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Content Creators

It's so easy and trivial for me that I'm going to drop my response without even thinking twice.

My happiest moment as a content creator was visiting EVE Fanfest 2023 in Iceland.

1. It was my first visit to this wonderful and absolutely alien-looking country.
2. Despite playing this game for 20 years, it was also my first Fanfest.
3. I met many friends and people I had interviewed multiple times via Zoom/Teams. After 5 years, we were finally able to shake hands.
4. I found my character names inscribed on an EVE Monument, a wet-eyes moment!

I call it a 20 years-long saga!

Haven't really had any huge moments yet I guess, only a small creator with less than 200 subs. But I guess one of my happier moments was receiving my first Key from a developer, Egosoft some years ago when they brought out Tides of Avarice for X4 Timelines.

I know It's a small, insignificant thing for many creators out there but for a small creator like me it's a degree of recognition that tells me I'm doing the right things that companies like to see.

Since them I've developed something of a relationship with them and their PR head and they're only too happy to give me keys whenever they bring out new content. They've even praised my content, which as a small creator means such a lot.

To a small creator, even the smallest of things can make the world of difference to their motivation and self esteem and this is most certainly something that's helped me grow both literally and metaphorically.

my happiest moment become creator is,

  1. i can meet new friend who has have a save hoby

  2. I learned that the world of content creators is very wide

  3. so you can express yourself more

  4. I also started to be able to get additional income from my part time as a content creator

I am very grateful to be a content creator until now

I was at a Comic-Con weekend, dressed as Robin Buckley from stranger things waiting to get food after a really long day in the NEC Birmingham. A really little kid and his mother came running up to me and asking me for a picture and a hug because he believed I was her and he was her biggest fan. (Obvi I got permission from the mum) It was so sweet and I nearly cried right then and there. Another instance like this happened when I was dressed as Paddington bear and it was so sweet

My first payout at Just About.

It might seem like a small achievement, but it meant so much for me, as I only just started creating content consciously (and not just stream our raid sessions without caring about viewers and such). Getting monetised on Twitch or Youtube seemed like a very far away goal, with not really a chance to reach it anytime soon. I got my first reward here after a month or so being on the platform. It was just above the payout threshold, so not even a huge amount, but it gave me a huge encouragement boost to keep making content. The way the bounties and organic rewards work here are clear and fair, achievable for someone just starting out and this was a big difference compared to the huge viewership / follower requirements of other platforms. It was something I could start building on, and a feedback that my content has an audience who enjoy it.

Probably when I got invited to LTX by Linus and the team. After being on the platform for almost 10 years at that point and getting almost nowhere by then, it was my first real "I made it" moment, just being there in such an awesome place, being treated almost as an equal to some of the biggest names in the tech space. It was also the biggest solo trip of my life ever, before that, I was scared to go to the next town over on my own!

Not really interested in the the bounty... But my happiest moment as a content creator is knowing that I sometimes do waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better "journalism" than the likes of Eurogamer.

For example, and I haven't bothered making a proper post about the following on my blog, but I have successfully deduced that Hellblade 2 hasn't been very successful, as shown in my various posts and comments at the following Just About link:

I could probably list multiple, but I'm going to share what's possibly the most overwhelming and mind boggling events in my streaming "career".

For some background, I have a crippling sense of pride and the idea of asking anyone for anything, particularly monetary, kills me but one of my biggest dreams in life has always been to have a gaming PC. I started streaming from a PS4, the community then funded me to get a PS5 (also overwhelming) but what was to come next in just over a year is above and beyond that. After upgrading to a PS5, I bought a cheap office PC that I could use for a very bare bones set up streaming wise, I say bare bones, but that alone was a MASSIVE upgrade from directly streaming from my PS5.

Some time later, everyone started trying to persuade me to set up a donation goal for a gaming PC and I resisted heavily but eventually I bit the bullet. I decided that if I was going to ask for money, I was going to do something ridiculous for it so I set up some ridiculous milestones like dyeing my hair whatever colours the community voted for, karaoke on stream, eating really spicy hot sauce (for context, I am a BABY with spice) and a few others. These milestones were a hit with the community, they pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided a good laugh for everyone (I think/hope).

One night I was struggling my way through Dark Souls 2 and all of a sudden my alert went off and I glance over at my second monitor and see the donation, THE donation. I think there was £260 left on the goal and an anonymous stranger donated the remaining amount. I was just so shocked, firstly that it was that amount all at once and secondly, the mystery of who it is, the fact that I hit this huge milestone. It was overwhelming and humbling in equal measure.

This was about 3 years ago now and I still remember it to this day, when I think about it I feel that rush still and even still everytime I play one of those games that I couldn't play because I was console, I STILL get that hyped feeling without fail after 3 years.

The moments that make me happy are meeting new friends and creating content together and making funny moments together, even so there are many more, especially meeting game developers and being invited to play CBT games that have not yet been released, even so there are many more moments that make me happy to be a content creator even though this is my hobby so I am happy to do it.

