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A few years ago I visited Berlin and the spy museum. I would love a GTA game set in post Second World War Berlin, when the wall existed.

There could be spy missions, smuggling things across the wall for example. I’m kind of visualising LA Noir but set in post war Germany with a bit of Russian and communist influence.

In the spy museum they had pictures of pigeons with full blown cameras attached to them. Maybe those could be collected and trained to become a spy overlord in the game.

I’d like it to be a bit more subtle than GTA5 and its drug empire but still exciting somehow.

There would also be potential to play different characters, a bit like GTA5 did.

There could be a western gangster who lost half his empire when the wall was erected over night and how they overcome that.

A housewife listening in on her neighbours and selling that information.

And maybe a Russian military character who is not to be trusted.

I don’t know, maybe it would be at a danger to be historically insensitive but as an inspiration I think it could create am interesting world.

Imagine stealing a Trabant and racing through Berlin. Hehe.

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Fantastic suggestion! I can really picture this.

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Well, GTA London is in dire need of some love. I would probably do a GTA London remake / Reboot.

I mean, the GTA London expansion was set in the late 60s so I do feel like we shouldn't change the time setting. Bringing back more fun and positive vibes after the bleak ones of the recent GTAs should be a priority. Maybe even set in late 50s early 60s as a way to explore the Swinging Sixties and remember the good and bad times of that period, to make people to embrace modernity again without being ultra jaded pricks.

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Thanks Thomas! Can you edit your submission to add a little more info? We're looking for a minimum of 50 words for this bounty. Also, keep in mind that we're looking for ideas for a new GTA game. By all means, choose London (great choice!), but think about what London would be like as a setting for a modern GTA game. What could players do? What year would it be? What would be played on the radio? Thanks! 🙏

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They made an excellent Grand Theft Auto-esque game and it's called The Getaway. No cap, I still think about that game on a semi-frequent basis especially when GTA based in London is brought up.

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I had the Getaway but could not get on with it. It had some great ideas but I just found the controlls too jankey and awkward.

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The fact that it had almost no UI and you had to navigate purely on turn signals was a choice...

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I just posted the same. It would be great to play that in a modern engine.


Give us Tokyo! The city itself is amazing and could be brilliantly recreated by the Rockstar gods. It would allow for dense city streets filled with pedestrians and the current gen/next gen graphics would make it look incredible, especially lit up at night.

Outside the city, the countryside could be littered with Japanese heritage and side quests/collectibles.

Add in a story revolving around the Yakuza and rival gangs, a sh*t ton of firearms and more traditional Japanese weaponry and you've got yourself a winner!

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My argument against Grand Theft Auto based in an Asian country is that the series is soo deeply integrated into western culture (and therefore the satirisation of it).

It's probably a 'me' problem but I think a lot of the edge and underlying charm of Grand Theft Auto is the social commentary it makes in each of their games to the point of caricature and farce. From IV being taking on the advent of social media and hipster bloggers, the DLC taking on biker gang culture and clubbing nightlife, and V is just hillbillies and the vapid LA culture.

I don't think I'll be able to relate as much if they took on Otaku, the Idol scenes, overworked salarymen, and rampant technology forcing people to be more anti-social and withdrawn. Their level of satire would probably be seen also as offensive being a western developer openly mocking the culture of the East (in the same manner it does in the west).

But I see your point. R* would do an amazing job at capturing the cities feel and bustling life of Tokyo. Thankfully Yakuza/ Like a Dragon series has been able to scratch that crime open-world itch for me

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GTA 7: Antwerp

Imagine GTA in Antwerp, a classic European city. This location offers a fresh twist to the series with its blend of history and modernity. Unlike typical GTA settings, Antwerp’s European context means fewer guns on the streets, adding a layer of stealth and intrigue.

The city’s diversity - from narrow, ancient streets and bustling downtown areas to quiet suburbs and expansive industrial zones - provides a dynamic backdrop.

*Image source* The presence of various languages enriches the game’s radio broadcasts, while Antwerp’s notorious role as a drug den, a gateway into Europe introduces intense mafia conflicts. This setting not only offers rich, authentic criminal lore drawn directly from historical and current events but also promises a unique gameplay experience defined by cultural depth and complex crime politics. This is the place, where all major multinational crime organizations are present, silently fighting for territory, bribes, and control.

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You may need to rename it to GTH - Grand Theft Horse - because I'd put it in the Middle Ages.

Medieval Europe had quite some interesting cities. But I think Nürnberg would be a worthy pick. Its location and landscape make for some interesting places. And there is always the possibility of adding Fürth as a DLC. I see great potential for stories about corrupt churchmen, wars, and skirmishes, heists stealing from barges or coaches. Gangs fighting over parts of the city, interpersonal drama, red-light districts, murder, public murder (executions); In short: Fun times.

