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The unofficial EVE Online glossary

The unofficial EVE Online glossary

They don’t teach you that in EVE Academy, kid.

Behold: the unofficial glossary of EVE Online. Through the submissions of the Just About EVE Online community, we’ve compiled a list of need-to-know EVE terminology so that you can know the difference between your bots and your Bobs. We’ll update this article on the completion of further bounties, so stay tuned for your next chance to contribute
+1 (noun or prepositional phrase): shorthand for ‘plus one’. Used when a new pilot joins local or when a pilot moves ahead of their fleet by one system. Submitted by @funinc
AAR (noun, acronym): For disambiguation, see ‘after action report’ and ‘ancillary armour repairer’.
AB [Afterburner] (noun): a propulsion module which imparts a velocity bonus to a ship. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
After action report [AAR] (noun): a battle report analysing the success or failure of a conflict or engagement. Submitted by @funinc
AG [Anti-ganker] (noun): a player who prevents or deters gankers. Anti-ganking tactics include bumping gankers on a station, destroying their looter ships, and buying kill rights from their victims. Submitted by @macgybo
Anchor (noun): a designated pilot that all other fleet members keep at range or approach. Useful in fleet manoeuvres for which coordination is key, such as nano fleets. Submitted by @BrotherGrimoire
Ancillary armour repairer [AAR] (noun): a module that uses nano-assemblers to repair damage to a ship’s armour. Can be combined with nanite repair paste to increase repair effectiveness. Submitted by @funinc
Batphone (noun): a metaphorical device with which to call reinforcements. Often used in the context of threatening to bring in friends or frenemies to an escalating quarrel. E.g. ‘Think you can camp that wormhole, do you? Someone fetch me the batphone.’ Submitted by @funinc
Bitter vet (noun): a player who has either optimised the fun out of the game or made decisions that have led them to burnout. Having lost the ‘new and exciting’ feeling for EVE, typically hangs out in places like r/eve with others that no longer play lamenting how the game was more fun in the state closer to when they started. In most cases their own decisions took the fun out of the game and they are generally unaware of this (though exceptions do exist). Submitted by @Rushlock
Bling (noun): rarer modules with improved stats and a price tag to match. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
BLOP (noun): Black Ops battleship. A special type of Tech 2 battleship specialised in covert and smuggling operations. It can open covert ops portal generators for any ship capable of fitting a Covert Ops Cloaking device thanks to its integrated jump drive. Submitted by @swagger0lacar
Bob (proper noun): Bob presides over the game’s wormholes - unstable space anomalies connecting two disparate star systems. A fickle god, he yeet with one hand and yoink with the other. Appease him with gifts and good fights, and may the static ever roll in your favour. Submitted by @ANTIJHINN
Boosh (noun, slang): micro jump field generator, a module unique to command destroyers. It can jump up to 25 players’ subcapital ships 100km in the direction the ship is facing. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Bot (noun): the term used to describe players - not NPCs - whose gameplay is automated in whole or in part. Against the EULA. Submitted by @macgybo
Brawler (noun): a player or ship specialised in dealing damage and holding targets at short ranges. Brawler ships tend to have a lot of tank in order to resist equal or superior damage dealing. See brawler fits guide for more detail. Submitted by @swagger0lacar 
Bubble (noun): a warp-disruption sphere that prevents ships inside from warping. Can be anchored in space as a deployable structure, launched by Interdictors, or emitted from a Heavy Interdiction Cruiser. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Calm down, miner (phrase): a phrase used in response to any angry, recently ganked pilot regardless of whether or not they were mining. Submitted by @macgybo
Capsuleer (noun): players controlling powerful immortal pilots inside capsules, capable of piloting various spaceships. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
Carebear (noun): a risk-averse player. Typically lives in Highsec. Submitted by @BrotherGrimoire
Cargo scanner (noun): a non-aggressive module used to scan the cargo of its target ship. Used by gankers to gauge potential targets. Some ships are immune to being scanned. Submitted by @macgybo
Cherry pick / cherrypick (verb): cargo scanning a container on a relic or data site to preview its contents before deciding whether or not to hack it, then only hacking cans containing valuable loot. Submitted by @Rushlock