Making It Real

For me, we had a Melbourne Streamer catch up planned roughly a year after I started streaming, it wasn't just for the streamers, it was for their mods too if they wanted to join. The night was so much fun and made the friendships become "real" friendships. To this day, some of these people I now consider to be my best friends.

This was easily the happiest moment of my streaming career so far and continues to be!

In 2012 I had to close my creative agency after 12 years of hard work. It was a devastating time in my life, a horrible and contentious divorce, bankruptcy, and chaos. But out of the dust of that experience the Eve community helped me maintain a strength and optimism that helped me see a way through it all. There are moments during those years that I will never forget and I will always be grateful for everything that happened.

The chain of events that led to me visiting Iceland and attending my very first Fanfest in 2015 is incredible. CCP Games had reached out to me nearly a year before to help them update and re-launch the Eve Merch Store. That project eventually morphed into them selling 6 of my spaceship art posters at Fanfest. The photo above is me signing those posters at Harpa that year. The posters became the best selling items at the store and went on to be sold through QMx in California.

The entire experience opened many doors, not only for myself - but for other artists as well - to work with CCP over the coming years. And it set me on a path that would eventually lead to many more exciting projects that culminated in the recent Kickstarter for the War For New Eden board game with Titan Forge and CCP Games.

So yeah, that moment remains very special to me.

I was a vlogger content creator. I review a stuf, bike, gear, and beautiful place. my big achievement now is ride bike from Java to Bali. because I just around in Java island before. but when I trip in Bali with my bike I was very happy, I meet new people with kindness and exchange opinions.

I am very grateful for my current achievements

Hi everyone! My name is Siciliv A. Draz

I’m a Virtual YouTuber, and I began my journey in 2021. Now, I'm in my fourth year as a VTuber. I didn’t stick to just one platform; I kicked things off on YouTube, where I'm still active, and expanded to Bstation. Recently, I’ve also started creating content on TikTok.

What makes me really happy right now is that I can enjoy livestreaming again while balancing my real-world responsibilities. As a VTuber, I like to keep my personal life separate from my work.

Even though I still have a small number of subscribers on YouTube, I’ve started gaining regular viewers on TikTok, thanks to the support of my VTuber friends. Through my VTuber career, I've learned a lot about blending life experiences with my work. It’s pretty normal for entertainers in today’s digital world, where everything is so accessible.

Being able to enjoy what I do is what makes me truly happy. And it’s great to see more people recognizing me as a VTuber. Thank you to everyone who is starting to follow my journey!

For me it was when I had Matt Jackson from the Young Bucks repost my artwork on to his story. This directed loads of people to my graphic page and inspired me to start a small business creating wrestling prints and selling them! It gave me the confidence I didn’t know I needed in my artwork and from then on I made a goal of doing loads of prints a year. Hopefully to the point where I can meet these guys in person to show them!

I’m a small content creator who has only recently started uploading videos to my YouTube channel. However, one of my happiest moments was when one of my videos reached over 100 views. It might not seem like much, but it shows that I’m making progress towards my goal, and to this day I still get happy whenever my videos get over 100 views.

That's really cool Marcus! Well done, big win, we all start somewhere

The happiest moment in my journey so far would have to be when I decided to become a full time creator.

When I realized that it was viable to make a living, not just as my hobby, I experienced a lot of emotion. It was a dream being realized and I am incredibly stoked to be where I am now.

Okay so growing up my dad showed me a magic trick in year 5. I became obsessed with it and started to pick up card drinks, I was in and out of magic until a magician called Dynamo came around in the UK. He captivated people with his TV show with some insane magic and it really grew the spark in me again

I created a magic youtube channel called MagicAsim in like 2009, the happiest moment of content creation for me was that Dynamo was doing a book signing in a WH Smith in Mancester which my partner bought me a ticket for. I'm normally confident with magic but I brought a deck of cards with me and showed Dynamo a magic trick! In front of everyone

I showed a magic trick to one of the world's greatest magicians! I also got him to sign it for the trick (he didn't need to sign it for the trick, I just wanted an autograph lmao)

The basis of the trick was that he picked a card and I reveal the card by reading his mind after a series of questions based on his facial reactions. Mentalism! I've attached the video

Also for some reason this video was at 8k views then shot up to over 40k. I got loads of views from India and really positive comments. The show must have aired over there a couple of years later, I joke around with my friends saying I'm big in india and need to do a magic show haha

(he didn't need to sign it for the trick, I just wanted an autograph lmao)

👏 :D

haha work smarter not harder

I created my channel "Horror and Cats" because my ultimate goal was and still is to use the platform in order to assist animal charities and get some extra cash for my own animal related endeavors.

When I was still very small (around 300 subs) I did a live reading of The Yellow Wallpaper to benefit Pets for Vets, which is a charity that rescues kill-shelter animals and trains them as service animals for military veterans.

I specifically set the goal for an amount I could pay myself if it wasn't met ($250) and we reached it before I had even started the stream. All said and done, we raised $650. It was heartwarming and not bad at all for a 90 minute reading of a 130 year old story on a tiny channel.

Also, it was great to share and discuss my favorite horror short story ever written. People were very into the subject matter and symbolism discussion.

In case anyone is interested in watching, see below.


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