I suspect we will see Spain and England in the final, it'll be a super scrappy game with a fair few fouls but a low scoreline. It'll go into extra time and Spain will score late when England lose focus.

If I prep any heartbreak now, it'll hurt less when it actually happens

I’m manifesting an England vs Spain final, finishing 2-1 and it coming home. I need them to follow in the footsteps of the Lionesses and win side by side

I predict a Spain- England final.

England will probably scrape through another knockout round against an underwhelming Dutch side but then come unstuck against the first proper Top 10 ranked team they have played this tournament.

Spain were my pick in the recent Underdogs/Dark Horse bounty and they have demonstrated and backed up my claim so far this tournament.

Spain look quick on the break, are very fluid and direct in attack and have been tight in defence. England on the other hand look a little void of ideas, despite the wealth of attacking creativity the possess and I think this is going to cost them against a team with such and experienced and solid defence.

I don’t think this will be a 7-goal thriller but I do see Spain winning by at least a 2 goal margin, with England potentially pinching a goal in the latter stages of the game, while leaving themselves vulnerable to fast Spanish counter attacks as a result of the need to play catch up.

My score prediction: Spain 3-1 England

Ha, you're welcome to come back and edit your prediction once we know the finalists if you like! But to clarify, this bounty is less about accuracy and more about a detailed prediction on what could happen, so you won't be docked points for making a prediction before the finalists are confirmed (if you get it wrong).

I've reworked my formation and team in the fantasy football with similar thoughts for the 2 semis. Just two teams players and 5-4-1 in anticipation of no goals.

Like I said, no goals and all french defense... Oh dear...

France vs. Spain in the finals

  • Main time: 0–0

  • Extra time: 0–0

  • Penalty shootout: no resolution

  • In a second sudden-death penalty shootout wins...

if my answer doesn't pass the review then I can't resubmit it?

England and spain to go all the way possibly a 0-0 or 1-1, pickfords saves will be key in the game along with mainoos ability to lockdown the spanish attack and disrupt their momentum, it is likely that the winner could come down to penalties with if england can keep calm under the pressure edging the win in either a last penalty taken or a sudden death.

Like others have said I think it'll be a pretty close game, perhaps going to ET but I think the winner will be scored in ET. Since both teams will have nothing to loose, and as it's Spain it's gonna be a foul fest maybe with one sending off.

Also gonna stick my neck out and say a very controversial decision that may tip the balance of the game.

So I reckon this will be England’s most difficult game. I see us either staying at 0-0 or 1-1 draw, forcing the game to go in to extra time and unfortunately I think it’ll all be down to the penalties! Super super scary, we’re so close but there’s one more fight! Let’s hope Pickford is on it with his water bottle hack!

And if it does go in to extra time, it would be nice to see Saka get his redemption shot!

I think through this entire tournament, we have seen what is being described as poor performance from the England side, I myself have said this, however, when you step back and look at the tactics, the line ups and the goals themselves. You can actually begin to see a massive pattern emerging.

Gareth Southgate is playing poker here, but with football, he is making sure, that either we win on penalties or, making last-ditch (or so it seems) to replace players at the last minute to score last-ditch goals.

Now we have England Vs Spain, Whilst the goals the Netherlands scored against Turkey were indeed nothing but luck, it does in fact bode better for England to face Spain, than it does France.

So my prediction will be two-fold

It will either be a 2-1 to England or it will go to sudden death.

The reason I believe this is that in the final match, we are going to see the unleashing of England's actual talent, I think the poker moves have been played consistently to lul Spain into thinking it's going to be an easy win, but I think, England is now in the final, it's win or lose period, now we will see, the unleashing of the English football teams talent pool.

in this case it will be a fierce fight, it is not possible to definitively predict the outcome of the Euro 2024 final between Spain and England. The result of the match will be depend on various factors such as team performance on the day, individual players form, tactics employed by the coaches, and unforeseen event during the game. Both Spain and England have shown strengths and weaknesses throughout the tournament making it a highly competitive final where either team could emerge victorius.

It'll probably be another boring match with not a lot happening either side - playing defensively. Might be a few close calls but nothing major. Close the half-way or early in the second half we will see a goal shortly followed by another goal from the opposing team equalising.

We will enter overtime with desperate attempts without success and then go into the dreaded penalties. Which as usual, England will put up a good defence only to fail at the crucial goal allowing Spain to pull ahead by two goals and win the Euros

Okay Okay Okay, this is ENGLAND we are talking about, there is NO SUCH THING as an easy england game, we've all watched the league games and knockouts

First things first a 16 year old is going to absolutely destroy us, a literal child will put spain up 1-0 within the first 15 minutes after an english defensive mistake. It's fine though, we practically need this, Spain will have 5 more dangerous shots but they won't be on target, pickford will be screaming at his defence

Probably 70% posession for spain and anytime england get the ball they can't get through Spains solid defence. At half time, realising the system isn't working Gareth Southgate will do NOTHING at half time, then eventually a ref decision will go our way, probably a Spain Red Card, tripper needs a freekick goal this time around, we fight back and eventually win 98th minute (8 mins of stoppage time) by Jude Bellingham scored a 46 yard screamer that hits the post, bounces off the keepers head and goes in

I'm so desperate for england to win I'll take anything haha, heartbroken at the finals last time around. Spain will be our hardest test, can't see us scoring more than 2 past them. Maybe a fan will run on the pitch, a security guard will accidently injure 4 of their best players giving us the advantage

I think the final will be between Spain and England and I've always expected this....

England to go 1 - 0 up within the first 5 minutes from and early lucky goal from a bad spanish mistake at the back, Kane to score it. Thoughts of winning will enter the minds of the crowd and the audience at home but it isnt to be.

Spain will go onto dominate with their attacking style overwhelming the English defense. 2-1 Spain at half time. Then 4-1 Spain by the end of the 90 minutes. That young kid I don't know the name of that player for Spain will get a hatrick.

1 yellow card for England.


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