Chipper vet (noun): a player who still enjoys the game after many years and is optimistic about the developers and the future of the game. They face ridicule and scorn everywhere because of the miasma perpetuated by the bitter vet. Submitted by @ANTIJHINN
Concordokken (verb): to be destroyed by CONCORD law enforcement, usually as a result of accidental aggression against another player or their property. ‘I’ve been concordokkened in Highsec for shooting someone’s jetcan!’ There’s also a special-edition in-game commodity with the same name. Submitted by @Sturmer
Corporation (noun): player-run organisations, similar to guilds or clans in other MMOs, offering shared goals and resources. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
CSPA (noun, acronym): CONCORD Spam Prevention Act; shorthand for a censure enabled by that act: an ISK charge that can be placed on conversations and email, acting as a deterrent to spam. Only non-blocked characters in your corp or contact list can then message you without paying a fee to CONCORD. Submitted by @Salartarium
CTA (noun, acronym): Call To Action. A scheduled fleet action which requires members to log in at a designated time and place. Submitted by @RixxJavix
Cyno (noun): cynosural field generator. A module which allows the item or ship activating it to work as a beacon, to which capital ships and black ops can jump. Submitted by @swagger0lacar
Daytripper (noun): a pilot that does not live in wormhole space but ventures into wormholes casually in search of profit. Submitted by @BrotherGrimoire
Delay bubble (noun): a tactic whereby an interdictor delays launching their interdiction sphere until a target decloaks after entering a system through a gate. The intent is to cause the target to avoid deploying their own countermeasures, such as nullifiers. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Dictor (noun): short for interdictor, a type of ship capable of launching warp disruption spheres, which prevent other ships from warping inside. See also ‘bubble’. Submitted by @funinc
Drag bubble (noun): a warp-disruption sphere typically placed behind and within 500km of a gate. Ships warping to the gate will instead be dragged to the edge of the bubble. Not to be confused with a stop bubble. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Drone bunny (noun): a player to whom fleet members assign drones. Their job is to direct said drones to the enemy. Submitted by @BrotherGrimoire
DT (noun, acronym): downtime. Scheduled or unscheduled times when the Tranquility server is down for maintenance or technical issues. Typically occurs once per day, but it can also be “frustratingly” unpredictable, according to @RixxJavix
Dualpropped (adjective): describes a ship fitted with multiple types of propulsion module, such as an afterburner and a microwarpdrive. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Dualrepped (adjective): describes a ship fitted with two repair modules. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
EHP [effective hit point(s)] (noun): the health of a ship after resistances are taken into account. See also: HP. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
o/ : wave. Submitted by @funinc
\o: wave back. Submitted by @funinc
o7: salute. Submitted by @funinc
\o/ : hurrah! Submitted by @funinc
\o/ : cheerleader. Submitted by @funinc
\o/ : double pom-pommed cheerleader. Submitted by @funinc
\o// : cheerleader and highkick. Submitted by @funinc
Exceladin+ (noun): short for EVE Online Excel Add-in. A pun reference to Quafe+, which is as tasy and addictive as Exceladin+. Submitted by @Nswr42
Faction Warfare (proper noun): conflicts between competing factions in designated regions, allowing players to engage in faction-based combat. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
FC [Fleet Commander] (noun, acronym): the man, woman, or person with the plan! Submitted by @Rdog
FoF [Friend-or-Foe] (compound adjective, acronym): used to describe auto-targeting missiles, a missile group which does not require the lock action and will instead fire on the nearest legal target. ‘I’m too lazy to krab today, I’m going to undock my FoF Caracal.’ Submitted by @Sturmer
Gatecamp (verb/noun): a tactic whereby players wait or set traps near stargates to catch unsuspecting travellers as they pass through. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
GF [Good Fight] (exclamation): a polite message to type in local chat after engaging in PvP, whether you win or lose. Submitted by @macgybo
Glorification (noun): ascendance through Proving along the Flow Of Vyraj. Mysterious Triglavian syntax.  Submitted by @ANTIJHINN
HAC (noun): Heavy Assault Cruiser. A special category of Tech 2 cruiser with the ability to fit assault damage controls. Characterised by their ability to deal and receive significant amounts of damage in comparison to their Tech 1 variants. Submitted by @swagger0lacar 
