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yes! Why are you hiding answers?) soon it's gonna be nightmare to read the answers

It's so that multiple people can guess at the same puzzles. Otherwise one emoji maestro might just guess all of them correctly







This is actually just one movie lol, each line is kind of a plot point

1) 🦁🧹🚪❄️

2) 👬💙🌄

3) 🚀♂️

4) 🕶️🎳🚬🍃🐰

Good luck!

Hmmm, I think I have three out of four:

Got those 3 spot on. Any thoughts on the last one? It was tough to do but if you've seen it, it'll definitely be obvious when it clicks!

Iv been thinking about it but havnt figured it out yet

I think you're right on that. I second that guess

In never actually seen it lol

One of my all time favourite films.


Good luck!


Hint: 🪖💊🚫🔫

Hmm the clue has thrown me a bit, but I have two guesses:

Those are both really good guesses!

Ahh that makes sense! Nice one!

After checking on mobile I just realized the first emoji appeared as something completely different and it explains some of the guesses. MadamClutter and Horror and Cats can both guess again. My bad!

Original entry updated accordingly

This one is annoying me lol

Muahaha - Well I can give a small clue if ya'll want one but it'll be a cryptic one.

"You go ahead and burst into flames if ya like"

Nope, but I will say it's a franchise but I'm also gonna need the full film name.

You'll kick yourselves when you get it!

I can see your logic there, commendable choice of film too. But nope.

On the right track with the emoji, but nope not that either. I did give a clue above. Third times the charm? 😂

  1. 👓⚡️🪄

  2. 🤵🍸🔫

  3. 🌎🦍🦧

  4. 👸❤️🌹🐻

  5. 🌃🏫👱‍♂️🔦


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