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not really a fact but I learned the other day that I’m somewhere between a Charizard and Aerodactyl in height. lol. I have a better fact I need a keyboard for and a more lengthy explanation so will submit that in a couple of days but this is a fun bounty. 🙌

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The height of Charizard always blows my mind! You'd expect it to be this 10ft tall fire breathing beast, but instead I'm just about taller than one.

This picture showing how tall it is vs how tall it feels like it should be encapsulates that perfectly.

I think part of it comes with the fact that in the show, Charizard is always shown as taller than Ash, but then you remember Ash is a 10 year old kid, so it makes sense he'd be considerably shorter!

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My submission:

The first Pokémon to be distributed in a Cherish Ball was a Tropius.

Source for this is here We were literally discussing this last night as due to my housing situation we can't do D&D anymore for the time being, so we were considering going old school and playing Pokemon since all of us have hundreds of them :)

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The burden which in German everything which can will be translated in a good or bad way.

In the German Version Arbo / Ekans was translated to Rettan. Which is backwords for the German Word Natter which is cute little european snake. Same happend with Arbok but here its fluid for Kobra in all language.

Also Wobbuffet was Woingenau, which is similar to "Where exactly?" -> Wo hin genau? But there is also some cuteness with Raupy which is the German translation from Caterpie.


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The Missingno glitch came from a bug when the Old Man showed you how to catch a Weedle. The name is a defult for anything outside of or between the numbered pokemon: missing number.


My favorite Pokemon fact is that the Pokemon Lokix is inspired by the superhero Kamen Rider. Especially the ones with grasshopper motifs, and its kicked-based moves.

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Having worked as a localisation tester I wanted to include something on my favourite translations of the little monsters.

Bulbasaur vs Bulbizarre

Bulbasaur is actually more of a mistranslation of the original. The original Pokémon name has a meaning closer to ”weird or bizarre seed.” Apparently the creators were not too fond of the English name because it places more focus on a dinosaur element rather than the grass type inherent in calling it a seed. The French is therefore a lot closer to the original name.

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Pokémon is the top-grossing media franchise of all time.

It encompasses video games, trading card games, TV shows, movies, toys, and more. Since its creation by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori in 1996, Pokémon has become a global phenomenon, generating billions in revenue. The franchise's success is attributed to its wide appeal across different age groups and its ability to innovate while maintaining the core elements that fans love. The numbers in various sources are different, but way ahead of anything else.

Another source And outdated wiki List of highest-grossing media franchises - Wikipedia


Ash's partner Pokemon was meant to be Eevee, but due to audience response and love of Pikachu, it became Pikachu!! That's why Eevee has so many evolutions and is on most merch.

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My favourite fact is probably one of the more well-known ones but I find it so interesting in its randomness...

Every Spinda that you encounter in any of the games has a completely random unique pattern. Which is just an absurd thing to think about. It's such a random, small detail that makes the Pokemon different as no other Pokemon has this gimmick. It has no bearing on the gameplay at all but it's just a fun little visual difference... and it can lead to some funny patterns like the "bald" Spindas that have no red on their head.

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might be obvious but it wasn’t for me. Ekans backwards is snake haha and also Hitmonchan and hitmonlee are nods to Jackie chan and Bruce Lee!

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Somehow, I've never realised any of that

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What about Arbok being Kobra and Rotom being Motor?

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I love when people have their first Ekans and Arbok discovery 😂 Although I must admit as a 151 fan, I have no idea what a Rotom is

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This lil' guy from Gen 4, it's a ghost type and can possess different electronics to gain a new form/typing. In later Gens it possesses the pokedex and brings it to life.

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Nope and nope. How have I never noticed this?

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Ha, Rotom/Motor never clicked with me. That's brill. I like Girafarig and Alomomola being palindromes.

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There is a almost real money with a Pikachu on it! Its a legal tender, but Niue actually using New Zealand Dollars as official curreny.

It's Niue's 1 Dollar - Elizabeth II


To me its a mystery why they decided to mint it.

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I was a big fan of the Pokemon Anime growing up so despite Pokemon Yellow being a very minor expansion pack (there was surfing Pikachu), it was still essentially the same game as Pokemon Blue and Red.

However Yellow did have a lot of cross media synergy with the anime starting with the player getting Pikachu as a starter and your rival getting an Eevee (to mirror Ash and Gary's first steps into their adventure). And obviously Jessie and James appearing instead of the typical Team Rocket thugs.

You get a Squirtle from Officer Jenny after she states that the Squirtle she gives you has been getting into trouble referencing the one Ash got being a leader of a gang




Here's how. Generation 3 introduced character double battles in pokemon emerald, it was the only generation where you could be on the same team as another NPC player and battle against another team of Two.

This happens when you Team with Stephen and he uses his Metang, due to the coding of the game, Stephens Metang actually gains experience when a pokemon faints, this does NOT happen in any other instance of this in any pokemon game. Due to this coding, if you use an Electrode and use self destruct so your pokemon faints, metang stays alive and you kill the opponents pokemon, you can use this to gain enough experience points to level up stephens metang from lvl 42 to I believe lvl 43! It even learns a move which YOU can change. You basically force the game so you can erase an NPC trainers pokemon move haha. I'm certain the developers didn't expect that in their game

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For my favourite pokemon is pikachu, because it was satoshi's first friend and the first series that brought pokemon to be everyone's favourite. :)


A cool little fact is that all Ultra beast pokemon have base stat levels that are prime numbers. Emphasises the individuality and other worldly origins!

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The back of Pokemon TCG cards has the Pokeball open the wrong way!

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Gyarados, i think this pokemon is cool and i'm always using on Pokemon Go.

And Zapdos, because it is a symbol of instinct

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What's is my FAV Pokémon?

Well when i was child I'm watching Pokémon im really interesting with one Pokémon and that's is "meowtwo"

i really like that character design and the skill that's Pokémon.

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Lugia being the only known legendary pokemon shown to have an offspring despite being genderless and the fact that legendary pokemon are assumed to be one of a kind

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okay so, I don’t know much about Pokémon, but I have played it a few times when I was younger. I unfortunately never really got into tho. I was reading about it and apparently the pokéballs are designed to mimic cans of soup??? What?? That’s honestly so crazy lol I love it! How could you not love soup and Pokémon?


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Gen 2Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver was originally going to be the last games in the series but they changed their minds after how popular thy became.


I was going to say that my favorite thing is how they made the games on so little space with recycled code.

But the question brought back a memory of going through the Rock Tunnel in Pokemon Red. Since i was like 10 at the time I didn't actually know english yet and ended up navigating the tunnels blind and through pure luck and starting over several times I managed to get to the other side with out lighting up the tunnel.


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