That's the kind of GTA I'd give a closer look. The trailer for the upcoming one looks nice, but all of the previous ones could not catch my attention. I'll let myself be surprised if the new one can.

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Did you ever play Rustler? I've only played an hour of it, but it's as close as you'll get to medieval horseback GTA

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Late reply, but: Oh boy! They even call it "Grand Theft Horse" in brackets on the steam-page. :D If I had the time, I'd dive right in. Maybe someday, when my pile of shame is dealt with...

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I've only played it for an hour or so, but that does not surprise me at all. Even the horseback-sheriffs inexplicably have sirens and flashing red and blue lights.


I’d set it in Edinburgh, imagine the world trying to understand and make sense of the dialect and local tongue. There could be some very interesting stories to be told however, and it wouldn’t be as expected as another major town like London/Paris etc. I think it’s overlooked.

You could expand to the wider Scottish landscape much like they did with LA, out in the highlands, different towns and touring the cost. Could be helluva lot of fun!

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Perfect as Rockstar's head office Rockstar North is based there too!

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I would really like to a Far Cry 5 rural type setting as the annex for a few different, small but more traditional GTA urban environments around the edges of the map. I live in rural Oregon and I could see anyone here being a GTA side mission NPC. No limit to the strange business you can get up to in a mountain town.

Granted, that may just be a Red Dead game with cell phones lol.

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The best times I've had in Grand Theft Auto V is taking a dirt bike off road on the dunes. I'm game

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Totally agree. GTA IV was excellent in so many ways, but San Andreas was just more fun for me for that reason.

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GTA Hawaii

I would set it on a fictional version of Hawaii and channel some ideas from Hawaii Five-0.

Image source:

The place is beautiful, so if no-one's bored of palm trees after the new GTA Vice City inspired GTA 6 comes out, you could keep the theme going. Big cities, long coastal highways, volcanoes, off-road exploration stuff, some cultural/supernatural elements - I think it could really work.

You could split the game up into islands again without it being unrealistic and maybe even have an actual surfing sub-story and mechanic in the game. As I write this, the movie Point Break comes to mind. The main character could become involved with criminal activities through their surfer activities or something along those lines. And just so that work on everything water-related isn't going to waste, diving and exploring some underwater caves is something I could see, too.

Test Drive Unlimited and The Crew Motorfest have shown that the islands are great for driving and racing and even the Like A Dragon series is getting some Hawaii action at the moment. I'm convinced this would work. 🌴

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While it would be nice to have it set elsewhere, most of the over-the-top nonsense that makes GTA what it is is very skewed American. Maybe something in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) so you would be able to get into Canada during some missions, or even into Alaska?

Most of the other places might just feel a little too much like the NY/Miami/LA settings we've gotten already.

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I'd love to see their take on Seattle

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First instinct I would have said Hong Kong, Japan, or an Eastern Asian country as I’d love to see the culture and city realised to the scale Rockstar games are famous for.  But the more I think about it, the more I realise I love GTA more for its writing, and commentary of the world. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the era and culture in each game: San Andreas took on west coast gangsters, Vice City is obviously an homage to 80’s Miami, IV saw a modern realisation of the American Dream through the eyes of an immigrant, and V was LA through the lens of crime capers and heists. Each game have strong roots based on TV series or movies therefore:

I would want a GTA set in the UK - either London (again) or Manchester and the rise of Youth violence and grime culture. Taking cues from Blue Story, Top Boy, the post code wars, and council estates, I think a younger criminal trying to make a name for himself would be an interesting premise. The UK is rich in the difference in social classes, nationalities, and street or higher corporate crime which I think Rockstar can do justice in satirising.

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Okay as stupid as this sounds, I would love a GTA to be set.... 1914.. when carts with steam engines were first set and so on, where gangs ruled the streets and docks and police were corruptible.

I think it could be a really funny game. GTA doesn't have to be fast cars to have a decent storyline.

I know some will think me an idiot but yeh, I'd love to see it.

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It has to be London in the 1960s.

This was a great game back in the day with some of the best horrific cockney accents. It may work better as an expansion to a main game like the original as im sure london would actually be a smaller map to what we are used to now however I would expect the story to be strong enough to stand alone.

They could give us a parody of the old mobsters like the Krey twins or even play as them, letting us jump between them gta 5 style as they build their empire from stratch.

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You just know there'd be an Austin Powers inspired character milling about somewhere

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I believe there was an Austin Powers style car in the original game. It would be great to see what they would do a parody him now

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I would love to see a GTA set in Sydney. You could have the iconic scenery of the bridge and opera house, several missions that would include running drugs into the harbour. Australias gun laws would make attacking innocent people easier to do. There would also be plenty of humour involved be it with wildlife, spiders, crocodiles etc or the fact australians swear like nobody's business including calling anyone and everyone C U Next Tuesday.