HIC (noun): Heavy Interdiction Cruiser. A special category of Tech 2 cruiser that can fit a warp disruption field generator. These are able to disable micro jump drives by deploying a warp-disrupting ‘bubble’, and have enough points of scram to hold any super capital ship. Submitted by @swagger0lacar 
HK (noun): Hunter-killer. A hunter for a Black Ops party. Submitted by @swagger0lacar 
Hotdrop (verb): to attack an enemy by using a cynosural field generator to summon damage-dealing ships into their vicinity. Submitted by @swagger0lacar 
HP (noun): Hit Point(s). The ‘health’ of a ship; the units that measure how much damage a ship can take before it’s destroyed, before resistances are taken into account. See also: EHP. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Instadock (noun): a station bookmark that can be warped to rather than warping directly to the station. Submitted by @macgybo
Instalock (verb): having a high enough scan resolution to lock a target in under two seconds. A ship that can align to warp in under two seconds is safe from instalocking ships. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Instaundock (noun): a bookmark to warp to in line with the undock area of the station. Useful for reducing the amount of time on the undock in which one could receive unwanted attention. Submitted by @macgybo
Instawarp (verb): the ability to align to warp in under two seconds. @EVEILOnline
ISD (noun): acronym: Interstellar Services Department. A team of volunteers who give their free time to help with various tasks around CCP and EVE, such as moderating the forums, help channels, and Twitch during livestreams, and assising with various translations. Submitted by @digan
ISK (noun): acronym: InsterStellar Kredit. EVE’s primary in-game currency. Used for trading, purchasing ships, modules, and services. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
J-space (noun): an alternate name for wormhole space, the parts of New Eden only accessible through wormhole travel. Every star system in wormhole space has a name beginning with the letter ‘J’. Submitted by @gh0stiegaming
Jedi huffing (verb): to extract high-value gas from a J-space site with enemy NPCs on grid. Usually performed by Prospects as well as Ventures in some cases, this technique allows one to avoid the NPCs who normally force miners to leave until destroyed by combat craft. Essentially a form of speedtanking NPCs so that one can mine freely. Named for the idea of being ‘at peace’ with the enemy, as Jedi are. Submitted by @gh0stiegaming
Jetcan mine (verb): a form of mining whereby the miner fills their cargo hold and then jettisons the contents into space to be collected later in a hauling ship. While convenient, jetcan contents may be taken by any player in space, and will dematerialise if left for too long. Submitted by @MoobDogAFO
Jump clone (noun): technology found in stations in which players can store copies of their consciousness, enabling rapid movement between different parts of space. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
Killmail (noun): a report of a ship’s destruction or a pilot’s pod automatically produced in-game. It displays the ship destroyed, its cargo, rigs and fitted modules. Also provides details of who was involved in the kill as well as the value of all items involved. Can be posted with an out-of-game link into external killboards. Submitted by @macgybo
Krab (noun/verb): a player who earns ISK through activities seen as less prestigious, such as ratting or mining, or a catch-all verb for these activities. Submitted by @swagger0lacar
Links (noun, archaic): short for warfare links, a set of modules renamed to command burst modules in November 2016. ‘Invite me to the fleet to get link bonuses.’ Not to be confused with burst projectors or ECM burst jammers. Submitted by @Sturmer
Local chat (noun): an in-game chat channel restricted to all those in the same solar system. Can be used for intel due to the showing of all pilots’ details. Does not display pilot details in either Pochven or Wormholes. Submitted by @macgybo
Longpoint (noun): a warp disruptor when fitted to certain ships that enhance its range. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Longweb (noun/verb): a stasis webifier when fitted to a ship which enhances its range, or the act of using one. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Loot Fairy (proper noun): a mythical entity who decides which loot (items) ‘drops’ (survives) from a destroyed ship into its wreck. Submitted by @macgybo
Mining permit (noun): the protection fee paid to a local power in exchange for not being ganked while mining. Does not transfer to other local powers. Does not grant anything other than a promise and hope. Submitted by @BrotherGrimoire
