you want, wherever you can go. All with a small tiny device.

If I had to pick any type of fictional tech, it would have to be one of the belts/drivers from the Kamen Rider franchise, as I've always wanted to perform a real HENSHIN!/rider transformation.

The Oasis, Ready Player One

The very idea of this tickles me, the very idea of an entire population living in a simulation is probably one of the best fictional techs I can think of, now whilst people may respond to this post saying "Yes but we have this". We don't.

We have VR Headsets and a limited movement, but the very set of what the Oasis actually means and stands for could be I think, one the greatest things ever brought into the real world. In retrospect, can it be considered a bad thing? Humans spending that much time in VR, I would say no.

Now imagine a world where everything we can earn, sell, move, and change, is all about VR, imagine that war just isn't a thing anymore, where in the Oasis as he states "you can be anything you want to be" - I think this, is an incredible thing to have happen and it's a tech I just wish was real. Death Races, skiing down death mountains, huge warzones, other stuff...

But this could be an answer to the world's problems of conflict, conquest, and disorder, giving humans the very ability to live out any fantasy online (within reason) and to thrive.

For me, I'd use it to make money, race stupidly fast cars, jump into warzones and go nuts for fun, and just use it for the fun it was invented for!

I suppose you could call me a "peace" nut, but I would prefer a world like this, where this level of "I wish this was real" was actually real.

I think time travel would be the coolest tech that I wish was a reality providing there is no consequences from using it (don't want to accidentally change the timeline and wipe myself out) and because I have always had a fascination with my ancestry and genealogy I would probably use a time travel machine to meet family members and explore what life was actually like for them. Also travelling to other famous time eras would be a cool experience. To the past! to the future!


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