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Video Games
  • FFVII Rebirth obviously, February can't come soon enough. Really excited to see if/how the story of the original game will change and to play as Zack.

  • FFXIV Dawntrail (if an expansion to a running game counts) more story, new jobs, it's always exciting to get an update to my most played game!

  • Not Only Nine, a game made by my content creator hero Larry. Will be playing the extended demo (available on Steam) over the holidays and looking forward to Q4 next year when the full game will be released.

Right there with you for Rebirth

The most exciting one for me is Hades II ! I adore the first one so much I got into speed running it and with my baby due in a month, I'm going to be giving any gaming time I have to Hades II!

Honourable mentions have to go to Lil' Guardsman as well, the demo from that during next fest was a complete delight and Monolith: Requiem of the ancients was a fantastically generous demo giving a real taste of what the game will have to offer at release!

Hades is one of those games which I absolutely know I'd love if I managed to get around to playing it.

I had never had any desire to speed run anything but Hades had it's hooks in me so deep that I just fell into it!

634 hours later and I'm still playing it! Hopefully Hades II gives me the same rush!

I'm eagerly awaiting Star Wars Outlaws, I'm a massive Star Wars fan so will eat up anything they put in front of me but who doesn't want a modern open world SW game???

Playing as a scoundrel travelling around the galaxy stealing valuable goods, whilst avoiding the Empire sounds like a breath of fresh air for the franchise. There's hints that choices matter too via your reputation and dogfights piloting your ship 'The Trailblazer', essentially it has all the makings to be a great single player; space exploration game.

Admittedly, there's a part of me that's cautiously optimistic as I've been hurt before with the likes of Starfield and launch No Mans Sky but having said that, I think I'm ready to get hurt again.

Oh yes sign me up for SW Outlaws as well. I tried to keep my list to the top 3 most waited game, but looks like 2024 will be like this year, too many good games not enough hours in a day to play them.

That's the impossible question - do you trade sleep for more time gaming? 🤔

Great shout - I keep forgetting that game actually exists.

Skull and Bones, I've been waiting for that game since E3 2018, and I am finally excited that it will hopefully be released in 2 months. So I can hit the high seas with my friends.

Good shout! And respect for your patience, it's been quite the wait!

My fingers are crossed that there aren't anymore delays

Light No Fire

Light No Fire is a title that was announced at The Game Awards by indie game developer, Hello Games.

This is our sequel for No Man's Sky. A procedurally generated game on an Earth-sized world. Instead of spaceships and aliens, this time we get magic and dragons and anthromorphic characters such as rabbit, otter and pig people.

This one looks incredible! I hope they include a photo mode 😍

  • Skull and Bones is a pretty big pick for me. I loved ACIV and hated Sea of Thieves, and I'm in dire need of another good pirate game.

  • Vampire The Masquerade is a bit of a cult hit I never got to play, so definitely also looking forward to the second one.

  • Finally Life by You for two main reasons. While I don't imagine playing it too much myself, I hope it at least lights some fire under EA and makes them care about The Sims more. Finally everything seems to point towards some integration between that game ant Cities Skylines 2, which I play a lot, so I can't wait to see what that is about.

Vampire the Masquerade is looking so good!

The original two games (Redemption and Bloodlines) were great, but at roughly 20 years old they're really showing their age.

Everything that's been shown so far has me so hyped!

There are several games I'm highly excited for but none more so than Dragon's Dogma 2! The first game is one of my all-time favourites with its beautiful locations, great controls, epic battles, interesting story and so much more. It has such a satisfying feel to it and its easy to lose yourself in the plethora of quests dotted about the map as you explore. I was hooked on the original so much that I'd leave school during our "study lessons" (which we were allowed to go home for) and instead of studying, I'd play Dragon's Dogma. When the original was finally remastered a few years ago, I was beyond happy to have this game on current gen consoles and I remember playing it 8 times back-to-back for the Platinum trophy... as well as general enjoyment and I've even got the Switch version as well so I can play on the go too. When a sequel was finally announced, I was beyond excited! Then to see previews of it have the exact same feel as the first it really embodied the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" phrase. As we see more trailers of locations, characters and story I'm even more intrigued to see how this game builds upon the first while still maintaining all of its charm, but with modern hard and software giving it an updated and fresh feel to it.