MJD [Micro Jump Drive] (noun): a propulsion module which jumps the ship forward 100km in the direction it is facing. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Mortification (noun): the opposite of Poshlost, functionally. Infinite loserdom. Mysterious Triglavian syntax. Submitted by @ANTIJHINN
MWD [Microwarpdrive] (noun): a propulsion module which imparts a significant velocity bonus to a ship at the expense of a reduced capacitor and increased signature radius. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Neut: 1) (noun, slang): neutral pilot. “+1 Neut in system, guess I’d better dock.” 2) (noun/verb): Energy Neutraliser. “The Pilgrim is neuting me.” Submitted by @BrotherGrimoire
Nullbear (noun): a risk-averse player who lives in Nullsec. Most commonly seen warping away from a Haven when a neut enters the system. Submitted by @BrotherGrimoire
Nullifier (noun): an interdiction nullifier, a module which temporarily cancels the effects of warp-disruption spheres. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
NPSI [Not Purple Shoot It] (phrase): anyone in your fleet appears in purple on your overview and brackets by default. Thus this phrase means anyone in your fleet is a friend, and everything else is a valid target. Quite simply, this is ‘fleeting up’ with the mentality that ‘if you’re not with me, you’re against me’. Submitted by @funinc
NV (phrase): No Visual. Commonly heard on intel chat when enemies are suspected to be in the area but not in sight. Submitted by @Kanecarnifex
Overpropped (adjective): describes a ship fitted with afterburners or microwarpdrives larger than those it is designed for. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Perch (noun): a bookmarked spot in space within warp range of a celestial, gate, or structure. Depending on its purpose, one might choose a perch inside or outside of directional scanning range. Submitted by @RixxJavix
Pochven Express (proper noun): the process of activating a ‘Pochven’ filament, transporting a player to the Pochven Region. The player then activates an ‘extraction’ filament, returning the player to high security space. Often used by explorers wishing to extract their loot from null security space, circumventing the need to travel through commonly camped systems and risk losing their ship and cargo. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
POCO (noun): acronym: Player-Owned Customs Office. All planets across New Eden (there are probably exceptions) have customs offices in orbit which allow you to transfer your PI materials from the planet’s surface into space. Originally, these were all NPC-run but it is possible for players to take them down, replace them with their own and then control the taxes on materials going on- and off-planet. Submitted by @waddenderas
Point (noun/verb): denotes the use of warp disruption or the warp disruption module itself. Named after the module’s strength, which has a single point of warp disruption. It prevents a target from warping, providing no warp core stabilisers have been fitted to the targeted ship. Unlike a scram, a point does not have the ability to shut off a microwarpdrive. See also: ‘longpoint’. Submitted by @funinc
PoS (noun): acronym: Player-Owned Structure or Starbase. Constructible buildings that require the addition of further modules to reach full utility. Technically, “Structures’ are the modules, but some players use 'Player-Owned Structure” to refer to the initial central building (the Control Tower) on its own, and/or to the entire group. “Player-Owned Starbase” refers to the group. Starbases may be anchored in the orbits of moons and are often used for mining and industry. Not to be confused with stations or Citadels. Submitted by @DaReaper
Poshlost (noun): what you intentionally don’t want in your community, yucky, bad. Mysterious Triglavian syntax. Submitted by @ANTIJHINN
Pod express (noun): the journey taken upon destruction of a pod in order to return to one’s home station. A pilot who asks if you wish to take ‘the pod express’ in local chat is offering to blow your capsule up. Submitted by @macgybo
Prop mod (noun): a propulsion module such as an afterburner, microwarpdrive, or micro jump drive. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
PvE (noun/adjective): ‘Player versus Environment’ activities, including missions, exploration, and combat against computer-controlled entities. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
PvP (noun/adjective): ‘Player versus Player’ combat, in which players engage in battles against other players’ ships. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
Rat (noun): a killable NPC. Killing rats, or 'ratting’, generally provides a payable bounty while also increasing the killer’s security status. The bigger the rat’s ship and rank, the higher the bounty and security status increase. Submitted by @macgybo
Roam (verb/noun): to travel through space with the aim of finding PvP content. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