Gta birmingham

mission one - navigating the criminal underworld but all the speech options are in local dialect so you don't know what you are saying

mission two - low speed canal chase.

mission three - the bull ring brawl

mission four - differentiating between gangsters that look like thomas shelby and most middle aged men who dress like him

mission 5 - money collection from digbeth takeaways

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The city looks absolutely stunning at night with beautiful landmarks, and a mix of narrow old streets and modern highways. There are hills, bridges and big open squares, perfect for all the driving challenges. During daytime there are places busy with tourists, open markets and other busy areas which can be challenging to navigate.

Will you join the local gangs who take over the streets at night, going at top speed through the red lights? Or are you brave to venture into the depths of District 8 (it's Mordor, don't go there)?

They say the girls are pretty in Paradise City, but have you heard about the beauty of the Hungarian girls?

You will find plenty of modern cars, expensive ones in the central districts where all the businesses and politics are, but if you go to the outskirt you might find some true treasures like this Zsiguli:

You can pay for it in cash of course but it might come as dowry if you marry the daughter of the local gipsy gangster.

The music depends on what radio channel you decide to tune on. You can find everything from modern pop top hits to the local retro. I recommend the rock radio, songs like this might even match the situation you find yourself in:

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Haha, nice! I also initially thought of Budapest, but then I saw the news naming Antwerp as the main narcotics hub in the EU—shocking!

Also, kudos for the Zsiguli; I've ridden in that exact model several times. The one you have in your picture brings back memories!

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My uncle had that model so it's right down memory lane for me too, were fun trips down to the lake in the summer.

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This would be awesome. I can picture ice-skating missions and misty shootouts at the baths too.

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A GTA game set in Brazil today could be pretty cool! São Paulo is such a massive, dense city it would make for a lot of places to explore (my fav part of GTA is just driving around recklessly mwahahahhah)

The storyline of the game could also delve into Brazil's class divides and problems with organised crime. There could even be segments of the game where you have to go to another country or something because a lot of drug cartels in Brazil are international - that could be a bit of a mammoth task to make though heheh

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Perhaps I'm biased, but I think London would be such a great location! Busy, loads of tourist attractions, and it would be complete chaos. I think GTA could really fit in London with it's whole vibe with the kind of characters you meet, playstyle, and day to day people. Aside from London I think New York would be a super fun playthrough for similar reasons!

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Las vegas. So many themed points of interest in downtown like you are in all sorts of different states and places in the world. The Venetian for a little Venice themed area, Caesars palace and so on. Would really be able to put the ray tracing to full effect in the strip. Make it so you can go into all the buildings as well. The scope for running your own hotel, casino etc business is huge, plus think of all the crazy random side stories and missions they could put in to come across! It seems the perfect setting for the world of GTA.

For other areas there is North Las Vegas with the Nellis Air Force Base, various golf courses, the airport, race track and more. For the wider map, there is Red rock Canyon and lots of desert. Why not take in a bit of California to include the Mojave desert and Death valley as well.


I would definitely set GTA in the UK, we don't get enough love in video games over here. I'd have main areas like Leeds, Manchester, London, Even Scotland where you can travel and visit a lot of the attractions like The London Eye, Big Ben and also fly a hovercraft off of them, just imagine robbings a greggs and driving a truck into Primark to change all of your clothes for really cheap

Different area's would have different NPC accents. We would have the classic black cab too! And you'd also be able to bet on football games in the virtual casinos.

I think the main benefit of basing it in the UK is you could have a lot more freedom with the dialogue of characters and NPCs.

The only downside would be that it would rain in the game ALL THE TIME and summer would last 3 days


Ok I have 2 options I would love to see happen, one is Tokyo which has been already submitted so I’ll use my other option I would love to see and that option is “GTA DUBAI”!

This would be awesome!

The massive beautiful modern city to explore, the man made islands, the incredible cars and wealth, and the beautiful ocean!

I think it would be cool to see the main protagonist being a foreigner moving form a economically poor background to the glitz and glamour of Dubai but then getting into trouble which just unfolds as the campaign progresses!

just imagine this as an in game map to explore! It would be a blast! I can just imagine cruising about the islands completing a delivery job on a jet ski, then getting on land to make my escape in a sports car whilst the diva police give chance in their fleet of super car cop cars!

Also as you level up I could imagine buying some sick properties for your character!

I could also imagine some amazing missions centred around the many landmarks and trust spots with would make for some unique missions!

also the city transforms during the day / night cycle but as we saw recently with the wild weather that could also be a factor in the game too! Anyways I could go on and on, Dubai is amazing and would be an amazing setting for a future GTA game!


Ps forgot to say when and I would say modern day!

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Ooh now that is an interesting idea. There would certainly be no shortage of supercars or large buildings to base jump from

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Its a hottest discussion on JA! So many wonderful ideas, mine is kinda dull so i will enjoy that thread as a reader

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You can still share your idea, you never know, someone might find it interesting!


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