Dragon's Dogma was such an underrated/cult hit; really interested to see how the sequel does.

Underrated by far! I LOVED the game so much when I first discovered it and was amazed I'd barely seen anything about it because I just thought it was SO good! Everything I've seen of the sequel so far looks like I'll be enjoying it just as much so I really can't wait for it!

I'm extremely stoked for the untitled web3 game currently known as Project Awakening. I couldn't believe that play testing was already occurring!

I'm super stoked to hear more about the title as soon as I can.

Hades 2

The first game filled me with pure joy. Dying had a purpose to further the story in a more explicit rather than thematic sense; the art style was beautifully realised; and each character felt distinct. I cared about Zagreus, even if he was bratty. The accessible nature of it brought me back to the Switch pre-Steam Deck days, and the second game will absolutely be a handheld main once again. I can't wait to see the improvements they make, but I'd be fine with more of the same.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

This game is already surrounded by controversy with its unwelcome live service approach and out-of-context leaks, but hear me out... Unlike Warner Bros. Montreal with Gotham Knights, Rocksteady has a great track record. If anyone can pull off live service and wrap it in a digestible and entertaining package, I have some faith these folks can. I'm more cautiously optimistic than "most excited" here, but I'm way more excited about it than the majority.

Stuff I'm excited for that we don't know enough about or have no release date:

  • Beyond Good and Evil 2

  • Metroid Prime 4

  • Star Wars Eclipse

  • Project 007

There are 2 games sitting in my Steam Wishlist, that I've been absolutely on edge for, and that's

Unrecord & Blight: Survival

I've been looking forwards to Unrecord because it has both, the most realistic graphics of any game, by the furthest lengths, and I've always wanted to play a game through the eyes of an enforcement agent. Not a Tom Clancy Splinter Cell style badass that obliterates everything and able to take down anything, but your everyman and normal police. (Also! The graphics are so good on Unrecord, the developer was required to prove that it was an actual game, running in engine)

I'm kinda looking forward to Blight because: of both its breathtaking graphics again, and also, it looks to be a great game to play with friends and release a bit of pent up stress just sending stuff to kingdom come lmao

Blight does look hella beautiful

Outside of EVE, 2024 is all about EVE Vanguard for me.

As an avid EVE online player who has been around for nearly 20 years, I really want Vanguard to work. EVE is like an onion - you peel back the layers of the onion to reveal different gameplays, PVP, PVE, industry, wormholes, manufacturer, being just the tip of the iceberg, but adding a whole new gameplay within the sandbox, which can impact the in world gameplay is a super bold move, and something which I cannot wait to see in action.

If the pre-alpha game-testing is anything to go by, things can only get better (from a great start I hasten to clarify) and I am keen to see how Vanguard develops.

With playtests set for every month of the first 6 months of the year, it is going to be amazing to see Vanguard evolve from the on the ground feedback of the people trialling the game.



For more info about EVE Vanguard, go here

Here are some in game screenshots:

For more about EVE ONLINE go here

  • Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT) - This looks silly and charming at the same time, trailers look promising, imo a hidden gem.

  • Dead Static Drive - This could be a new Disco Elysium but with more horror and action elements.

  • Black Myth: Wu Kong - well, it's not what I want to play myself, but at the Gamescom this summer their stand was the longest line on a con! People have been standing for 6 hours to get a 45-minute hands-on, i took many interesting interviews with players there. I'm interested if their expectation about this project will match with the actual release.

I love the look of Dead Static Drive or Grand Theft Cthulu 😆Just added it to my wishlist!

Right now, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank. I enjoyed Tax Evasion a lot and have high, but reasonable expectations for this one.