RR (verb): Remote Repair or Remote Reps. The use of a remote shield booster or remote armour repairer to heal allies. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Salt (noun): rage or distress, especially if vocal and impotent. Capsuleers who exhibit salty tendencies may be called ‘saltmines’. Common sources of salt include the loss of one’s ship, especially to ‘ganking’ or PvP. Salt may be formed in excess when people skew the boundary of the game and real life. Submitted by @Kanecarnifex
Scram (noun/verb): a warp scrambler or the use of one. A warp scrambler has a shorter range than a warp disruptor, but has a strength of at least two, potentially preventing a target from warping. It also shuts off a target’s microwarpdrive. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Siege (verb): to apply or (’sieged’) be under the effect of a ship module - specifically, siege/bastion modules and industrial cores - that, while cycling, prevents a ship from moving or warping away. E.g. “the Roqual is still sieged!” See also 'de-sieged’: to have recently deactivated such a module and no longer be under its effects. Submitted by @swagger0lacar
Skill Point (proper noun): the currency used to train character skills, allowing players to specialise and improve in different areas. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
Sobornost (noun): Intentional community. Mysterious Triglavian syntax. Submitted by @ANTIJHINN
Speedtanking (verb): otherwise known as ‘sig tanking’ or ‘signature tanking’, a method of avoiding incoming fire with a combination of high speed, low signature radius, and high transversal/angular velocity from the enemy ships. Submitted by @gh0stiegaming
Stop bubble (noun): a warp-disruption sphere typically placed in front of and within 500km of a gate. Ships warping to the gate will instead be stopped short, landing at the edge of the bubble. Not to be confused with a drag bubble. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Tank: 1) (noun) any ship with high defences; 2) (adjective) describes a ship with high defences; 3) (verb) to intentionally receive damage, knowing that you are a less effective target than others for various reasons, e.g. your ship has high defences and can endure. There are many forms of ‘tank’ and ‘tanking’:
  • Active tank: a ship using modules that require activation in order to ‘heal’, such as Shield Boosters or Armour Repairers.
  • Armour tank: a ship with high armour defences, either active or buffer. 
  • Buffer tank: a ship opting for high HP at the expense of repair modules.
  • Brick tank: a form of buffer tank with high structure HP instead of shields or armour. 
  • Shield tank: a ship with high shield defences, either active, passive, or buffer.
  • Passive shield tank: a ship using its natural shield recharge in order to ‘tank’ incoming damage.
Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Ultralock (verb): being able to lock targets in under one second. This technique requires high scan resolution, low ping, and high server priority. A ship that can align to warp in under one second is safe from ultralockers, though only a select few ships with the right fittings can achieve this. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Vouch (verb): to endorse another player’s trustworthiness or reliability, often in the context of joining corps and other elite groups. Remember: spies are everywhere. Submitted by @Kanecarnifex
Web (noun/verb): a stasis webifier - an offensive module that can reduce a target’s maximum velocity - or the act of using one. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Winning (verb): Because EVE has no victory condition, ‘winning’ is instead used wryly to mean quitting the game. Submitted by @Sturmer
Whale (noun): a player who spends an extraordinary amount of money in a game. In EVE, whales are the best prey. ‘Man the harpoons, we’re going whale hunting.’ Submitted by @ANTIJHINN
Wormhole (noun): hidden cosmic anomalies providing access to remote regions of space and valuable resources. Exploring wormholes for these resources is a playstyle unto itself; a ‘wormholer’ is one who pursues it. Submitted by @MrUnluckie
Wubble (noun): a stasis webification probe which can be launched by Interdictors. Lowers the maximum velocity of ships in its area of effect. Submitted by @EVEILOnline
Yellow boxed (phrasal adjective): describes the notification that appears on the ship overview UI when another pilot has locked onto your ship. If that pilot attacks, the yellow box changes to red. This notification does not appear if the targeting pilot has fitted a passive targeting module. Submitted by @macgybo

N.B. Some text has been slightly amended for grammar, clarity and brevity. The original posts can be found here, here, here, and here.
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