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For some reason, this trainline advert is the first time that comes to mind when I hear the song, not the actual lyrics 😂

WALKERS CRISPS - Gary Lineker was in full flow in these series of adverts by 1997, but the advert I am referring to is one where the Spice Girls make a cameo (Geri Halliwell included), and the advert ends with the tagline "No More Mr Spice Guy", a pun on "No More Mr Nice Guy" that Lineker had patented himself for his advertising of the crisps. Of course, the Spice Girls advertised almost everything back then including Pepsi, and I think even Asda as well.

OMG speaking of those Lineker adverts - I remember one where they had money as a prize as well and Lineker was going through the Walkers factory trying to find it.

Cut to some school kids eating their lunch and one of them finds the mythical fiver whilst another finds an ear! (presumably Gary Lineker's ear..)

Haha wow, I don't remember that one. That's so dark.

There are SO many ads that stick in my mind, I used a bunch of them in my early streaming days and most relate to food or drink from the late 80s and 90s.

Now, I almost went for the Wine Gums "Moose loose about this hoose" but then I remembered this ad, and no, I did not remember what the ad was for but the content itself lives rent free in my mind (especially as I'm trying to get healthier right now!!)

Ha yes I remember that one well, although I also couldn't have told you what it was for!

I remember it being out around the time of the crazy Tango adverts as well and I think my mind combined them at some point.

I was jist about to post this one 🤣

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I actually created and wrote this commercial which features a baboon named "Chloe" who also appeared in the film Evan Almighty. This was the first commercial in our Debt Monkey campaign, which I created to promote a non-profit called Advantage Credit Counseling Services who help people with issues of debt, credit cards, mortgages, etc. Eventually the campaign would consist of dozens of spots over the years, eventually we had to pivot to using a custom designed puppet because Chloe simply got too expensive to keep flying in from California.

The spot went on to win many awards, including Best in Show at the Advertising Federation awards and several Tellys, among others. Despite this being twenty years old now, the brand still remains active and I currently serve on the BoD for the former client. My friend and employee at the time wrote the music to be similar to the soundtrack from Napoleon Dynamite.

Excellent. And did Chloe get up to much mischief?

That's me trying it out before I would let the actors do it. We had to build a rig for Chloe to stand on and I wanted to be sure it was safe before I let the actors do it. I will say this, she was very well behaved but when she yawned you could see her huge teeth and that was very intimidating. But her hands are so soft and weirdly human. I'll never forget it, thats for sure.


I wasn't old enough to drink beer or really care about it but I remember the chokehold this ad had on boys in my school. I'm not sure which came first, this ad or the clip in Scary Movie but it's still funny to this day and I'll continue to loudly quote it till it stops.

Whenever my buddy asks me what i'm doing and often respond 'nothing much. Just watching the game, having a bud'

I also love that this advert has an indie feel to it - and I think it was made by some amateur film makers on the back of a Bud marketing team. They took a chance and if it was the internet - would've been one of the first memes

I suspected this would make an appearance. What a classic!

The Hedgehog road safety advert from when I was a kid!

On the roads near home... Stop, Think then Go!

This has just been unearthed from the recesses of my brain! They were so good.

It probably didnt help that I worked there at the same time but to this freaking day if someone uses the word 'supreme' around me, this immediately jumped back out of my failing memory to consume me for at least the rest of the day. And now, I'm probably gonna dream this song now too.

And remember when prices were that low too? I really miss the 59/79/99 specials, load up and feed a mess of people.

My friend and I say "prove it" and make that face whenever the other flings an insult because of this old Decon commercial.

It first aired in late 2009 (according to this article by the actor for the mouse

It may not be the most ground-breaking or memorable advert for a lot of people as the themes are quite in your face and unsubtle but I still fondly remember it.

The same council estate housing two vastly different people with different styles, hobbies, music, and friends and yet they do the same ritual of shaking their fries into the burger container. Their look towards each other as a mutual gesture is a form of respect and recognition that despite their differences they are the same. For a fast food advert I do think theres a lot of artistry that was put in. Most of the advert doesn't even show McDonalds or their product up to the last 10% of the advert.

I'm glad someone uploaded this advert onto YouTube.

I remember seeing this one for the first time!

As a huge Bottom fan it really struck a chord with me!

I remember a perfume ads that bring Angel in ads, on that time I think the smells of the perfume was good because in the end the narrator said "even Angels will falls"

This came out in the early 2000s. The song is really catchy, I still remembered most of the lyrics when I was tracking down a video for this. It's Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish dressed as a 50s cowboy with all kinds of strange happenings in the background. A good song, memorable background, and attractive women (Brooke Burke!) make a memorable, great commercial. The sandwich was pretty good too. I picked this video because it's been "HD converted" and the faces have some uncanny valley feeling happening, but this still looks better than the standard def ones I found.

A Bud Light ad that for some reason is burned into my mind. Even after all the years it still makes me chuckle...

Silly, amusing and very memorable! This was a brilliant advert when it came out and was a great piece of marketing.

To this day "I wanna drink your bath water" is my favourite line from any advert!

Has to be this one that's always stuck with me. The pthueah at the end always gets me!

I don't watch telly since I was 16, so I can only share an old Hungarian advert. This was an advert when cable internet came and I found it hilarious how they showed the person still using dial-up internet like if he was some kind of endangered species, because at the time I still had dial-up myself 😅

Here is the translation for the important part:

"You can see here the man who still uses dial-up internet. Listen... do you remember this sound? There's only a few of them left."

"And what does he eat?"

"The same like us. Really."

This is an advertisement that I think will always stick in my brain, and yes, this is an advertisement for the "Sprite" drink.

This video shows that if you drink sprite then you can swim anywhere to quench your thirst lol.

This advertisement was the one that introduced me to the "Sprite" drink when I was still in elementary school, and to be honest, when I was little, I always tried to dive in but I couldn't, lol.

2010 when I was in elementary school I remember very well the waving flag world cup advertisement aired on tv, I often watch this advertisement because my father often invites watching the world cup together, this advertisement is very interesting because it shows good animation and various robots I as a boy am very interested in seeing it.


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