I'm very hopeful Sega gets the Crazy Taxi reboot out in 24

I just played Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. I had no idea another one was coming up - thank you!

The SEGA segment of The Game Awards was brief but amazing!

So, for me and I don't care if this sounds girly, but I love the Vampire Diaries, the originals, werewolf, anything like that, I love to watch TV programs on that kind of things, I am obsessed with vampires, not in a freaky way, I just find the lore and legends, fascinating.

I am also obsessed with any kind of game that covers these things.

This excitement level could not, be any higher! BRING IT ON

Glad to see me and avrona are not the only ones looking forward to this!

My most anticipated game of 2024 is one that probably has been overlooked by many due to other big releases heading our way and the fact that my most anticipated game had it release date pushed out over a year, that game my friends is Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2! So let me tell you why I am so excited for the launch of this increible looking game. For the Emperor!

The first thing to note is this is a sequel to the orignal Space Marine game which was a classic 3rd person hack and slash shooter back on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC from way back in 2011! So if you played the original you have been looking forward to a sequel for a long, long time!

I have only in the past year or so found myself getting more and more into Warhammer 40k, so I found Space Marine on Steam where it can regularly be picked up for a few dollars and jumped in, for a game of this age I was super impressed and enjoyed blasting my way through Ork bad guys as hulking Ultramarine Titus! It is honestly ciminal that a game this good is not supported by PlayStation or Xbox's backwards compatibility programmes! So if you want to check it out today, and I recommend you do, Steam is your best place or pick up an original console copy and play on the original PS3 or Xbox 360 hardware!

Now I only played the first game recently but for those who have been waiting since 2011 that wait was finally going to be over in 2023 but as fate would have it, it was not meant to be our time to jump back into our Ultramarine armour as Titus once more as the game was delayed to September 2024 to give the devs more time to pollish the game, and from what ive seen so far im happy about this as it looks like 40k fans and gamers in general alike will be impressed with what is in store!

Firstly the game looks looks absoltely stunning, almost like a CGI move, and a massive upgrade over the opriginal whfrom a few generations ago! Which is enough in itself to get most Warhammer 40k fans excited as this grim dark future has never looked more spectacular!

Also the enemies this time are swarms of Tyranids! Which remind me of something from Starship troopers, which is no bad thing in my opinion as im sure it will be a blast, quite literally, to tear your way through them as a bad ass Ultramarine! The latest gameplay trailer it looks like the Tyranids are not all we will be facing off against as some Choas Space Marines, think Space marines that have been corrupted by evil, will also be going to to toe with our squad!

Speaking of our squad, thats right its not only a single player campaign, but upto 3 player co-op campaign which has me very excited and brings back memories of fun days in the past playing games like Gears of War in co-op with friends working together through a campaign is really magic in gaming, and something that isnt utilised often enough for my liking! And if your friends of busy AI will be there to fill in your squad spots for you!

Now the story, it looks like this follows on after the events of the first game, another reason for you to go play it now, as we play as Titus yet again but Iwont spoil anything incase you do go back and play the first one. Without giving anything away, ththe fact this is set in the Warhammer 40k universe, with a modenr graphocs engine is more than enough to whoever me in, as the stories and lore in 40k is vast, with aunique briutal grim dark setting that really transports you to a dark time in humanitys future which is great escaism from everything oging on in the world today in our modern lives. The game is set during the 42 millennium where humans , The Imperium of Man, are at constant war with multiple threats all over the universe, you as a genetically modified super soldier Space Marine are one of The Eperors best weapons to wage war against any and all threats!

Now the gamep;lay looks very similar to the original which is a great thing in my opiniion. As you will be taking part in fast fluid action, sliding, blasting and smashing the Tyranid threat to puolp, just like a real Ultramarine would do Now I can'tsay too much without having plauyed the game , but there is abeta which you can sign up to give it a go when that opens up , but all I wil lleave you with is, eatch this extended gameplay trailer and tell me your not impressed?


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